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Chapter 2: The white saint

Saint Sanctine who has her best magic 『Sacred light torrent』 prevented by the devil king was escaping from the Doggu Valley to the collapsed temple site of the Boa Kingdom by teleportation which had been prepared beforehand. However, even though she suffered a humiliating defeat, impatience and frustration cannot be seen on the saint´s well-formed face. 

"This is a trial given to us by the G.o.ddess. When we destroy that evil devil king, then we will be one step closer to the paradise of the G.o.ddess" 

Only the devout believers of the G.o.ddess Erezonia are invited to the paradise after death. In order to gain the credit to go there, it is necessary to defeat the evil devil king, even if she is revived from this happy death. To Sanctine´s determination which is worthy of a devout believer, she got praised by the priests surrounding her.  

“I agree with you, Sanctine-sama"

"Who else can destroy that devil king other than the holy saint"

"We all will work hard for the saint, even if we need to give a drop of blood" 

Sanctine smiles and naturally accepts the kneeling down of the priests, who are more than twice as old as she. 

“Although I failed this time, I still have some tricks to destroy that evil devil king"  

It is the ultimate light magic,『The embrace of the sun G.o.d』. It forms a huge magic lens that reaches beyond the horizon to the sky and burns the ground by collecting sunlight, which is exactly the G.o.ddess´s punishment. It is said that the first pope who was blessed with the power of the G.o.ddess burnt with this magic the city of the fools who didn't follow the doctrine of G.o.ddess Erezonia. The beautiful spectacle that the waterfall of light which exceeds 6000 degrees falls in the city where the magic lens is absorbing sunlight and it became dark while midday, is left behind in a number of paintings. Sanctine thought whether her figure destroying the devil king with the 『The embrace of the sun G.o.d』 will become a new painting that remains for eternity and let her unable to suppress the increase of her heartbeat. 

“However, you cant defeat the evil devil king in this way"  

It is the ultimate ma.s.s destruction magic that even the first pope couldn't invoke without the power of the G.o.ddess. Sanctine and the 30 priests following her have not enough magic power for that magic. Looking at Sanctine who has a troubled face while thinking, one priest raises his voice. 

“Why don't you consult Sir Cranklum. He will certainly be able to lend you good wisdom"

"Well, that's a good idea" 

Sanctine smacked her hands and sent a 『Telepathy』 to Cranklum, who is in the Great Temple far away, to explain the circ.u.mstances. 

(That's why I'd like you to help me destroy the evil devil king)

(I see, I understand)

Cranklum didn't blame Sanctine for her failure and presented a solution after thinking slightly. 

(Head to the northern mine state, Tigris. That country should have that)


Sanctine, who tilted her head, was also convinced after hearing the explanation.  

(If it is true, then I will be able to destroy that evil devil king)

(Okay, I look forward to the good news) 

Talking about that, Cranklum told her so after checking that n.o.body is around.  

“Tigris people are a little, they don't have enough faith in the G.o.ddess. It's a good opportunity to remind them of the power of the church" 

In addition to killing the demon king, silencing the rebellious nation which is against the church, there is no doubt that Sanctine will become pope with these achievements. 

“I rely on you, my beloved saint”  

Cranklum has an gentle smile as long as his faithful dog who he raised with a lot of money wants to hunt the deer. 


A middle-aged shopkeeper who runs the Inn and the Tavern in the Boa kingdom saw the face of a black-haired boy and a maid who had come to his shop and smiled with surprise. 

“You are still alive? I thought you were dead because you didn't come back from the subjugation of the devil king"

"A bad man who has a bad character doesn't die so easily"

"Don't be so proud at all" 

Despite saying so, the shop owner gives an ale just to celebrate their safety. Shinichi, the black-haired boy, sat down at the counter seat and thankfully received it. 

“Then, when you are fine, is Miss Ariane also fine?"

"Ah, she hasn't come today, but she is fine."

"Shopkeeper, please give me some ham and bread"

"I see, this Miss is also fine" 

The shopkeeper is relieved in his chest, before preparing the order of the maid Ceres. 

“This miss is an immortal hero, so you didn't have to worry about her life. You should be worried about that bishop who s.e.xually hara.s.sed her or those strange flyers which have been scattered, because that would make her be depressed"

“Heee, was there such a thing?” 

A the ringleader who made the flyer, Shinichi moves to the main subject while also ordering a dish. 

“By the way, is it true that the saint is coming to exterminate the devil king?"  

As the saint's attack magic came from the southeast, Shinichi thought she might have stopped by the Boa Kingdom which lies in the same direction. His speculation seemed to be true as the shopkeeper nodded with admiration.  

“You have sharp ears. It seems that since you guys failed, that Saint Sanctine was sent from the Great Temple"

"Shopkeeper, because I want to take it home as a souvenir, can you wrap up the ham and bread"

"Ceres-san, I'm talking about an important story now so please wait a little"

"There is no important story than Reno-sama's meal"

Shinichi warns Ceres who can't read the air, but as soon as she gets involved in meals, she totally becomes a ponky maid. While smiling at such nostalgic exchanges, the shopkeeper continued talking while wrapping the ham and bread in a cloth. 

“Speaking of Saint Sanctine, it's rumored that her magic skills are surpa.s.sing even the Cardinal, so why don't you guys kill the devil king first before she comes? 

"No, I was thinking that we could cooperate with the Saint, because we had run away from the devil king before. Is she still in this country?"

"I'm sorry, she has been in the Boa kingdom until yesterday, but she's gone somewhere now" 

"I see, you don't know where she's headed to or?" 

When asked, the shopkeeper replied after thinking a little. 

“Well, I heard that she went out of the north gate, so she probably headed to the mine state Tigris"

"Mine state?"

"If you go north by bypa.s.sing the Doggu Valley, you will find a city-state built at the foot of the Matarar mountain range, where the mining of iron and gold is thriving", 

"Hee, does she wants to aim for becoming rich quick by finding a financial connection"

"A Idiot thinking about the same thing as you migrated from this country" 

However, since the country has already monopolized such a delicious place, it was a dream of dreams as getting rich quickly. 

“Will it be a dream of gold rush......? So, why did the Saint went there? "

"Do you think I would know that? Go and ask her by yourself" 

The shopkeeper answered negligently, but added an advice. 

“However, I think that it will be impossible for you to become a member of the Saint"


"The saint is the treasure of Cardinal Sir Cranklum and she seems to be surrounded by a large number of priests so a stranger like you wont come close to her" 

Indeed, other customers also said that she was accompanied by about 30 people when going to the north. 

“Unlike Miss Ariane who is kindhearted, you who isn't a hero, won't be able to become one of her companions"

"I want you to take me to the entrance test" 

Shinichi clicks his tongue lightly in his mind while saying that. 

(Well, it's not that easy)

If you are a fellow who fights the devil king with your life, trust is more important than ability. If well-known priests are there and the fighting power is enough, there is no reason to welcome the dubious Shinichi. More than anything, if Shinichi and Ceres are reportedly handed down from the mouth of Bishop Hugh, it may be dangerous even to show their faces. 

“Which reminds me, what happened to Bishop Hugh?"

"Uh? Because of the matter with the flyers, he was called to the Great Temple to take responsibility for letting the temple collapse due to a mysterious accident and it is rumored that he was punished by being deprived of his position as bishop"

"Heee, that's pitiful (Hahaa, serves him right!)"

(Dont send your real intention to me with 『Telepathy』 )  

On the surface, while showing sympathy, ridicule tilted in the heart of Shinichi guess of the dexterity, Ceres drank up the ale while being tired. With it as a signal, Shinichi pay the dish and stands up.

“Thank you for the meal, I will come again"

"Ah, next time bring Miss Ariane with you. And n.o.body believes such a terrible rumor” 

Shinichi was pleased with the concern of the shop owner, so that he stopped his legs and looked back. 

“Old man, do you know French fries?"

"What's that?"

"It is a dish using potatoes, because material costs may be high because you use a lot of oil, but surely it will fit the ale──" 

The french fries that Shinichi reported will later become a big topic and the shop will flourish and the shopkeeper will be delighted. 


Once they stopped by the devil king's castle and handed the souvenir to Reno, they picked up Ariane and headed to the mine state Tigris that lays in the north. 

“Have you been there Ariane?"

"Yes, I stopped by when I was a monster hunter, but iron pots and weapons were really cheap and it made a lot of fun. The sword I used was made in Tigris!"

"Wasn't your previous sword a blunt weapon?"

"At that time I had no money......" 

She ordered and got a solid heavy blade so as not to break even with her half-dragon strength, but she hasn't had much money to sharpen and decorate it. Ariane who remembered that time and feels nostalgic strokes the handmade cursed sword, which hangs on her waist. 

“I don't think they sell a cursed sword, but it's a really cheap and good thing, so they are selling it in the Boa Kingdom"

"Buy it cheaply at Tigris and sell it higher in Boa kingdom which makes money" 

In honor of the good information he heard, Shinichi looked at the maid besides him.  

“Ceres-san, do you have an money-making idea?"

"I will make use of 『Teleportation』"

"Hey, that will expose us" 

The risk of being targeted by a thief in addition to travel expenses can be greatly reduced because of using teleportation between Tigris and Boa though it takes ten days to return normally. That's why I thought that I could sell items cheaply, so I could make money by monopolizing the customers. 

“I would like to say that the magic of Teleportation consumes a lot of magic as moving objects are larger. It depends on the distance, but when it comes to moving something the size of an wagon, six times will be the limit for a day"

"No, isn't that enough?" 

Perhaps when an average human magician hears that, he would say "What the h.e.l.l are you talking about?" with an pale face. However, we cannot afford to use unnecessary magic for Ceres who is competent in every aspect such as disguise and investigation or battle. Besides, it is troublesome to bring other merchants to bankruptcy and make them enemies, so Shinichi didn't feel like using teleportation.  

“Nonetheless, you have to think about how to make money"  

There is a large amount of gold in the castle, so for the time being there is nothing to worry about funds. However, gold bullion is never infinite. They just started making farms, the way of self-sufficiency is far away, while money is going out as food is purchased. Shinichi wanted to secure a source of income after thinking about things for the future. 

“If you can make a special product peculiar to the devil race, merchants who sniff the smell of an golden eye will come together"  

For gold, a merchant would even sell his soul. With delicious goods, Shinichi will appear as a person dealing with devils and is against the G.o.ddess. 

“If we tie the interaction with humans, the prejudice against the devil race would fade"

"Shinichi, you are considering so many things"

"I'm thinking about a lot of things, that's my job as the staff chief"  

Looking at him with a serious face, Ariane looked at him with respect, while Ceres had an pa.s.sionate tone by handing over the lunch to thank him. They finally arrived at the mine state Tigris. The country which built a high and thick castle wall from the stones mined from the Matarar mountain range and rises from the west to the east gives off the image of an more fortified city than a mine state. 

“Well, if it is the Maou´s magic, it will be a blow"

"Are not you overlooking such exceptions?" 

Arian shows a dry smile again, to the fact that this wall that wouldn't burn by the hands of an hero is equal to paper in front of the demon king. The gate which is the entrance and exit is crowded with people and horse-drawn carriages who came to mine, those bringing iron ores and merchants who came to purchase iron products. Therefore, Shinichi and the others were not stopped by the gatekeeper and went quickly into the city. 

“Mines are the main industry and there are many hard-fought brothers"

"Because a blacksmith or something can not do it without power" 

Everyone seemed to be robust, but there were few machos who have a lot of muscles and there were a lot of slender body shapes like marathon players. 

(I'm not trying to keep my body shape, but I guess that nutrition is not enough)  

There is a power beyond the science of magic in this world, but it is a power that only a limited person can use. For that reason, magicians are chosen occupations such as court magicians, priests, monster hunters or heroes and do not plow the field by becoming a farmer. And, because there is a convenient power of magic, science and technology are undeveloped and there is not a machine such as the Combine and tractor,and neither agricultural chemicals nor chemical fertilizers. Therefore, the amount of the yield of crops is few and food is not able to be gotten fat like in modern j.a.panese. 

(Nonetheless, it's not like we're starving)  

Even if cheat items such as potatoes exist in food industry, this world is blessed. When Shinichi thinks about such a thing, a good fragrance drifts from the front. Looking at it, a young man was selling meat skewers at a stand. 

“That is?"

"Goat meat skewers, you can also add goat cheese with an extra cost!"

"Please give me all you have right now"

"Ceres-san, wait!" 

Shinichi hurriedly follows Ceres who ran to order at lightning speed. 

“Mogamoga (Are you trying to train people like dogs? Guess what, you're a pervert)"

"Either eat or talk" 

Shinichi takes out his handkerchief and cleans Ceres´s mouth which is full of goat cheese, while she does not forget her usual poisonous tongue. 

“Good grief, when I saw you for the first time, I thought you were a cool beautiful woman, but what happened......"

"You were tolerable if you didn't know, is not it you who taught desire to this innocent body?"

"Don't you speak ill about people?" 

It may be certain that Shinichi taught her sarcasm (not a s.e.xual meaning), but it is certainly the responsibility of himself to convert her to an obedient junk because of his food. Thinking that way, Shinichi was sighing, when his shoulder was poked by a finger from the side. 

“What is, Ariane?"

"Emmm, these skewers are very delicious"

Ariane eats the skewer that Shinichi bought and shows a happy smile while having cheese on her cheek. 

“......You´re dirty”  

Ariane laughed happily from the bottom of the heart when Shinichi wiped her cheek clean with a handkerchief, while he shows a wry smile. 

“Ehehee, thank you!"

"You are welcome" 

Shinichi reached out to the skewer for himself in order to conceal the shining odor. While receiving a silver coin from him, the young clerk points around the stall with an expression that seems to sink in blood tears. 

“Nii-chan, will you come back?”  

The men who had stopped their feet, because they were mesmerized by the beauty of Ariane and Ceres emitted a dark aura of jealousy. 

“......I'm sorry" 

Deeply lowering his head, Shinichi pulled the hands of Ariane and Ceres and ran away in a hurry from the place full of murderous intentions of single men.


“Good grief, because both of you are cute, cant you avoid standing out with awareness?"

"I´m cute, ehehe~"

"I won't give you meat even if you flatter me"

"......I should have come alone" 

Looking at the shy Ariane and Ceres who is still eating the skewers, Shinichi goes on the main street leading to the royal castle, with lavish regrets. 

“Are we going to the castle?"

"No, I thought that it was probably near the castle──oh, after all"

Before the castle gate about 200 m, there was the building of Shinichi´s aim. It is smaller compared with what was in Boa Kingdom, but it is shiny white in the sunlight──the temple of G.o.ddess Erezonia in Tigris. 

“If the Saint really came here then this will be the only place"

"Let's go then!"

"No, wait a moment" 

Shinichi stopped Ariane who was about to head to the temple. 

“Ariane is broken because her face is broken, maybe she will understand if it is like this"

"Ah, that's right......" 

Ariane also notices and clouds her face. It is because of the high risk of being surrounded by the moment of appearance if Bishop Hugh reported that Ariane betrayed him by the hand of an black-haired boy when he was called to the Great Temple. Shinichi doesnt think they would lose the battle because of Ceres, but there is no meaning to it as the opponent has the Saint who is an immortal hero. In order to make a plan by breaking his mind, now is best to hide the ident.i.ty and devote to collect information. Shinichi was so wary, but in fact it was only a alarmism. Although the explanation of the circ.u.mstances that Hugh said in the Great Temple was close to the truth, it wasn't convenient for him that he loved Ariane, used violence against Ariane and was possessed with Shinichi which could not be hidden by the Cardinals. And most importantly, for the Cardinals who wanted to eliminate this troublesome youngster, "The bishop tried to fornicate a girl, and the G.o.ddess's d.a.m.nation descended” it was good that this rumor was convenient. 

“Ceres-san´s 『Illusion』 is a disguise trick, but this is what the magicians notice?"

“Yes, it's hard to hide the flow of magic" 

It is possible if there is a significant competence difference, but at least Shinichi can see that Ariane is predictable and Bishop Hugh was also aware of it. Then, the saint should also be judged to be predictable. 

“Do you think that the average person who came to visit the shrine will come and spend one-second on a『Solution spell』?

"I, I don't know" 

To Shinichi 's question, Ariane has a difficult expression. 

“It's really a rude act to force a person to solve illusion magic......"


Shinichi replies to Ceres who doesn't understand the subtleties of human culture, on behalf of Ariane. 

“You see, you disguised as a merchant who hid his face burn in front. It is the same as that, is it rude to uncover things that you do not want to see and hide? "

"Well, I see."

"So, even if Ariane is stuffing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, you will keep quiet?"


"I am not doing that!"

With no doubt, Ariane hid her thin chest while having teary eyes. 

“So, it is rude to release Illusion magic suddenly, but if it the G.o.ddess fellows, they can do it......"

"Apart from the two of you, I'm poor to detection" 

If you can see the long ears of Ceres, you are in battle with the demons at first sight. 

“So dont use magic and physically disguise with hats or dyed hair──"  

So it was time to see the temple while discussing about the disguising method. Shinichi has a strong sense of discomfort from the appearance of a man who came out from a door that seems to be a back door. 

“What, is that strangely feminine?"  

He seemed like a mine worker who had a strong physique but had no physical strength to walk with trembling legs. 

“Haa, never!"

'It is impossible"

"I have not said anything yet"

"Anyway, did you think that 『The Saint is having s.e.x with a young man at night!?』?"


Shinichi looked away silently. 

“Because of this, you´re a troublesome pervert dog for a million years"


Able to read Shinichi´s thought, Ceres was also a pervert──Ariane was doubtful, but did not dare to speak. 

“But I don't care what makes me so tired" 

Old women and children who appeared after that man also seemed to have difficulty in walking with breathless disorder. 

“I wonder what they're doing inside, so it's time to disguise......"

"There is no 『Counter magic』 in the building, so let's share what I've seen with 『Clairvoyance』 and 『Eavesdropping』 by using 『Synesthesia』" 

When Ceres says so, they hide behind the building so that they aren't noticed and she grasps their hands to cast magic. Then, through her senses, the pictures and sounds of the temple flowed into Ariane and Shinichi´s mind. 

“The structure of the inside is not much different from the Boa kingdom......oh, that"

There was a girl standing in the chapel at the end of the temple, in the room where the G.o.ddess statue stood, accompanied by numerous priests. Platinum blonde hair, white skin and also plain white priest's clothes. To the contrary to the fleeting color that makes her feel like a snow fairy, that girl who is feminine, soft and sharp, releases a fascination that does not suit her, because she is the new enemy who tried to blow away the devil king's castle, the Saint Sanctine. 

“As I thought, she has big t.i.ts? "

"It is good, is not it?"

"Despite appearances, she is the same age as me......!!?" 

Everyone shows a reaction to the rich double hills of the Saint, however Shinichi´s interest shifts to the thing next to her. 

“What is this?" 

A huge and transparent crystal body with a height of 3 m. Although it was not cut by the hand of man, it was a rough figure of the original stone digged out, but still a beautiful jewel that fascinates the viewer. 

“You didn't have such a thing in the Boa Kingdom, did you?"

"Yes, I don't remember seeing it at the Great temple" 

Unable to imagine that it is a religious ceremonial tool of the G.o.ddess, Shinichi and Ariane tilt their heads together. But next to that, Ceres murmured while looking down. 

“Perhaps, it is a magical conductor"

"Do you know what it is?"

"Yes, it is the first time I saw such a huge thing" 

Shinichi isn't convinced, but the Saint begins to move faster than Ceres explained. 

“The next person, please enter"

"Ye, Yes" 

In response to the voice of the Saint, a young man who has a deep cut in his right arm enters the chapel. He was surprised by the huge crystal, followed by the beauty of the Saint, he also forgot the pain of his arms and became red. Without appearance of such a young man's inner feeling, the Saint just laughed softly and held her hand on his injured right arm. 


The light emitted from the palm of the Saint healed the deep cut in the right arm of the young man in a moment. 

“Thank you very much, this is an offering" 

The young man gives out a few silver coins with a little despair if he can touch the Saint, but the priests who were around got out and received it. Regrettably, the Saint stopped him trying to turn his back. 

“Please wait, can you devote your faith to this 『Tear of Matarar』before returning?"

"You know that evil demons have appeared in the Doggu Valley, so it is a necessary to do a ritual to destroy them"


The young man is not sure, but he is pushed back by a priest and stands in front of the huge crystal. And the moment he touched it, a pale light came out from his palm and sucked into the crystal. 


When thinking that the young man screamed out of surprise, he was attacked by a cold and collapsing feeling which he has never felt before, and he just falls on his b.u.t.t. To him, the Saint continued to show a soft smile. 

“Thank you for your cooperation. We will destroy the evil demons with your devotion"

"When you sleep overnight you will heal, your body condition will also heal, so please come and devote your faith to the G.o.ddess again"

"Please tell your family and acquaintances that they shall come to devote their devotion too" 

If you disregard this request, it seems that you can not receive treatment again in the temple, nevertheless as a threat, the priests stare at the young man, force him to stand and as it is he is took to the back door of the chapel. The saint wears it off with an unchanging smile and calls the next patient who is waiting without knowing anything outside the room. 

“Next person, please enter"

In that way, Ariane became very angry from seeing old and young, male and female being deprived of power by the crystal one after another. 

“Why do they do such a terrible thing......!"

"That is to defeat the devil king" 

Shinichi answered as he let go of Ceres hand already seeing enough. 

“Are they robbing magical power?"

"Yes, the magical conductor is a mysterious stone that can store magical power in it"

The saint called that huge crystal 『Tear of Matarar』──only once again looking at the magic conductor, Ceres nods and cancels her clairvoyance magic. 

“You can use magic with enchanted magical power, and it also becomes a material to make magic items. However, I do not have any details, so it would be faster to ask a dark elf who is an expert in such a matter"

"Okay, let's go back to the castle and ask"

While returning a nod, Shinichi looked at the weak mother and child who had been driven out from the back door of the temple, distorting his face to disgust.  

“They want to collect the magic of people and unleash a powerful attack magic......is the source a gem?"  

There won't be an optimal solution any more as a technique that the hero of justice defeats the evil demon king. However, as a result of forcing faith and treatment to be a shield, there was no evil sight that is so sick. 

“Do you think they can defeat the devil king if they collect a lot of magic power from ordinary people?"

"......Don't know. It's just that I can't say that it's absolutely impossible." 

While swinging her head sideways, Ceres admits that there is a possibility. Because the magic of the Saint and 30 priests mildly bruised a light burn, if they gather tens of thousands of people's magical power, their blade will probably reach the blue demon king. 

“Shall we destroy that demon conductor?"

"No, that's the last resort" 

Excluding the danger of their master, Shinichi raised his hands and restrained Ceres who made noisy signs. 

“There is no guarantee that there is only one magical conductor. And if you destroy the magical conductor it could result in violating the saints”

──The 『Tear of Matarar』 will be destroyed by the hands of the demons. But it is still dangerous for demons to enter a city, which is also a evidence that the humans are afraid of them. So they give strength to the G.o.ddess again to make sure that the demons will be annihilated! So people are inciting and more likely to make the situation worse. 

“Even if there was only one magic conductor, it would be the same result if you brought the people of the city to the devil king's castle"

Gathered the power of tens of thousands of people, the Saint will recite the ultimate magic to defeat the evil demon king. Shinichi didn't think that there will be a day when the enemy would be able to take a really dramatic road and so he made a bitter smile. 

“Even if not limited to the general public, if the power is bundled with thousands of heroes who have the ability, it might be possible to defeat the devil king"

"Why not do it?" 

To answer Ceres simple question, Shinichi asked Ariane.

“How many brave men are there?" 

"I'm sorry, I only knew about Luzar´s party"

".....I'm sorry, you didn't have any friends"

"It's different!!?" 

Remembering Ariane´s old wound Shinichi apologies with a strange face apologizes and Ariane cries out with tearful eyes. 

“Well, don't mind, Reno-chan also has no friends──"

"Reno is liked by tens of thousands of Makai inhabitants, not to mention the inhabitants of the devil king's castle, just because she hasn't any friend at her age, right?"

"Stop it, Ariane's MP is already zero!"

"......No, I have Shinichi" 

While encouraging Ceres bullish pursuit and encouraging Ariane to go on sedentary ghastly, Shinichi returns the story to the original. 

“It is not convenient for us to gather heroes and attack them in general, because there are simply few heroes and there is nothing wrong with the hands of others being kicked off by other demons"

In addition to it, there was a political struggle between the Cardinals, too,and it was a story not guessed by Shinichi who didn't know the inside of the G.o.ddess religion yet deeply. 

“To put it briefly, the demon king is still not considered 『An enemy to raise all the power of mankind』"

"Is that thing supposed to be licked?" 

Ceres frowns by raising her eyebrows, but it was a fact that demons were not destroyed because of their underestimated state.  

“Once you have begun a total battle that puts the fate of humanity, it is over. Still we are afraid of whether the demon king is likely to win, but Reno-chan will choose to withdraw to Makai"

"That's right" 

This is not an annihilation war betting on the survival of humans and demons. The only purpose is to create an environment where a lot of delicious food can be eaten by the friendly Reno-chan who doesn't like conflicts. And, because of that Shinichi´s goal is to make a country where everyone can live happily without concern. Humans, demons, half-dragons and other tribes. 

“The destruction of the magic conductor is a last resort because it is likely to become the spark of the war. And above all──”  

Taking a breath, Shinichi tell it with the biggest bad smile. 

“Would it be more interesting to rob the magic conductor and exploit it?"

"It’s a guess" 

It is a magic tank so a magic robot can be made and Shinichi unfolds the delusion as joy, while Ceres throws the usual boos.

“And what would you do if you can't break it?"

"Hmm, there's......"

Shinichi answers after pondering for a while. 

“After all, I think that it is the best to defeat the Saint who doesn't make the change more than the magic conductor that can change easily"

"Are you going to persuade a innocent girl again?"


Listening to the disgusting voice of Ceres, Ariane who was fiddling changed her look, stood up and hugged Shinichi´s chest with a sad face. 

“Do you do the same thing to the Saint like you did to me?"

"No, that's──" 

"Being gentle, making pancakes, seeing her naked and licking her neck?" 

"Relax, Ariane, you're saying terrible things!"


Ariane hastily holds her mouth and looks towards Ceres. However, the maid replied without appearance that it worked at all. 

“If it was the act at the inn, then I saw everything with『Clairvoyance』 so it's fine not to hide it now"

"Why are you saying that!?”

Shinichi hurriedly closed the mouth of Ceres which was too late. 

“Y, You saw......everything, that......?"  

Informed of the astonishing truth, Ariane's face turned pale with fear and was blazing red from shame. 


Ariane screams and runs away in the direction of the day after tomorrow. It seemed to Shinichi that she was seriously running on the roof of the houses with terrific jumping power so as not to hurt people who are walking on the street. 

“So, even if you dont get away there......"

"We became friends, so I thought having secrets aren't good, but it looks like it was counterproductive......."

"Ceres-san, are you worried about it now?" 

To the appearance of the junk maid who had a uncomfortable face, Shinichi is exhausted.  

“Thereupon, what will we do now?" 

As escaping from the people who gathered in the current fuss, Ceres walks out of the shadow of the building and returns to the original subject. 

“Whether I flirt or not, it is best to get along and understand the circ.u.mstances of the demons"

"Isn't that difficult?"

"Yes, it is......" 

Shinichi holds his head with a sigh. 

“The old man from the tavern said that there are a lot of priests around, so there's no chance of getting close to the Saint"  

If he examines the Saint's daily actions a little more, Shinichi may find time to be alone with her and easy to make contact. But even if they could make contact, it would take time to get in the way of the priests and build a deep relationship.

“If we don't do much, the charge of the magic conductor will end"

"Thinking about it , it was easy when we have Ariane-sama" 

There was no time limit, it was easy to make contact alone and having a decent personality. 

“In contrast to that, the Saint......no, let's not give up before trying"  

Shinichi said so to shake off the bad feeling and looks up to see ahead. 

“Either way, you want to get in touch with the Saint and explore the inside, for that too!"


"Let's find Ariane first"

"......I´m really sorry" 

With Ceres, who apologized unusually obediently, Shinichi ran to look for the pure girl who disappeared in the direction of the day after tomorrow. 

Somewhat being a hero!" Shinichi Toyama was suddenly summoned to a sword and magic world by the blue demon king.

The demon king has a cute daughter who loves delicious food and just came for that to the human world without any intention to harm humanity.

However he is troubled by the resurrected heroes who attack him every day to kill him.

Shinichi who came to a different world with great pains embarks on the mission to repel the heroes with the scheme to become a strong devil!!

Genres: 1 - Ch. Ch. Ch. Ch. Ch. Ch. Ch. Ch. Ch. 2 - Ch. Ch. Ch.

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