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Edited by Divetus and Rega

Jing Huan was most disgusted by dirty tactics on the court. In high school, there was also someone who had deliberately stretched out their feet to trip Gao Zixiang during games. Later, Gao Zixiang and he retaliated by stepping on their opponent's feet a countless number of times.

An eye for an eye. It's a childish but useful method. After that, that guy never dared to play against them again.

With so many people watching him, the guy felt a bit embarra.s.sed and got up, wanting to head back to the court. Xiang Huaizhi stood in front of Jing Huan and blocked about half of his shoulder, almost like a protective gesture.

“Xiang Ge, what he did counts as a foul.” The boy clenched his teeth. “There's nothing left to say… this should be a free throw, ba?”

Xiang Huaizhi glared at him. “You're tired of using your trick of slamming into people, so now you're beginning to learn how to do fake falls?”

“Fake fall…” The guy was stupefied, then angrily said, “Fake fall my a.s.s! He slammed into me!”

“It was just you two here, and with this kind of body…” Xiang Huaizhi said, “He slammed into you?”

Jing Huan: “?"

As soon as Xiang Huaizhi said this, the people who came to help the boy up stopped for a second. They instinctively looked at Jing Huan and then looked back at the guard.

Jing Huan couldn't be considered delicate when compared to other guys, but he was much thinner than the guard.

Recalling the basketball tactics of the guy beside them, a few people coughed and let go of supporting the guard.

“Forget it, forget it, it's just a small thing. When playing basketball, it's easy to stumble anyway.” Someone came to mediate. “Let's keep going ba.”

“f.u.c.k…” The strong man cursed in a low voice but also knew that it was impossible to make trouble now. “Forget it.”

As soon as Jing Huan was about to return to his original position, his arm was grabbed.

“Go back to where you were before.” Xiang Huaizhi said.

“No,” Jing Huan insisted, “I'm going to play defense…”

He had just said that when Xiang Huaizhi suddenly reached out to him.

The boy's hand moved to hover above the top of his head for a bit and then, as if afraid of dirtying his hair, finally landed on his back and pushed him slightly forward with a little effort.

“Go back,” Xiang Huaizhi said, “listen to me a bit.”


Xiang Huaizhi's hand was very big, and Jing Huan's jacket was thin. He could clearly feel the warmth of his palm, which spread slowly from his spine to the rest of his body.

This hand had just dangled above his head… What for?

It was hard for Jing Huan to think much of it, and other people were already urging him. He came back to his senses and said, "…Understood. ”

Because the gap between the scores was so wide, and there was that incident just now, their opponents had lost their fighting spirit. In the last round, Jing Huan's side scored almost all the points and finally won with a big score.

Jing Huan went to the bench and wiped off his sweat with a towel. He smiled at Xiang Huaizhi. “Senior, is that guy really part of the basketball team? Why do I feel like he's actually not that good, even Lu Wenhao is better.”

Xiang Huaizhi nodded in agreement. “He really isn't that good. It's most likely that the school coach thinks he has a good physique and wants to train him ba. ”

Saying that, Jing Huan remembered what had happened just now.

Xiang Huaizhi wiped his sweat, picked up his mineral water, and was about to unscrew it. Suddenly, his wrist was caught by the person next to him.

Immediately, the fragrance of shampoo mixed with a touch of sweat penetrated into his nose.

He turned his head in bewilderment and saw the person next to him scoot closer, using his other hand to grab the bottom of his own T-shirt and lifting it up directly.

The boy's skin was paler than that of many girls, with traces of sweat sliding over it.

Jing Huan inhaled gently, revealing faint abdominal muscle lines.

“Senior, what you said just now was looking down on me a bit ah,” Jing Huan said seriously. “I also have abs, even though they're not that obvious…”

Xiang Huaizhi stared at him for several seconds before he stiffly looked away.

“En,” he said, carefully controlling the pace of his speech, “you're better than him.”

“That's a must. I can even easily dunk a ball over his head.”

Jing Huan only thought something was off after he finished talking.

Xiang Huaizhi's words somehow sounded like he was humoring a kid.

He moved his lips, wanting to say something when a bottle of fresh mineral water was handed to him.

A girl with her hair tied in two ponytails, giving off a clean scent and wearing long sleeves and a short skirt, looked at Jing Huan shyly.

“Senior…” She blinked. “This is for you.”

For the two of them, girls giving them water bottles was a very common event. At the start of his freshman year, if anyone wanted to send water to Xiang Huaizhi, they would have had to wait in line. After half a semester of Xiang Huaizhi's cold refusal, this phenomenon gradually disappeared.

Xiang Huaizhi's mouth twisted. In this situation, it seemed like he was the third wheel.

Jing Huan looked up and smiled. “Thank you, but no need. I have water.”

“You've already finished drinking it ya. I saw it.” The girl blushed and said, “That's why I just bought this, and it's iced.”

“I'm sorry ah. I don't like drinking ice water.” Jing Huan pointed with his chin at the half-full bottle of water left on the bench. “And I have another bottle here.”

The girl replied, “But that's Senior Xiang's…”

“We have a good relationship. We don't care about that, we just drink which ever.” Jing Huan wasn't actually making this up. He often drank from the same bottle of water as Lu Wenhao, and as long as his mouth didn't touch the opening of the bottle, it was fine. “Isn't that right, Senior?”

Xiang Huaizhi slightly raised his eyebrows, and after a long time, he finally replied, “…En."

After the girl left, Jing Huan licked his lips. If it hadn't been mentioned, he would have been fine, but now after saying all that, he was really thirsty.

He looked around, but there was already no water bottles that hadn't already been opened.

Seeing his small actions, Xiang Huaizhi asked, “Thirsty?”

“A little.” Jing Huan rubbed his stomach. “Well Senior, I'll be going first. I have to go to the school gate to eat something.”

Looking at his movements, Xiang Huaizhi frowned. “You didn't have breakfast?”

“Not yet. I was planning on going back to get some sleep.” Jing Huan finished talking and picked up his cellphone on the bench. “Next time, let's play together again, Senior.”

“Wait.” Xiang Huaizhi called out, “Let's go together. I'll treat you.”

Not waiting for him to respond, Xiang Huaizhi first explained, “Consider it as me rewarding you for helping me win the match.”

Ten minutes later, the two of them walked side by side into the golden chicken stew restaurant near the school.

Xiang Huaizhi's idea was very simple. He would treat Jing Huan to a meal, and that could help him save a little on living expenses.

“Senior, the golden chicken stew of this shop is especially delicious!” Jing Huan split the chopsticks and handed them to him. “I often order take-out from this place.”

Xiang Huaizhi said, taking the chopsticks. “I know, someone told me before.”

Jing Huan nodded. “That person has real taste.”

Xiang Huaizhi: “…” This could count as boasting of oneself.

After a few mouthfuls, Xiang Huaizhi thought of something. “How much was a night at the resort you stayed in last time? I'll transfer the room rate to you.”

Jing Huan looked up. “Ah? No need, it was Lu Wenhao's treat. I didn't spend any money. ”

The trip to the resort really had been Lu Wenhao's treat. The reason was because Jing Huan had given him a pair of limited edition sneakers on his birthday. There were only a few hundred pairs of these in the world. Lu Wenhao burst into tears when he saw them, and he almost recognized him as his new father.

Xiang Huaizhi nodded, thinking, no wonder.

After eating and drinking his fill, Jing Huan took out his cellphone while drinking his soup and skillfully typed with one hand.

Feeling a vibration from his pocket, Xiang Huaizhi stopped chewing.

A few seconds later.

Buzz, buzz…

Another two vibrations.

Xiang Huaizhi moved surrept.i.tiously and took out his cellphone.

Xiao Jing ya: Has Gege gotten up yetttt >.

Xiao Jing ya: [start bed sharing.jpg]

Xiao Jing ya: When will Gege go online today? [taps fingers together]

Xiang: …In a bit.

Xiao Jing ya: OK. [picture] Look, I'm eating golden chicken stew right now!

The golden chicken stew bowl in the picture was right in front of him.

The two people who were sitting face to face were actually chatting through WeChat instead. It was Xiang Huaizhi's first time b.u.mping into this kind of situation.

Originally he had wanted to head back before replying, but after seeing his own dishes and chopsticks exposed in the photo, Xiang Huaizhi suddenly felt mischievous and typed.

Xiang: With friends?

Xiao Jing ya: Yeppp.

Xiang Huaizhi stared at the screen and couldn't help laughing. Was he somehow infected? How could he also act like he has split personalities?

He was just about to turn off his cell phone when the other party sent another message.

Xiao Jing ya: Ah, don't misunderstand Gege, it's a female friend > 0

Xiang Huaizhi's smile grew stiff.

Xiang: ?

Xiao Jing ya: She's a very good schoolmate Jie oh ^^

Xiang: …

Being suddenly given the t.i.tle of a good person, Xiang Huaizhi's heart was full of mixed feelings.

After they finished eating, the two of them walked out of the shop, and Jing Huan's eyes wandered to the milk tea shop across the street. “Senior, do you want to drink milk tea?”

Xiang Huaizhi seldom drank milk tea, finding it too sweet and too cloying. He looked sideways. “Do you want to?”

“Yes!” Jing Huan sighed. “Haven't had any for a long time.”

He had no idea how pitiful his emotional tone sounded in the ears of the person next to him.

“Then let's line up.”

In a moment, Jing Huan was blankly standing in front of the milk tea shop holding three cups of milk tea.

When they were just in line, Xiang Huaizhi had asked him what he wanted to drink. He had answered casually, only to hear Xiang Huaizhi say to the clerk, “XX milk tea, three cups.”

Then he opened up Alipay and scanned the QR code to pay all in one go.

He had thought that Xiang Huaizhi had wanted to drink it himself, but after the milk tea came out, Xiang Huaizhi stuffed the three cups into his hands and said goodbye before leaving.

Jing Huan didn't understand and tilted his head.

Just now had he looked… that thirsty?

After putting two cups of milk tea into the refrigerator, Jing Huan sat in front of the computer. He shook his mouse and the computer screen instantly lit up.

He had left his avatar in Fairyland before going out. Now he had acc.u.mulated tens of thousands of XP.

The friend icon kept blinking, and Jing Huan clicked on it.

[Friend] Qiufeng: Xiao Jingjing, it's so early ah.

[Friend] Qiufeng: AFKing?

[Friend] Qiufeng: When you return, come back to me. [cute]

[Friend] Xiao Tianjing: Ah, I'm not doing instances.

[Friend] Qiufeng: You're just in time. It's not an instance, it's something else. Wait for me in the same place, I'll go find you.

[Friend] Xiao Tianjing: What's going on ya 0.0

[Friend] Qiufeng: A big event!

Jing Huan was really afraid of this Qiufeng. No matter how he rejected him, he refused to go away.

Soon, the scholar in white came to him with a folding fan in his hand, giving off a gentle and elegant air.

[Qiufeng invites you to join his team. Yes, No. ]

Jing Huan clicked Yes.

“Xiao Jingjing, have you eaten yet?” Just after entering the team, Qiufeng's voice sounded out.

[Team] Xiao Tianjing: Yes, where are we going?

“I can't say. Anyway, it's not like I'll sell you out.” Qiufeng asked, “Are you still unable to speak?”

[Team] Xiao Tianjing: …Yes.

Jing Huan hesitated between jumping away and not jumping. When they pa.s.sed by the Old Moon Temple, he even broke out in a cold sweat, suspecting that Qiufeng would directly drag him in to apply for marriage.

He was so focused on Qiufeng's route that he missed the online reminders from the chat interface on the right.

As soon as Xiang Huaizhi logged in, he received a player message saying that the gem he had ordered had been sent.

He had ordered it for Jing Huan's ring. The higher the rank of the gem on a ring, the higher the healing power of a Fairy Fox Cave, and the more comfortable fighting in the arena would be.

Only after receiving the gem did Xiang Huaizhi open his friend list.

The three words “Xiao Tianjing” were lit up, so the other party was online.

But he was probably AFKing, or he would have messaged him a long time ago.

Xiang Huaizhi moved his mouse to Xiao Tianjing's portrait, checked the coordinates of the other party, and was preparing to throw the gem to him.

Moon Palace (19, 21)

What was he doing at the Moon Palace?

That place was a beautiful wild map, but it was a low-level area, and few people went there.

While he was still wondering, he saw the coordinates of the other party change—Moon Palace (44, 102)

So he wasn't AFKing.

Since he wasn't AFKing and was online for so long, why hadn't he sent any messages yet?

Xiang Huaizhi headed to the main city transporter and directly teleported to the Moon Palace, walking towards Xiao Tianjing's coordinates.

The black robed man walked along and then suddenly stopped.

There, standing in front of the full moon meteor shower not too far away, was a scholar in white and a small fairy fox with a big swaying tail. The two were very close, nearly stuck together and extremely intimate.

Then, with a swishing sound, flowers blossomed everywhere around the scholar's feet—this was the player's own homemade special effect.

Within these blossoms were a few hundred flowers of different colours, which came together to form a heart and in the middle of it was the big character “Jing”. From the cl.u.s.ters of flowers in the four corners came countless fireworks that bloomed up into the sky, lighting up the darkness of the Moon Palace.

In any case, it was all like a romantic date.

The man in a black robe stood at the edge of the scene, hidden in the night, becoming the most redundant object in the scene.

Xiang Huaizhi: “…”

Juurensha: Huanhuan: lifts up shirt to show off abs
XHZ.exe has crashed due to gay panic
….nooooo XHZ, it's okay, Huanhuan still only has you in his heart!

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