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HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE _and_ HARPER'S WEEKLY _will be sent to any address for one year, commencing with the first number of_ HARPER'S WEEKLY _for January, 1880, on receipt of $5.00 for the two Periodicals_.

[Ill.u.s.tration: OUR POST-OFFICE BOX]

We give our correspondents a hearty Christmas greeting, and present them with an enlarged and handsome _Young People_, which we hope they will receive with the same kindness and appreciation they have already shown us. We shall give them weekly a great variety of stories, poems, and instructive reading, printed in large, clear type, on firm, handsome paper. The popularity of our Post-office Box is shown by the increasing weight of our daily mail-bag, which comes to us overflowing with pretty messages.


Papa has brought us several numbers of _Young People_, and as you ask us little folks to write to you, I thought I would tell you how much we are pleased with the paper. The story of the "Brave Swiss Boy" is so interesting I can hardly wait for the next number to come. What a good, brave, and honest boy Watty was, and what a plucky fight he had with the vultures! The picture of the "Monkey on Guard" is very fine. I like stories of brave boys and pictures of smart monkeys. Papa is going to take _Young People_ for me next year, and I am going to keep every one. The paper is just the right size to make into a book for Jamie and Maggie.



I like your paper very much, and am always glad to get it. I have a nice old bachelor uncle in New York, who sends it to me every week.

I should like very much to see this in print. If it is, I may try again. I have been very sick with diphtheria, and I don't like it a bit. I made 'most three dollars taking medicine, and I liked that very much. As you ask for short letters, I will stop.



I have read _Young People_, and it is very nice indeed. My mother told me that you were going to publish a paper for children, and said I could take it. I have read all the "Story of a Parrot," and it made me laugh very much. I think _Young People_ is better than anything that has been published for children, and I will read every number that is issued, and thank you kindly for such a nice paper.



As you kindly invited us all to write to you, I would like to tell you about a pet pigeon I had. I called it Lily, because it was so white. I got it when it was a little bit of a thing, and I did not keep it in a cage. I taught it to eat out of my hand, and when I came from school and called Lily, it would come flying from the barn-yard, where it was with the other pigeons, and light on my shoulder, and put its bill up to my mouth. One day I called Lily, and it did not come. I went to look for it in the barn-yard myself.

It was there, but it would not come to me, and always after that it was wild. I think HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE is a very nice paper, and mamma thinks she will take it for me. My papa has taken HARPER'S WEEKLY and MONTHLY ever since they were in existence.



I was very glad when papa came home with a little paper for me, and I took it from his hand and looked at it for about ten minutes, and then asked him if he would take it for me. When he found out that I read it all through, he asked which story I liked the best, and I told him, "The Story of a Parrot." Papa takes HARPER'S MAGAZINE, but I would rather have YOUNG PEOPLE. I have read all about the "Brave Swiss Boy," and I hope he will become rich.



Cousin Orla and I were delighted when Uncle Will (he is Orla's papa, and I live at his house) brought us YOUNG PEOPLE, and now we eagerly watch its coming every week. I think Watty Hirzel was a brave and n.o.ble boy to risk so much for his father.

A. H. A.


Your nice paper comes with mamma's. We have had lots of fun with the "Wiggles." Won't you please answer this question: In our dining-room there is a big looking-gla.s.s. In front of the gla.s.s there is a table. When a lamp is set on the table, it looks as if there were two lamps. Please tell me whether the lamp on the table and the one reflected in the looking-gla.s.s will give as much light as two lamps.


The lamp and its reflection will not give as much light as two lamps, and the intensity of light thrown from the mirror depends upon the distance of the lamp from its surface, and also upon the nature and thickness of the mirror itself.

MARK E. E. S.--The first condition for admission to the _St. Mary's_ is a residence in New York city. The remainder of your question is answered in the Post-office Box of our sixth number.

J. R. B.--We do not know how to prescribe for your poor sick rabbit.

MILLIA B.--All stars appear to twinkle except the planets. We can not tell the reason any plainer than it is already given by the "Professor."

Very pleasant letters, and also answers to puzzles, are received from Henry C. L., Allie D., Frank S. M., Eben P. D., Theodore F. I., Charles E. L., M. W. D., Lilian, "Subscriber," C. F. C., F. Coggswell, Claude C., Charles F. and George J. H., Victor K., J. G., M. E. E. S., Charlie G., and Anna B.

[Ill.u.s.tration: "MINNIE, WAS YOU EVER A CHILD?"]

[Ill.u.s.tration: "CAN YOU SEE HIM?"]

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