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by Heroine of the Broken Engagement - Chapter 37


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A sound of impact resounded inside the room.


Receiving my head with his forehead, as soon as Oswald's body weight on me decreased, I pulled my legs and kicked Oswald's abdomen with all of my might.


My kick to Oswald's abdomen seemed to be a clean hit as he squatted down and groaned.
In the meanwhile, I took a distance from Oswald.

… I separated at least by 5m from him, yes.

“… Y, you don't do things the women way, huh…”

“That's none of your business though.”

A person like you has been defeated by a woman.

By the way, I am extremely hard-headed.
Once before, I thrust my head into a window gla.s.s, but it didn't leave a single wound, so it's quite something.

… I got scolded by Keith¨'s expressionless face though.
That was a scary one.

“Rather! Oswald, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You must think of holding women you don't even know quite often, don't you!?”

Since I smoothly separated from Oswald, my anger has resurfaced once again.

On top of wanting to kill my little brother, he's even trying to violate me!?

As a result, I ended up retorting in an incomprehensible way.

“… Y, you angry about that?”

“… Indeed.”

He would indeed question that, no…?
What I thought and what I said… I made a mistake and I chose my words poorly.

While the delicate atmosphere floated, my cheeks cramped.

“… No, well. They are just a fling…”

“Are you stupid!? It wouldn't end being just a fling for me, you know!?”

My chast.i.ty was in danger, you know!?

This was much more dangerous than walking into Albert's room. Oswald was straddling me after all.

For the first time in my life, I was grateful to the hardness of my head and the strength of my kicks.
Thank you.

“Eh, ah, yeah, sorry…”

The h.e.l.l is this?

Oswald immediately apologized with a nervous face, and his words floated around my mind.

… Where did the tense atmosphere from just a little while ago go to?

I looked into the face of Oswald who was sitting on the ground.
The fully loaded creepy smile is nowhere to be seen on the current Oswald's face.

“… By the way, Olga.”


Oswald looked at me with a troubled face then smiled.

… What, even though I was planning on taking advantage of this incomprehensible atmosphere and stealthily returning home…

“… Have you forgotten that I have one more accomplice in this building?”


Simultaneously with Oswald's words, I tried turning around as I felt a presence behind me. But, that didn't happen.

“… Hmph, youngster. You should have done as I told you from the start!”

… Because after hearing the voice of the presence's owner, my right wrist got seized.
When I tried to at least confirm the opponent's face, I somehow managed to turn my body around.


Unconsciously leaking voice fro my mouth, I hurriedly closed it.
This is bad, I thought, but he seemed to be absorbed in conversing with Oswald and hasn't noticed.

… Oswald seemed to have noticed, as he looked at me with a face that was saying “don't mind it”.

… So, why did I raise my voice?

… That's because the person who seized my wrist was extremely similar to a pig.

A body that jiggled as he walked, hair that nearly all disappeared, low body height, and two small eyes buried inside the meat on his face.
… Amazing, I didn't think that a person who looked like a pig so much could exist.

“… That's why I told you! You should have let me deflower this girl right away.”

“The Rifald House would go back on their word then, and you will get broken by the men on her side in a fit of rage, surely.”

So you do know, Oswald.

It won't probably end with breaking though. I believe that all bones in your bodies would get fractured.

Does that what was it again… Alrotten… Alsare? know that I am friends with Rish.e.l.l?

… Not good, I can't recall his name. I am the type who forgets unnecessary information that I have no interest in.

“W, what…?”

“You don't know? That very Rish.e.l.l-sama is among her best friends, you know?”

What do you mean by “that very”. You are way too afraid of Rish.e.l.l.
Well, he's a specialist in being malicious! So he's not that wrong.

“… If you'd like your House to get smashed, how about you do as you please?”

“No, I'm fine, I will restrain myself!”

Isn't this fellow too weak?
If you don't have the resolve to kidnap, then I would like you not to kidnap anyone in the first place.

No, it's not like I want to get violated, but.

… The moment I thought so in my mind,



A sound of something being destroyed resounded, and the door of the room shook.

“What is it!?”

I shook off the loosened hand of the pig b.a.s.t.a.r.d, and escaped to the corner of the room.

… Well, I generally know who it is, so I am not that worried.
Those two should be the ones to worry.

… The footsteps that kicked open the door were gradually approaching this room.

… Is it Rish.e.l.l? Is it Lance? I wonder who?
Their anger is not ordinary, so both will be scary.

… My expectations were wrong though.

The moment the pig b.a.s.t.a.r.d grasped my neck with his hands and seized me like a mugger,


The door smashed to pieces, and a figure of a shadow gradually emerged from inside.

“… Eh?”

“… Release my Elder sister, you sc.u.m.”

… The one who stood there with an obviously mad face and a crumbled letter in his hand was Celsior.

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