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“Then, what is it? I can think only of a womanizer when I look at you.”

“Isn't your image of me too terrible…?」

It's not.

You are at fault for sending Eliza and me amorous glances.
You are reaping what you sow.

Look, because of you, my honorifics have completely disappeared.

“… My parents were killed… one day, when I was very young, they were killed when visiting the castle. I was saved, but my parents…”

“… Eh?”

Celsior killed Oswald's parents…?

There's no way Celsior would do something like that. That child is way too softhearted after all.
Moreover, it wouldn't be possible from the age point of view.

“… Not like that, it wasn't your little brother… but his parents. The real ones.”

Oswald guessed my doubts and answered them with a bitter smile.

… Celsior's real parents?

Celsior's parents are my relatives and have already pa.s.sed away.
That's why he was taken to our house.

“… Celsior's parents are already dead though?”

“… That's right. Why don't I take revenge against their son then?”

… What is this fellow saying?

I cannot imagine parents of that gentle Celsior doing something like that, but let's say they did.

I can't say that taking revenge on Celsior, as a result, is good though.

Moreover, I don't understand the reasoning behind kidnapping me when wanting to take revenge against Celsior.

“… It's not like your parents were killed by Celsior though…”

“I know that!”

Oswald suddenly shouted out loud, making my body tremble.

“… I understand that, why did they have to die… I mean, my Otousama and Okaasama were such kind people and yet they got killed. Even though they didn't do anything wrong. That's why, I will…”

Oswald seemed to come to his senses after saying all that.

“… Anyhow, I won't feel satisfied until I kill your little brother.”

“Wha, you can't!”

Even though he was saying “Revenge” until now, Oswald let out the word “Kill” from his mouth just now.

… I can't help but feel frightened by that.

I understand Oswald's feelings.

At the very least, his loving parents were killed at that time.

However, targeting the son just because the one who should be the target of his revenge is already dead is wrong.
Celsior has no relation to him whatsoever after all.

This is just an outburst of anger.

“… Celsior definitely won't get killed by someone like you.”

I said so while glaring at Oswald.

Oswald whose tone returned back to normal shrugged his shoulders and spoke.

“… I thought so. In fact, the patrol around your house is so strict I couldn't even approach it.”

“… Then-”

“Yeah, revenge wouldn't be possible even if I went.”

I breathed out in relief.

I don't know how long I slept for, but looking outside from the high window, it's already night.

Celsior has surely returned home by now.

If that's the case, then all that's left is for him to get protected by the guards and escorts.
Moreover, Celsior himself can fight to some extent.

… It will be probably fine.

While thinking such, my body grew weak.

“… That's why I kidnapped you.”

“… What.”

Oswald slowly approached me.

“… What will your little brother think when I violate and then kill you right in front of him?”

Oswald grinned.

His expression was the most disgusting up until now, showing his true intentions.

… These are Oswald's true feelings, huh.

Chills ran up my body.

“… I see, you are going to kill Celsior after violating me in front of him, huh.”

“Correct… s.n.a.t.c.hing the chast.i.ty of his beloved elder sister, he will die in despair and sadness… it will suffice for revenge, don't you think so?”

… Garbage.
I bit my lip.

Even though I thought that I could live in the countryside where I wouldn't get anyone involved.
And yet, Celsior got involved as a result of wanting a slow life.

… In the end, anything I do might be of no use.
Such thought crossed my mind.

“… Ahh, I have already sent him a letter, informing him that you are in my hands… I have also let him know that I would rape and kill you unless he comes alone.”


Haven't you been saying something really dangerous since a while ago-!?

I might incur more of his anger if I said something, so I kept silent.

Seeing me shut up, Oswald sighed.

“… Well, I will violate you, but I won't kill you… I want to see how your parents are going to deal with you after all.”

My body leaped up.

… My parents are extremely gentle.
At the very least, they have continued pouring their love to me since I was born all the way to the annulment of my engagement.

… Such parents, would they become cold to me?
That's not possible.

However, while I was thinking it was impossible, my heart was freezing.

What if they started hating me?
What will I do if they cast me away?

Such feelings were surging within me.
… A chemical reaction occurred.

… Why did it turn out like this? Even though I have been trying to avoid this.

Even though I have removed the death flags in the first place, why did one came from over here!?

The inside of my chest started burning.

“… Now then, your little brother is about to arrive, so…”

Oswald straddled me.

“Shall we begin?”

Saying such, he laid his hands on my clothes.

That moment, I felt anger so hard that a vein emerged on my forehead.

… I have head-b.u.t.ted Oswald with all of my might.

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