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Chapter 9 – Purely Accidental (First part)
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi 

In the darkness of the night, the torrential rain poured down from the sky and the rain falling on the tent sounded like bursts of firecrackers. Further in the distance, the unintelligible sound of people talking could be heard. However, no matter how turbulent the weather was, the quiet sounds of a struggle were transmitted through the rain.

“Ah… Let go… No, please…”

“Holy sh*t… Stop moving, I’m going to take care of you…”

“Bro, don’t do this, her family…”

“What about her family…”

“It’s not a safe day today… I still need two more days…”

Trembling slightly, Lingjing carefully shifted her body as she curled up next to Jiaming. Even though it was summer and they were sheltered by the tent, as the rain continued falling, one could still feel cold in the darkness.

“Jiaming, what are they doing to elder sis Yahan…”

“Uh.” Jiaming paused and then shook his head, pretending he had no clue, “I don’t know… But everything will turn out ok, don’t worry.”

The two children were currently sitting in an empty tent, their hands and feet tied up. They were only able to sit and cuddle with each other to keep warm. Jiaming narrowed his eyes as he tested the strength of the rope. 

It would have been quite easy for him to release himself from the ropes; however, there was no opportunity for him to act. Even if he rushed over there, the two robbers had a hostage, he did not have any weapons and his body was not yet strong enough. He could only exercise restraint and hope that what he said would come to pa.s.s, otherwise… 

He glanced over at the little girl leaning against him and he could feel that she was looking back at him in the darkness. He pressed his forehead against hers and then repeated, “Don't worry, everything will be fine.”

If that b.a.s.t.a.r.d really decided to continue with his actions, even if he scared someone, he would at least try to act. He did not want Lingjing to be left with any mental trauma. 

Just as he made up his mind, the triangular-eyed man brought the tied-up Zhang Yahan over to their side. It seemed that the triangular-eyed man was able to convince the scarred man to stop as they had only been in the forest for a day. Even though the heavy rain could wash their traces away, there was still a high chance they could get caught. If that happened, they still wanted to have a path of retreat. It looked like the two robbers were only ordinary hoodlums; if Jiaming were to act, it would be very simple. The problem was how to make it so that the girls would not get suspicious… 

“Get moving! I can only save you once…” 

The triangular-eyed man pointed his flashlight at the tent and then shoved Zhang Yahan forward. Because it was raining really hard, the short time they had spent outside of the tent had drenched both of them. Having been pushed to the ground, Zhang Yahan was especially soaked and her clothes were extremely messy. As the corner of Jiaming’s mouth slightly curled up, Yahan glared at him fiercely then shouldered her way through into the tent and sat down.

The triangular-eyed man entered after her, one hand holding the flashlight and the other clutching the short double-barrelled pistol. It looked like the two bandits had decided on the guarding schedule. After he tied up Zhang Yahan’s legs and made sure the ropes were secure, he sat down on one side of the tent, the pistol in his left hand resting on his inner thigh. 

There were four of them in the tent and it was quite crowded. The triangular-eyed man took up at least half of the area, while the remaining three had to squeeze together. The robbers had stolen tens of thousands of kuai this time, so the triangular-eyed man was fidgeting every so often, sometimes taking out a wad of cash and greedily counting it under the flashlight. At other times, he would polish the pistol with a cloth or look at Zhang Yahan lecherously. Every time he did that though, the young female teacher would subconsciously squeeze closer to the two children. 

This torment lasted for around an hour before the flashlight was finally extinguished. Outside the tent, the rain enveloped everything like an endless abyss and only the sound of falling water drops could be heard. 

Under the darkness of the night, a worn out Lingjing quickly fell asleep due to the reliable Jiaming at her side while Zhang Yahan was the opposite. She was extremely worried that the scarred man would do something to her if she fell asleep and she would rather die than go through that. She heard that after waiting for two more days, if the police did not catch up to them, towards her... they would definitely… Also, that unruly kid! Even she was impressed when he came over to save them as it was completely unexpected. 

“... If you guys want money, why didn't you find sis Yahan? She's part of Jianghai’s Zhang family and they're very rich. Tens of thousands of kuai shouldn't be anything to them.”

As to being exposed as having a rich family, it lowered the chances of her being raped as the two robbers would consider her to be a valuable hostage for extortion. Within this short time period, they would not consider letting her go, but the two children could become a burden, he really was too smart… Though of course a child could not have thought of these things, so it was probably due to her thinking too much. 

Heart full of resentment, when that little boy suddenly leaned over, she subconsciously wanted to move away from him. However, at the same moment, he pulled on the ropes that were tied around her hands behind her. 

He had loosened her ropes! 

Her heartbeat quickened; who would have thought that this kid was able to loosen her ropes. Now that both her hands were free, there was hope for this situation. She will gamble and take the chance! 

Lightning suddenly flashed across the night sky, briefly illuminating the tent. The triangular-eyed man had a dagger and a pistol by his side. Should she take the dagger or the gun? …Her trembling hand reached out… 

Breathing nervously and heart thumping rapidly, she worried that she was being louder than the storm outside. She slowly squatted down as her hand reached for the dagger on the triangular-eyed man's waist.

I have to get it, I have to. I can't hesitate, I can't let go of this chance…

As her hand reached out, the short time needed seemed like an eternity. Just as her hand touched the dagger hilt, another hand pressed down on it. 

“What are you… Ugh…”

The triangular-eyed man gave a loud shout, but then in the next moment something obstructed him and he made a choking noise. His hand also stopped pressing down and let go, Yahan was unsure about what was happening, but she was not going to let go of this chance to take the dagger from him. Lightning flashed again and then she could clearly see what had happened.

That Gu Jiaming kid – she did not know when he managed to get the pistol – but somehow, the gun barrel was jammed in the triangular-eyed man’s mouth. At that moment, Yahan thought that the whole situation was surreal and hurriedly grabbed the flashlight. She did not have a chance to turn it on when they heard another loud shout from outside the tent. 

“What happened!?”

A weak flashlight beam could be seen outside the tent; the scarred man was clearly heading towards them. Yahan nervously turned to get Jiaming to give her the pistol, but at that moment, a gunshot ran out! 

Sparks came out of the short-barrel and the whole tent shook. Lingjing was so scared she screamed and then, through the rain, came the sound of the scarred man's mournful cry. Yahan turned on the flashlight; the triangular-eyed man had suddenly made a move and thrown himself at her, but when he got up, he seemingly slipped and his body lurched. His attempt to forcibly retake the dagger resulted in him misstepping and plunging his thigh on the dagger. Subsequently, anguished wailing was heard from inside the tent. 

Seeing the man desperately wailing in pain, Yahan backed away from him. Under the flashlight’s illumination, Jiaming dropped the pistol that he had just fired and tugged the dagger out of the triangular-eyed man’s thigh. Blood gushed out of the wound as he held the dagger with trembling hands and stuttered out, “I, I-I…  I've killed someone… Don't you dare move——”

He directed that at the triangular-eyed man. The truth was that the pistol could only shoot once, if the triangular-eyed man was able to gather his wits and use the dagger that was previously in his thigh to threaten the three of them, Jiaming would really have to handle the situation then. 


Lingjing saw him being utterly terrified while still holding the dagger and she tearfully clung to him. At this time, Zhang Yahan also cautiously said to him, “It was a misfire, don't worry about it. Gu Jiaming, everything is ok, come, pa.s.s the dagger to me…”

Accidentally, everything somehow managed to be resolved. 

This is all very "accidental", of course.  ♪♪ Thunder, feel the thunder~♪♫ Lightning and the thunder~ ♪♫♬

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