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I was president of the World Snooker a.s.sociation until I was arrested, when the board asked me to resign. Two other bodies expelled me, the Royal Society of Arts and the MCC.


Two prisoners absconded during their first week at work. Both were caught and transferred to a B-cat in Nottingham. Two were found in a pub and are back working on the farm; while three were sacked for inappropriate behaviour unwanted advances to the female staff. And that was in the first week.



Most s.e.x offenders, when housed in an open prison, are given a cover story should anyone ask what they are in for.


They did. It was published in the Sunday Mirror the next day. (See overleaf.)


See map page 414.


I had no idea how important this lunch would turn out to be on the evening I wrote these words.


When I first entered the Liberal Club, an elderly gentlemen remarked, 'Prison is one thing, Jeff, but the Liberal Club?'


I a.s.sume that Mr Beaumont was given Dr Razzak's advice. If so, he ignored it.


One officer pushes the prisoner's head down, while another keeps his legs bent; this is known as being 'bent up' or 'twisted up'. In the rule book it's described as 'control and restraint'.


I am pleased to learn that David, the friendly schoolmaster at NSC who joined Clive's company on leaving prison, quickly realized what he was up to, and resigned.


There was a riot the week after I left, and seventeen inmates ended up in hospital.


I wrote this in A Prison Diary Volume One Belmarsh: h.e.l.l, and the Home Office have shown scant interest. There aren't any votes in prisons.


An area manager is senior to a governor, and can have as many as fifty prisons under his remit. He reports directly to the deputy director-general.


Since Mr Beaumont's suspension, Mr Hocking has addressed the tribunal, and made it clear that he was forced to resign by Beaumont, with the threat of being sacked. But who bullied Mr Beaumont?


Two years and two prison diaries later, and I have not received one letter of complaint from a prisoner or prison officer about the diaries despite receiving some 16,000 letters in the last three years.


Copyright 2004 by Jeffrey Archer.

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