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Going out.
“Olga, can you come here for a minute?”

So I was told at the night of the day Oswald sent his carrier pigeon (temporary).

I, who finished eating a meal and was about to go to my room to figure what excuse to make up so I can leave, was stopped by Otousama.

“… Yes, what is it?”

I answered Otousama, making sure that ‘such bother’ wouldn’t appear on my face as much as possible.

I have to quickly return to my room to take the first step of my slow life and prepare, you know!
Those are my true feelings, but I won’t say them out loud.

“Won’t you go with Celsior to the town?”

… Depends on the day.
Celsior has good physical abilities, but he’s inferior to the guards.

Hence, if we went on the day of Oswald’s plan, I could advance with minimal effort…!

“… When?”

When I asked, Otousama told me it was on the day Oswald planned out.

… It came!

“All right!”

“Y, yeah.”

Otousama who pulled back a little because of my sudden increase in tension told me to decide the details with Celsior.

───Knock, knock.

“Celsior, it’s me~”

When I knocked on the door to Celsior’s room, the door opened right away.

… The person appeared before me so quickly I wondered whether he was standing alert at the door.
So startling.

“E, elder sister! Umm…”

“Yeah, I heard the story from Otousama. You want to go to the town, no?”

“Y, yes.”

Celsior looked down bashfully.

… He might be embarra.s.sed of going to the town with his older sister, but this much can’t be helped.

Celsior is someone with no sense of direction whatsoever.

Some time ago, I asked him what the matter was when he was standing in front of my cla.s.sroom at school, “I wanted to go to the library, but… I have lost my way.” was his reply.

By the way, the library is in the exact opposite direction of my cla.s.sroom.

Celsior is accompanied by guards at all times, but they apparently have a day off on that day.

… Yaay.

“… And so, where do you want to go?”

“I would like to buy a book.”

I see, Celsior does indeed love books.

The last time too, he walked while reading a book and crashed into a wall.

… Are you Ninomiya Kinjiro or what? Even though that person was carrying firewood on his back, how could he walk better than you?

… Has your balance been removed?

“Got it, let’s go together then.”

“… Yes!”

Celsior’s face instantly became bright.

… Celsior is much more obedient and good child than me~
He’s looking at me with those pure eyes of his~

… My heart is hurting.

But however, my life depends on the slow life.
There’s no way I could ever give up.

I renewed my determination while having a friendly chat with Celsior.

… And then, the promised day arrived.

Wearing an easy to move in, shorter one-piece dress than usual, I also wore a hat to conceal my face easier.

… Celsior and Keith’s faces turned red as they looked at my legs for some reason, but the dress is knee-length, you know?
It only looks short because I don’t usually wear clothes that show my calves.

… Although I would be treated as a pervert if I wore a miniskirt in this world.
They don’t exist in the first place, miniskirts.

… I wouldn’t wear one even if they existed though.

“… Then, shall we go, Celsior?”

“Do I really not need to accompany you?”

Even though Keith’s wore an expressionless expression, his voice was worried.

Knowing that Celsior and I will go alone to the town, he couldn’t help but worry.

… When he spoke of going too, my heart was about to stop.
Unlike Celsior, Keith possesses a proper sense of direction, moreover, his physical abilities are splendid, so I feel that I wouldn’t be able to lose him.

Of course, I declined with all my effort.

… He was making a slightly disappointed face for some reason.
Did he want to go to the town too, perhaps?

Well, Keith will have to go out on his day off.

“… Elder sister, don’t you have too much baggage?”

“Y, you think so? This much is only natural, you know?”

I tried to deceive him with a dry laugh, but I was trembling inwardly.

There is a change of clothes and travel expenses in this big baggage.
… As expected, I couldn’t do without preparing a change of clothes and travel expenses, so I brought them.

“… I, is that so?”

“T, that’s right! Women have various needs, alright!”

I’m glad I was able to somehow coax Celsior.

… I have never been so thankful that Celsior has not dated any girls before.
Neither have I though. I have only gone out with Rish.e.l.l before.

“Then, we are off~”

“See you later.”

Calling out to Keith who was seeing us off, we left the house.

… I was too merry I forgot.

About the person Keith and Otousama were talking about.

“Whoa~ so many people!”

For now, we have arrived and there were as many shops as rumored, but… the number of people here is incredible.

People, people, so many people even the intersections in Shibuya wouldn’t compare.

… Nauseating.

“… So, Celsior. Where is the bookstore?”

“Ah, I brought a map!”

Celsior was about to walk while looking at the map, so s.n.a.t.c.hed it from his hands.

… Celsior was making a sad face, but I ignored him.
If I left it to Celsior, it would take us triple the time to arrive for sure.

“… Ah.”

… When I looked at the map, the store Oswald suggested and I was heading towards was nearby.

… Good, let’s slip to the carriage while Celsior is looking for the book.

“… Ermm… this way.”

Diligently reading the map, we somehow managed to arrive at our destination.
To think it would take us thirty minutes…

… I was wondering how Oswald could arrange a carriage at a place with so many people, but there are apparently places where carriages can park in places with many stores like this.

Several carriages were stopped before the store Celsior was heading to.

“… It’s big.”


Celsior’s place of destination was a three-story bookstore, each floor had a large number of bookshelves with books packed tightly together.

Celsior’s face brightened and he started flipping the pages of a book from the bookshelf.

… “Decline of the n.o.ble Society”, what kind of book are you reading, Celsior?
Did something happen…?

When I looked at Celsior’s face while thinking so, he was reading that book with glee.

… How can you read something so difficult?

“… Celsior, I will take a look at the novels section.”


When I called out to Celsior, thinking whether he even heard my voice, he returned a half-hearted reply.

… Why did that make me feel a bit lonely? Oneechan is sad.

Confirming that Celsior wasn’t looking at me, I quickly sped towards the entrance.

“N~… which carriage do I get in…?”

Oswald told me to not get exposed to others, so it might be disguised and hard to tell.

Going out went fine, but I can’t tell which carriage I should get in.

… While feeling at a loss, a hand clapped on my shoulder.


“So, sorry, Olga! I saw you at a loss from the carriage, so…”

The one who clapped on my shoulder was Oswald.
Apparently, he was unable to just watch me be at a loss and got off the carriage.

… Just how weird my voice was?
I have been recently letting out some strange noises, my throat must be getting weird.

“… Olga? Are you prepared?”


… I’d be lying if I said that I don’t feel any reluctance leaving Celsior and others.
I love them, but my life is important.
It can’t be replaced with anything.

Taking a last look at Celsior in the bookstore, I got in the carriage.

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