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Chapter 1162  Mellow Guy

The middle-aged man was relieved that someone was normal among this group of oddb.a.l.l.s, although this man had black lines lining his face. After squinting his eyes at him for a second, the man heaved a sigh of relief and shook his hand.

"I come from the Yalen Kingdom, what about you three?"

"I am from Yalen as well," said Arthur with a smile as he shook the man's hand. "My friends here are merchants from Janea and Halin, seeking to find a new buyer for their potions and minerals. I became their guide."

"Merchants?" asked the man with surprise as he eyed the two. "I am surprised that they allowed them past the border. The entire union is on a strict lockdown at the moment."

"We arrived to the union before the lockdown, so we managed to slip in before they closed it off," said Arthur and gave a sigh of relief. "I wouldn't have survived this winter if they turned me away! Great luck!"

"What made you stay here for all this time then?" asked the man with confusion.

"This is the thing, mister, the man who was supposed to buy their goods said that no shipments could enter the union anymore! I had to find a different one, prepared to make some future arrangement."

"That's good for you, lad!" said the old man as he rampaged through his bag before taking three small sticks of marshmallow looking candy. "Eat this and tell me what you think. This is the reason I am traveling across the kingdom!"

Arthur took the candy and distributed them to the other two. As the two eyed them with confusion, Arthur took a bite from the star-shaped candy and his eyes lit up with surprise. The old man laughed as he held his belly, slapping Arthur on the back.

"That is a good face, lad! I made these candies myself and plan to sell them across the kingdom. After I spread the word about it, I will make a booming business with this candy!"

"I'm sure that you will, sir," said Arthur with a smile as he finished it, savoring the sweetness. "You two should try it too. You might take a liking to some local delicacies."

Arthur would later regret making this decision. Because the moment the two tasted the sweet taste and texture of this candy, they began gulping it down like hungry wolves. Then, they became addicted. Arthur had to pay the man to give them more.

The man from Yalen was the only one in the long carriage that was social enough to chat. As the two ate his candy, Arthur managed to glean the information that he needed to learn more about the situation regarding the Agard Family.

Arthur felt his heart ache for his wolf, but he knew that as long as the trial has not descended yet to his world, his wolf was still trapped within the trial grounds, awaiting Arthur and his next adventure.

On the other hand, Ruki was still helping Ascent clear dungeons around the world. Arthur thought of how much of a hypocrite he has become, as his sole goal was to prevent the families from merging the two worlds. As for now, his goal aligned with theirs.

Hazel warned him that even at the moment, the families saw him as a threat because he was against Devaheim. Thus, even though they might rejoice the two worlds merging, they had to get rid of him before that, because he was against the G.o.ds they feared.

The train the four boarded took an hour before reaching Kera, but even the station was heavily guarded. Arthur had to make sure that Henry did not notice anything as he hypnotized the guards to allow them entry.

After the four pa.s.sed the heavy inspection, they walked out of the station to see a new Kera that is still recovering from destruction. The giant cliff in the distance, which has appeared because the entire city caved inward.

Arthur saw that many buildings have been restored, and life has not stopped in his city. Seeing the same streets that he ran through as a kid demolished made him a little sad, even though he was responsible for this destruction as well.

"Are you alright, my lord?" asked Sarohan as he noticed the change in his emotions. Arthur shook his head to indicate that nothing was wrong before turning to the candy-seller.

"It has been a great pleasure to travel alongside you, but we must part ways here," said Arthur with a smile. "I think that you can be the best candy man in the entire Yalveran Union with a little bit of luck."

"Thank you, good lad, and here is a little bit of Mellow for your trip," said Henry as he offered them a bunch of candy before walking away. "Farewell!"

Sarohan and Koby both bowed to him in respect as Arthur watched with a speechless face. Then, they grabbed the Mellow and began stuffing their storage artifacts with how many they could.

"You guys are really hooked on his candy?" asked Arthur with confusion as he saw how sad the two were for parting ways with him.

"After our lord, Mellow Guy deserves the most respect," said Sarohan with a sigh before he grabbed one of the candy sticks and began eating them. "Where are we going now, lord?"

"Yalen is closed off, and no carriages could enter. We have to find a smuggler from Kera to take us there so we could slip in unnoticed. Then, we will destroy everything in our path until we save the Agard Family and kill the Yalen King."

Arthur knew that such a feat will not be easy, because the Yalveran Union had another force that he needed to consider. It was his old group and comrades, Mistletoe.

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