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Good grief.
「Wha… what did you…!」

「Rish.e.l.l, apologize to Sherina!」

「That was rude!」

The trembling in anger Sherina, Albert and their follower's voices (Serena) overlapped.

They get along well.
I'm not envious though.

「About what? … I just pointed out the truth though」

Rish.e.l.l said bluntly with a nonchalant face.

No, you are definitely inducing them.
Even though you know that their unity is strong in the weirdest places.

「Saying that I have a bad character… do you think you can say that about me!?」

No, your opponent is a prince, you know? Moreover, the Crown Prince, you know?

I thought so, but did not say it out loud.
They should just step on the landmines to get verbally abused by Rish.e.l.l themselves.

「Oh my? Was I wrong?」

「Naturally! My character is much better than that of the ill-natured woman over there!」

Eh, why did I get suddenly involved in this? Unreasonable.

No, I don't think that I am the kindest of the people around, but… my character is definitely better than Sherina's.

No, most of the human beings are surely better in character than Sherina.

I don't know how this happened, but it's no exaggeration to say that she has the worst character among the n.o.bility.

Instead, her head is relatively empty.
But, she knows of many ways of hara.s.sment.

「… Be silent, do you think it's all right for a c.o.c.kroach like you to ridicule Olga?」

… Y, you are angry about that, Rish.e.l.l-san yo.

The coldness of his voice is dangerous. Isn't it colder than dry ice?

Even I started trembling.

… Did the temperature inside go down? Is it just my imagination?
Ah, Dante is shaking too. It wasn't just my imagination.

「Wha… but, I have way more friends…」

「It's not the number of friends that counts, but the quality. Rather than being followed by brainless people, people who can think and act for themselves are much more valuable… Besides, the people around you are what are called followers. Their only aim is your status」

When Rish.e.l.l said Do you understand? Self-proclaimed Miss-lot-of-friends Sherina. with a smile, Sherina started trembling with an unbelievably red face.

It seems she was so angry she couldn't move anymore.

「That ill-natured woman over there has only one friend of the same s.e.x in the cla.s.s! Moreover, that person is the same amorous woman!」

「… What have you said just now?」

Most likely, by “the only friend in my cla.s.s” she meant Eliza.

Other girls except for Eliza in my cla.s.s were either scared of Sherina's bullying or were supporting the bullying themselves, so they haven't talked to me.

Because of that, I stand out when hanging out with Rish.e.l.l, Dante or Lance… did she not even realize that?

Even though it's her fault, I won't forgive her for looking down on my friend.

This poor, poor brain cell.

「The reason I don't have any girl friends is because of you though? Do you know even realize that? … Well, of course, you don't. You don't have enough brain tissues for that」

I declared frankly while laughing scornfully.

Not antic.i.p.ating that I would talk back to her, Sherina stared dumbfounded with her face red and then she snapped.

「Wha… don't be ridiculous! Are you trying to lay the blame of not having friends onto me!? Besides, I have more brain tissues than you!」

Wooow, whiny voices rung in my ears.
They were veeery noisy.

Serena was saying something similar… do the voices of people change when they get along?

Whoa, no way… having the same voice as Sherina? Sound difficult to listen to.

「… Hey!? Are you listening!?」

While thinking about Sherina and Serena's voices, Sherina started shouting again.

Apparently, she noticed that I wasn't listening to them and that hurt her feelings.

It's bothersome trying to listen though…
But if I say that, why would we come here to talk for?

「I am sorry, it was so inconsequential I ignored it」

While that may be true, I won't be listening to it.

Especially this fellow, everything she says is filled with complaints and abuse, so it's not worth it.

I feel that listening to monkeys would be more meaningful.
Monkeys can't talk though.


Sherine lost her cool so much, she seemed as if the blood vessels in her brain were to burst.

… I wouldn't really mind if she collapsed, but Rish.e.l.l hasn't finished the interrogation so it would be troubling.
That's why if you are to collapse, do it after we are done interrogating you.

While thinking something so brute, I was observing Sherina flipping her lid.

Ohh, from neck to ears, she's completely red.
She looks like a new species of tomato.
Will someone eat her if I ship her away?

「… You heard it yourself. Even though you were objecting Olga with that disappointing head of yours, she, unfortunately, wasn't listening」

Rish.e.l.l was enduring with a face that wanted to burst into laughter.

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