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While doing that, Dante knocked on the door and called out inside.

「… It’s Dante, Rish.e.l.l-sama would like to speak with the three」

The door opened and a palace guard came out.

「Ha. Understood. Would you like to clear out the place?」

Even though you say that, there’s only you inside, right?

「… Yeah, please do that」

One might think it would be unsafe, but Dante is considerably skilled.

He surely wouldn’t lose if a stupid prince, foolish young lady and one of their followers would attack us.

It’s said that he alone is as strong as an entire army unit.

The only one who can apparently compete with him in this country is Lance.

… Rather, I was shocked when I found about Lance’s strength via the rumors.

「… Roger. Well then, please take your time」

Saying that, the palace guard disappeared somewhere.

… I feel sorry to disturb his duty, but Rish.e.l.l has probably made prior arrangements with him.

「… Then, shall we go in?」

With Rish.e.l.l’s voice, we entered inside.

The parlor was unexpectedly clean and the sofa inside also seemed to be clean, although not gaudy.

… Well, the three were sitting separated by iron bars though.

The lower halves of the three were hiding behind a wall, while I could see iron bars in front of their upper halves.

… The moment we entered, the three glared at us with horrible gazes.

… Mainly at me.

No, I haven’t done anything, you know…
Rish.e.l.l just exposed what you guys did…

That’s why, if I had to say, then you should be holding a grudge against Rish.e.l.l…

I won’t say it though…

「… What do you want?」

As we all sat on chairs facing them, Albert inquired with a vigilance.

「We have a few things we would like to ask you」

Rish.e.l.l was superficially polite but rude in intent.

Probably, that voice of his won’t get rough.

… His forced laugh is scary as always, this Demon King.

「Stop lying! You have definitely come to scorn us again, right!?」

Shouted Sherina with a rasping voice.

Serena was also nodding her head in the cell next to hers.

… Why are those two next to each other, Mr. palace guard?
When these two are together, the noisiness increases by a hundred points…

「No, I have never scorn you guys to begin with though? You have just warped the truth to your own convenience and got ruined by it all by yourselves, didn’t you?」

Rish.e.l.l’s mouth was malicious as ever.

Thanks to that, a blue vein appeared on the temple of his opponents.

… Incredible, Rish.e.l.l really is skilled at agitating people.
Well, that is Rish.e.l.l’s way of doing things though… as expected of him.

「… Now then, I will ask you several questions, so please make sure to answer them」

Rish.e.l.l said while having a smile on his face as usual.

Albert completely ignored him, Sherina was trying to entice him, and Serena was glaring at me.

… These fellows are way too disconnected.
Their only similarities were that they are both humans.

「… Well then, regarding the engagement first… Albert, since when did you think of breaking off the engagement with Olga?」

「To address me without honorifics in spite of being the little brother…!」

Having some smidge of pride left, Albert poured jeers at Rish.e.l.l.

… How is pride useful while sitting in a cell… on top of that, going against Rish.e.l.l… this fellow doesn’t learn.

「No, I have never thought of you as my elder brother… please, answer quickly」

Rish.e.l.l cut him down with a deepened smile.

His malicious switch has been turned on the full throttle.
Even though he’s normally malicious… to fully open the throttle?

Gee, I don’t care anymore~

「W… what is that att.i.tude of yours, do you think I will forgi-」

「I do? … Shall I deprive you of your status right away?」

The crimes of these three people have not been settled yet and are apparently going to be decided now.

Well, he won’t escape from having his status deprived by Rish.e.l.l though… he reaps what he sows.

How about Serena?
She has attempted a murder, I wonder if she will follow the same path as Sherina?

However, Albert was only lied to by Sherina and falsely accused me.

The problem is whether he still believes her.

It seems that the story of Sherina’s life tugged on his heartstrings, making him blindly believe her.
It appears that he won’t believe that I was the one who got bullied though… he seems to be just madly worshipping her.

… Sticking up to her story, I was bullied, I’m sad~ help me~, I think it went like that, but… just what was he told?

I thought he was a fool to begin with, but to think he was this stupid.

「S, stop it!」

「… Well, it’s not for me to decide… if you don’t want me to suggest me about it to Father then you better speak quickly」

With the Demon King smile setting in, I could clearly understand from Rish.e.l.l’s face that he snapped at Albert.

… Although I wasn’t the target of his glare, chills run throughout my body.


Albert let out a little voice while urged on by Rish.e.l.l’s eyes.

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