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Ian didn’t know what k.u.ma thought and why he gave him his hat, but this silent man has always been incomprehensible for Ian, and he didn’t know what he was thinking about.

k.u.ma went out, and Ian took the bear’s ear cap on his head and looked at this cute cap in his hand. Ian felt like something was stuck in his throat and didn’t know how to spit it out.

'What the h.e.l.l, do people in this world like to give hats so much?'

He didn't know what would he looks like wearing this hat. Ian imagined it and suddenly felt drowned with embarra.s.sment.

But he also knows that k.u.ma may be more kind to him. If the Den Den Mushi was a gift for the Dojo's food, then this hat should be his personal thank-you gift.

As a last resort, Ian had to wear this bear’s ear cap.

When he returned to the Dojo, Ian heard a burst of laughter from the inside, which made him very surprised. It was impossible to imagine that the more traditional man like Master Koshiro could get on with Ivankov.

Walking in, Ian said to Koshiro, “Sensei, it’s done!”

“So, we have to leave!” Ivankov stood up from the ground and put on a hood again, covering his explosive purple head.

So do k.u.ma and the other revolutionary army soldiers, who have once again covered themselves up tightly.

Koshiro was looking at the hat on Ian’s head in surprise. When he heard Ivankov's words, he came back and asked, “Will you stay a little longer?”

“No, it's not good to stay in the village for a long time!” Ivankov said: “We will go to the beach and wait for the ship to arrive.”

Koshiro nodded and said to Ian, “Ian, send them off!”

“All right!” In fact, he didn't need Koshiro to say it, Ian also decided to do so. Ivankov said that they would go to the beach and wait for their ship. Dragon must be there, so Ian wanted to go with them and see him.

Ian led the way out of the dojo, Ivankov and k.u.ma followed, while the revolutionary soldiers bowed respectfully to Koshiro before they came out.

“…” Watching the people leaving, the dojo became empty, and Koshiro sat down and did not say a word. No one knows what he was thinking.

Along the way, all the revolutionary soldiers, including Iva, looked at the cute bear’s ear cap sprouting on Ian’s head in some surprise.

They naturally knew that it was k.u.ma's hat. They were surprised that k.u.ma would give his own hat to someone else.

But even Ivankov didn’t ask what was going on when he looked at k.u.ma who wasn't wearing his hat at the moment. They just stared at Ian intensely.

Feeling the burning sight behind him, Ian only felt itchy all over, so at this time, he didn't take them around in circles, he went straight to the beach, and soon they went out of the village.

The revolutionary soldier who fought with Ian scratched his head and said strangely, “Huh! It seems that we arrived so fast, not like when we came!”

Ian looked back at him with a severe look and said, "Nah, your delusion!"

“Really?” The revolutionary soldier was also a little insecure.

“Yeah!” Ian nodded with certainty: “You’re probably hungry! So it was an illusion."

Ivankov saw this scene, laughed happily and said, “What a good boy!”

Ian shrugged his shoulders, and he knew that the detours could not be concealed from Ivankov and k.u.ma. But who made him look like a child now, Children’s pranks would be forgiven, wouldn’t they?

Frost Moon Village is not a big village, and the population is not very large. When Ian brought people to the beach, he could see a few small fishing boats tied to the beach, which was left by the fishermen who went to the village. It was already afternoon. These fishermen had already returned from work, so the beach seemed quiet. Ivankov and his group came here, they weren't afraid of being seen.

According to the timeline, the revolutionary army at this time were still in the stage of acc.u.mulating strength, so it was best for them to act in a low-key way and not be seen as much as possible.

Until it was dark, no ship had come, but fortunately, k.u.ma took some revolutionary soldiers and found the food that has been flown by his technique. A group of people cooked a pot of rice on the beach, then caught some fish on the sh.o.r.e, and cooked them. So they ate, and Ian wasn’t nervous following them.

The moon had risen in the sky, and Ian began to yawn. Suddenly, he heard a revolutionary soldier standing at a high place shouting, “Here they are!”

Ian quickly got up and looked in the distance. In the night, a dark shadow on the sea was coming in their direction.

As time went by, the shadow grew larger and larger, and it was not until it came nearer that Ian could see the outline of the ship in the moonlight.

It was a huge three-mast sailing boat, but the bow of the ship was a dragon head. The dragon body just supported the whole boat as a keel, and then a dragon tail appeared at the stern, making the ship look as if it was supported by a dragon.

This was undoubtedly Dragon's ship.

A revolutionary army soldier, who had already signaled to the ship with a light, Dragon's ship slowed down and approached the sh.o.r.e.

“EvKun, can I go up and have a look?” Ian pulled Ivankov's cloak and pretended to be naive: “I haven’t seen such a big ship yet!”

Ivankov did expect such a request from Ian. In fact, when Ian was waiting with them, Ivankov guessed that Ian wanted to see their ship and said, “Hiiihaaa! Ian Little Candy! It’s okay to go up and take a look, but let me say it first, I can’t take you with me. So after that, you have to get off the boat and go back, okay?"

“No problem!” Ian nodded.

When the Dragon Boat stopped, a pulling-boat was laid down from the left side of the hull. Ivankov and k.u.ma started to board along the pulling-boat, and Ian followed closely. The remaining Revolutionary Army soldier began to call on the boat for some hands to carry the food.

Upon boarding the ship, Ivankov yelled: “The action is too slow. Dragon! How much are we going to wait!”

Ian followed Ivankov with his tall body, he poked his head out, looking forward, only to see a figure in the same green cloak slowly turning around on the deck.

Under the moonlight, Dragon was still wearing his hood, which prevented Ian from seeing his face clearly.

“Sorry!” Dragon spoke, his voice sounding low: “Something has delayed it us, we had to save a child…”

As he turned around, he revealed a child lying on the deck behind him, and Ian saw at first glance the thick bandages wrapped around him.

The bandage not only wrapped around the child’s whole body but also around his head and face. He was in a fainting state with his mouth wide open. The black burn marks could be seen in the bandage gap. Under the bleak moonlight, the blood beneath the bandage was so dazzling.

Even Ian shivered when he saw the child. He was frightened by the child’s injuries.

Needless to say, this kid must be Sabo who was rescued from the sea by Dragon!

When they really saw Sabo's tragedy at the moment, even Ian couldn’t help but feel angry. What a cruel heart would lay such a heavy hand on a little child!

If it wasn’t for Dragon to happen to save Sabo, it might be the end for Sabo!

At this moment, Ian really realized for the first time how cruel the Celestial Dragons were…

Ivankov naturally saw Sabo lying on the deck, and jumped over in surprise and squatted down to look at him.

“This is too serious!! Hey, come and help me deal with his wounds!” Ivankov shouted.

“Ivan, can you heal him?” Asked Dragon.

“No, the child is too young. He needs special treatment!” Ivankov said: “I can only hold him alive! Let’s rush him to treatment!”

After that, Ivankov took off his gloves and thrust his fingers into Sabo's body.

“Healing hormone, adrenaline!”

Sabo on the ground suddenly coughed and coughed. Ivankov saw it and said happily, “Very good, his heart is beating again!”

Several Revolutionary Army soldiers took the opportunity to lift Sabo on a stretcher and deliver him to the cabin.

Ivankov raised his head and asked Dragon, “Who is this kid? Why did he suffer such a serious injury?"

Dragon shook his head and said: “I don’t know his name. He was attacked by the Celestial Dragons… In that sad country…”

“Really…” Ivankov remained silent for a while.

Just then, a voice suddenly came and said: “His name is Sabo!”

“Huh?” Dragon looked in the direction of the voice in a daze and saw another child standing on the deck. The person who made this noise was naturally Ian.

“Who are you?” Dragon was curious: “Do you know this injured child?”

At the same time, Dragon naturally saw k.u.ma's cap on Ian’s head, and could not help looking in the direction of k.u.ma.

Ian shook his head and said, “Just know his name.”

He knows very well that Sabo suffered such a serious injury this time. When he was injured, he would lose his memory and his own name. Ian mentioned his name just for the sake of being nicknamed by the people of the Revolutionary Army in the future.

In fact, even if Ian does not mention it, the revolutionary army people will know his name from the things that Sabo carries. The reason why Ian speaks out was actually subconscious…

Dragon looked at Eva. Eva rose his hands and said, “This is a child in the village’s dojo, a boy with a great character. I took him on board to have a look of our ship.”

“Is that right?” Dragon looked at Ian and said nothing, but turned to him and asked, “Where’s the food?”

A revolutionary army soldier replied: “The dojo in the village sent us some.”

“Well, get ready to sail!” Dragon said: “Return to Baltigo!”

Ian saw him now and had no regrets in his heart. At this moment, hearing Dragon’s words, he knew that he was ordering his deportation, and said, “I have to go back to the dojo!”

After that, he walked toward the side of the boat and did not take two steps. Suddenly he heard Dragon saying, “Eva, you send him off!”

Ivankov followed Ian and sent him off the boat. When they came to the sh.o.r.e, Ivankov said to Ian, “Ian, little candy, you have seen us now, but you need to promise me to not tell anyone about us?”

“I understand, you are not ordinary people!” Ian shrugged and said, “By the way, Uncle k.u.ma gave me a little Den Den Mushi. Can I have your number?”

Ivankov was stunned and immediately responded, “Uncle k.u.ma? You call him that? What do you want my number for?"

Ian nodded: “Because I might want something from you in the future…”

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