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Su Xuebei looked at the young man in blue clothes and smiled.

She might not know that using the Divine Soldier Fragment would only speed up the toxicity of Thousand Machine Poison, but if she didn't use it, she would die in the end.


Just when the momentum reached its peak, Su Xuebei swept out violently. At this moment, the sword in her hand burst into an unequalled dazzling light. She directly slashed it into blue clothed man's chest.


The dazzling sword seemed to be blocked and could not continue to go deeper, but the violent force slammed down, drove the blue-clothed youth out. After that, he fell on the ground. Blood flew out from his mouth.

“Knock it out!”

With one sword cut, Su Xuebei seemed to be pumped out of strength, and fell to the ground with a soft body. At the same time, the beautiful face turned into grey face.


The loud sound rang. The man in blue clothe was crawling out of the ground with blood. His upper body clothe torn, and revealing a silver-white soft armor inside.

Although it blocked the blow, the valuable armor was also beheaded for a long crack.

The man in blue cloth pulled off his armor and then looked at Su Xuebei and laughed furiously, “Miss Su Xuebei, I have no strength to resist this time. Since you and I can't grow up for a long time, it's good to be a temporary couple. ”

“Call out!”

Without thinking much, he moved his body.


A figure flew from the dense forest not far behind him. There was blood mark on his face.

“Who is it?”

The sudden attack caused the blue-clothed youth to rage and shout.

“Don't you remember me?”A sound came out and a figure appeared in front of him. The figure slowly jumped from the tree smiling and measuring the blue-clothed youth.

Seeing Lu Feng, the blue-clothed youth was clearly became very anger. He still remembered that not long ago Lu Feng was just a martial arts man, and such strength obviously did not const.i.tute a threat to him.

The man in blue cloth said in a cold voice: “Last time, I was soft-hearted and spared your life, I didn't expect you to die by yourself.”

“Huh.”Lu smiled, “You remember me, that's good.”


The figure of the Feng suddenly swept away, and he was so fast that he appeared almost in a second in front of the man in blue.

“Kid, I think you are in hurry to die." The man in blue replied.

Feng raised his hands and shoot it forward.

“Everybody refining the physical strength, even though I was seriously injured, I bit you like a dog.”


The sharp smile on the man in blue's face stood in a stiff, but he felt an unequalled force rushing in his palm. He launched an attack with a great force.


He shook violently and then cried out loudly. He fell out and hit the ground.

The man in blue looked at Feng with an unbelievable look.

“How can it be? How long has it been? You've broken through the Ningyuan Realm.”

“Nothing is impossible!"

Lu Feng once again bullied him and he was very hard on the young man in blue clothes, making a loud noise he threw out his body from the ground and it landed on the ground for more than ten meters, before stopping.

“Hmm? Haven't you died yet? The Ningyuan Realm's vitality is really strong.” Lu Feng said in a low voice.

Then, Lu Feng tipped his dagger to the ground and walked towards the young man in blue.

“Boy…… I am a disciple of Yuanchen Sect's inner disciples, you will kill me …”


As soon as his voice fallen, a sharp blade flew out into his throat and interrupted his remarks.

Lu Feng looked at him and thought for a while.

Since he's a disciple of Yuanchen Sect, he must have many treasures in his body.

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