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Chapter 121 - Extra 4

Edited by Divetus

Warning: NSFW s.m.u.t scene at end!

Xia Qing had just come home from a business trip on National Day when she realized that something was wrong with her son.

At that time, Jing Huan had just graduated from university and joined a good company for an internship. The company was quite far from home, and for convenience, he rented an apartment near it.

After all, since Jing Huan had entered the company, he had been working for nearly two months in order to sort out and familiarize himself with the company’s business. He hadn’t returned home this entire time.

He had finally managed to come back home for the National Day holiday, but because both Xia Qing and her husband were busy at work, they couldn’t meet him. It really wasn’t acceptable, so when she learned that her work had finished ahead of schedule, she decisively changed her ticket and went home that afternoon.

The car pulled into the garage, and Xia Qing opened the door and got out. She straightened her clothes out of habit, casually pulled off the hairband at the back of her head, and her curly hair that had been restrained all day was now beautifully spread out.

She was about to enter the house when her cellphone dinged.

Husband: Wife, are you home yet?

Xia Qing-On holiday only call for emergencies: I just parked my car.

The opposite side quickly replied with a voice message of several tens of seconds, “Are you tired? You were in meetings all day yesterday, are your shoulders sore again? I’ll ask someone to drop by and ma.s.sage your shoulders ba. My friend just happened to recommend me a ma.s.seuse, and you can just free up some time between 8:00 to 9:00 in the evening… You didn’t bring any work back for the holiday, right? It’s rare for Jing Huan to come back, you should give him some more attention.”

After Xia Qing finished listening to the voice message, she had already walked to the door. “I didn’t bring back any work… Don’t I usually give him attention? I even took a detour to buy him his favorite spicy rabbit head. All right, I’m heading into the house, I’ll call you later.”

When she got home, she discovered the door to Jing Huan’s room was wide open and there was the faint sound of typing on a keyboard inside.

Xia Qing casually put her bag aside, put on the kind smile that her employees would be lucky to see in a hundred years, and walked into her son’s room carrying the spicy rabbit head.

“So when can we do a video call, Gege?”

Xia Qing stopped.



Xia Qing’s brow furrowed. Jing Huan did have two older male cousins, but they didn’t keep in contact much, and only saw each other once in a while during Chinese New Year and other holidays. Jing Huan was definitely not talking to those two.

Is he chatting with friends? But with her understanding of her son, Jing Huan wouldn’t call them this way.

Of course, what made Xia Qing the most suspicious was, did her son normally talk in this tone?

Jing Huan was wearing his just bought over-ear headphones, which were essentially a couple’s style, and was absent-mindedly playing instances. At the side was an open chat with Xiang something, and the top of the window indicated they were voice-chatting.

However, some of Xiang Huaizhi’s relatives had come to visit, and two children were watching TV in his room, so it wasn’t convenient for him to talk. Only Jing Huan’s microphone was on.

Wanting Happiness Every Day: Hold on, I’ll go to the balcony.

“Isn’t it raining over there?”

Wanting Happiness Every Day: Just drizzling.

“Don’t. What if you catch a cold…” Jing Huan thought of something, paused for two seconds then muttered, “Then I wouldn’t be able to escape it either.”

Xiang Huaizhi had caught a minor cold in August, and as a close contact, Jung Huan couldn’t avoid it.

The cold only lasted two days for Xiang Huaizhi, but Jing Huan was ill for a whole week.

He still remembered the boy’s voice carrying a thick nasal sound to it, and the tip of his nose was bright red. He had to heavily gasp every time they kissed, because he couldn’t really breathe…

Xiang Huaizhi calmly cut off the memory recall, grabbed his laptop, and sat down again.

The boss in the game would take another two minutes before it resp.a.w.ned and Jing Huan, in his boredom, poked at Yearning For’s avatar with his mouse. The little fox immediately cutely twirled around Yearning For twice.

An idea flashed through his mind, and Jing Huan suddenly sat up straight and asked, “When are your relatives leaving?”

Wanting Happiness Every Day: After dinner, what’s up?

“If I book a ticket for the high-speed rail right now, I can get there in an hour or so.” Jing Huan licked his lips. “Shall I leave home to find you, Gege?”

Jing Huan’s voice went a little low on the last sentence. It didn’t sound like he was just leaving home on a trip, but more like he wanted to elope with him.

Xiang Huaizhi’s heart itched slightly.

Wanting Happiness Every Day: Aren’t your parents coming home for National Day?

“My mom won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon, so there’s time.” Originally, it was just a whim, but the more he talked about it, the more he wanted to go. Jing Huan controlled the little fox to twirl around Yearning For a few more times, asking, “Is that all right?”

Wanting Happiness Every Day: I’ll book a ticket for you.

“No, I’ll book the ticket myself. I regularly book tickets for my dad, so my account has the VIP status,” Jing Huan immediately picked up his cellphone, opened the booking app and asked, “Should I book a single or double room?”

Where did this single room come from?

Xiang Huaizhi’s nephew had curiously stuck his head over to sneak a peek, and Xiang Huaizhi turned his head away, resisted laughing, and typed with one hand.

Wanting Happiness Every Day: One big bed. When you book the ticket, text it to me. I’ll come pick you up.

Jing Huan took off his headphones, and his ears were very red.

After carefully calculating it, he and Xiang Huaizhi haven’t seen each other for almost two weeks now. Their companies actually weren’t far from each other, only half an hour’s drive, but this month he was so busy that sometimes he had to sleep at the company. Xiang Huaizhi, needless to say, had a big project in hand, and after his business trip, it was National Day.

He picked up his cellphone to choose a hotel. He looked at two and sent screenshots to Xiang Huaizhi with an attached message. “Are these two near you?”

Maybe he had something to do, but Xiang Huaizhi didn’t reply immediately.

Jing Huan had nothing else to do, so he continued to browse the hotel, mumbling to himself, “Hot springs….. Balcony hot tub,” Jing Huan frowned. “The bed is 1.8 meters…”

“Isn’t that too small?”

Jing Huan nodded in agreement, closed the hotel page, and continued to scroll….



Jing Huan’s hand jolted, and he clicked on the cheapest “love-themed hotel” on the page.

It was just 188 yuan. In the displayed picture, the room was filled with colorful ambiguous lights, the bed was round, and even the pillows were heart shaped.

Jing Huan rigidly gripped his cellphone, and it took a few seconds before he reacted. He pressed the screen lock b.u.t.ton, and then slowly turned around to look.

He met his mother’s eyes.

Xia Qing leaned against the door with a takeout bag hooked on her fingertip, giving him a look that would make any of her employees feel so ashamed that they would resign on the spot.

How much had his mother heard?

Jing Huan thought about what he had just said, and his mind went completely numb一did it make any difference how much she had heard?

Xia Qing asked tonelessly, “Are you still leaving home tonight?”

“For now…I’m not going ba.”

Xia Qing nodded. “Turn off your computer and come out.”

Xia Qing sat on the sofa with her arms crossed, and she couldn’t help but contemplate.

She wasn’t stupid; she had figured out everything based on what Jing Huan had said just now.

But… When had it started?

She suddenly remembered a small incident from last year.

At that time, she asked Jing Huan to accompany her to a Black Swan ballet performance. The female lead was the child of one of her colleagues, and the girl was slim and graceful, so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off of her.

After the performance, she had asked Jing Huan to accompany her to greet her colleague backstage. Jing Huan had refused, saying that he was going to go out to make a phone call.

She had sarcastically asked, “What, is the Black Swan not as good-looking as the person you want to call?”

Jing Huan had replied with a smile, “She’s beautiful, but unfortunately, I don’t like women.”

At that time, she didn’t pay much attention to this— her son had said frivolous things since he was young, and when dealing with her, he could say anything.

Xia Qing fiddled with her hair and wanted to call her husband. She thought that he should still be in a meeting now, so she restrained herself.

A moment later, Jing Huan slowly walked out of the room and sat across from her, his head lowered.

Xia Qing frowned. “You—”

Jing Huan suddenly interrupted her, and his voice trembled a little. “I’m sorry, Mom! I’ve embarra.s.sed you, and I know what I did was wrong.”

Xia Qing: “?”

Xia Qing kept her arms crossed and was stunned for a bit.

Jing Huan was…crying?

How many years had it been since she had seen her son cry?

Xia Qing spoke, “You…”

“But I really can’t help it,” said Jing Huan with a voice choking with sobs, his head hanging lower and lower. “I really like him a lot. I’ve been secretly in love with him since the third grade of primary school.”

Xia Qing was shocked. “What?”

“In the second year of junior high, when I learned he was dating our cla.s.s flower, I cried for three whole nights. Do you still remember? I did badly on the midterms that year because I didn’t sleep well during those three nights…. ”

Xia Qing retorted, “Wasn’t it that you cracked the pa.s.sword for your computer and secretly played games for those three days—”

“That was me trying to distract myself from the pain.” Jing Huan covered his eyes and smiled bitterly. “But it was completely useless.”

Xia Qing: “…..”

This firmly decisive in the workplace woman looked at her son, who had always been optimistic and cheerful, acting broken-hearted and shedding tears in front of her and didn’t know what to do for a while.

“He finally broke up with that girl in high school, and we only started to get acquainted at that time. I thought I had given up on him, but after getting to know him, I found that I just liked him more and more.” Jing Huan raised his hand and wiped away a handful of helpless tears. “But at that time, he was in his senior year of high school and would soon go to university.”

The more Jing Huan said, the lower his head hung. Xia Qing couldn’t see his face clearly at all. “In my second year of high school, in order to attend the same university as him, I resolutely abandoned gaming—”

Xia Qing said doubtfully, “Wasn’t it that I made your dad teach you a lesson a few times—”

“G.o.d had mercy on me! With my unremitting efforts, I was admitted to the same university as him!”

Xia Qing: “…”

“While attending university, I lined up to buy him breakfast every day, fetched water for him, got drenched in the rain to bring him an umbrella—”

Xia Qing interrupted, “Why would you get drenched while bringing him an umbrella? Couldn’t you use the umbrella while going there?”

Jing Huan paused for two seconds, suddenly sniffled, and raised his voice, “Finally, one day! He figured out my feelings towards him.”

Xia Qing pulled out some tissues and handed it to him. “What did he say?”

“Of course he didn’t accept them.” Jing Huan took the tissues. “But Mom, I liked him too much and still didn’t want to let go. So, I shamelessly pestered him and looked for him every day. I did so, so many things for him, and offended many people for him. Of course, this was all wishful thinking and self-indulgence on my part, he wasn’t the least bit concerned… But eventually, he was willing to give me a glance.”

Xia Qing: “…..”

“Mom, I know it’s shameful that I was so persistent, but I really loved him so, so much. I chased him for a whole ten…” Jing Huan did a quick mental calculation, but couldn’t figure it out. “Ten or so years before I was able to painstakingly be with him.”

Jing Huan finished speaking and perfectly timed raising his head. His expression was full of pain and grievances.

This certainly wasn’t acting. He internally did feel pain and grievances.


It’s so hard to be gay.

But if the story between him and Xiang Huaizhi had been more reasonable and proper, he wouldn’t have had to make up a story that even Lu Wenhao would shake his head at after hearing it&#k2026;

But fortunately, after listening to this story, his mom definitely wouldn’t have any objections towards this Xiang whoever&#k2014; after all, he was the one who had persistently pursued him.

Jing Huan looked at his mother deeply, and his lips trembled as he finished the story. “Mom, you shouldn’t have the heart to make me separate from him, ba?”

Xia Qing looked at him with a complicated expression and didn’t speak.

The living room was quiet for a long time. It was so long that Jing Huan had begun to hesitate over whether to squeeze out two more tears, when Xia Qing finally moved, “Have I seen him before, that boy?”

Jing Huan immediately said, “You saw him when you visited me at university before.”

Xia Qing thought about it, and it seemed that such a thing had happened.

However, it was too long ago. She only remembered that the boy’s appearance was okay, but she had no impression of his face.

“Do you have any photos?”

“Ah?” Jing Huan was stunned.

Xia Qing asked, “You’ve been secretly in love with someone for more than ten years, you can’t not have any photos of him, ba?”

“……Yes, of course. Please wait ah.”

Jing Huan immediately opened his cellphone photo alb.u.m—it was filled with screenshots of game guides.

He scrolled through the alb.u.m for a whole three minutes as Xia Qing watched him, and really wanted to grit his teeth to ask, can I show you photos of him in-game?

Xia Qing’s mind was also chaotic at this moment. She had wanted to ask Jing Huan how far he had gone with that boy and if there was any chance of saving him. .

“Found him, Mom. This is him—” Having finally found a photo of Xiang Huaizhi in his photo alb.u.m, Jing Huan instinctively called out.

Jing Huan clicked on the photo without a second thought, and Xia Qing leaned over to look.

In the photo, Xiang Huaizhi was sleeping. Although his eyes were closed, you could tell that the boy was handsome and had outstanding features.

Everything else was fine… he just didn’t seem to be dressed.

To be precise, he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Whether he was wearing anything on the bottom, who knew, because this photo was just from his shoulders and up.

Xia Qing immediately saw the slightly defined muscle lines on the boy’s arms and his neck had red marks with an unknown origin.

Jing Huan felt faint and his scalp went completely numb. He only now remembered the reason for this photo—

At that time, a wonderful “818” melon eating party had appeared on the NCH forums. A catfisher had tricked a man into naked chatting, held countless nudes of this server’s big boss, and had loudly swindled him out of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Jing Huan had secretly taken this photo, thinking that when Xiang Huaizhi woke up, he would tease him with it—but of course, in the end, he didn’t tease him because Jing Huan forgot about the photo after sleeping.

Who would’ve thought that this playful thing would be used as incriminating evidence in a few months.

Xia Qing: “.”

Jing Huan: “…”

The mother and son pair were silent for a long time. Jing Huan extended his hand, because it was better late than never, to try and cover up everything below his boyfriend’s neck in the photo. “……How about I look some more, I must have other photos.”

“Scram back to your room.” Xia Qing’s voice was weak. She waved her hand at him and said, “Take this spicy rabbit head too.”

Part 2

Xiang Huaizhi fiddled with the small toy car that his nephew had placed on his laptop. He wasn’t sure how many times he had already checked his cellphone.

An hour ago, Jing Huan had suddenly hung up the voice call. He had called back twice, but no one had answered. None of his text messages had been responded to, and the little fox in-game seemed to be afking.

Once again, the voice call didn’t connect. Xiang Huaizhi turned off the computer, picked up his car keys, and got up.

Zhu Heqiong, who was playing mahjong, saw her son pushing open the door, and took the time to call out, “Where are you going son? We’re about to eat.”

“Not eating, going out.”

Zhu Heqiong was stunned. “Your uncle made a rare trip here, so no matter what, we all need to have a family meal together before leaving… Hey, take an umbrella! It’s raining outside!”

After entering the garage and starting the car, Xiang Huaizhi took out his cellphone and opened the booking app. There were no seats left on the fastest trains, so Xiang Huaizhi was about to book a train 20 minutes from now, when a message notification suddenly popped up at the top of his cellphone.

Happiness Every Day: I’m here.

Xiang Huaizhi suddenly relaxed and let his entire body lean against the driver’s seat. He called him directly.

It took dozens of seconds for the other side to pick up. “Gege?”

Jing Huan’s voice was very quiet, as if he was talking while covering the mic.

Hearing his voice, Xiang Huaizhi let out an inaudible sigh of relief. “Why didn’t you reply to my texts?”

The garage door opened again. His father bent over and knocked on his car window. “Going out ah? Perfect. Take me to the intersection on the way—I’ll go buy your mother some chicken feet.”

“I didn’t have my cellphone on me before.” Hearing voices, Jing Huan asked softly, “Are you not at home?”

“I’m at home.” Xiang Huaizhi opened the car door and got out. He handed his umbrella to his father. “Dad, it’s just a few hundred meters, go walk there ba.”

Xiang Huaizhi didn’t enter the house immediately. He stood under the eaves outside the garbage before asking, “When is your train?” “

“Ge… I didn’t book a ticket.” Jing Huan continued, “I’m not going there today.”

Noticing that he sounded off, Xiang Huaizhi asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jing Huan lay on the bed and turned his body over to lay on his stomach. He buried his face into the pillow.

“My mom came back early.” He paused for a moment, “I thought the weather was good today, so… I just came out of the closet to her.”

Xiang Huaizhi froze. About a few seconds later, he said, “I’ll be right there.”

“No, no need, I can’t get out for a while.” Jing Huan had somewhat recovered. He looked up from his pillow and explained, “My mom didn’t beat me or say anything. Really, don’t worry, I just gave her a really good show. It was pretty much a story that would move anyone to tears!”

“Oh?” Xiang Huaizhi wasn’t actually rea.s.sured, but hearing Jing Huan’s slightly rising voice, he couldn’t help the corners of his mouth drawing up a little. He leaned lazily against the wall and asked, “How did it play out?”

“In fact, it wasn’t much, just performed it with some emotion.” Jing Huan thought of the content that he had just made up, and even he felt that it was really ridiculous, and became embarra.s.sed after the fact.

So, he thought about it, and just gave a vague summary.

“It’s just… I said I was your lapdog, and that I can’t live without you. If she wanted to break us up, it would be like breaking up the Cowherd and Weaver Girl, Chang'e and Hou Yi, and the White Lady and Xu Xian.”

“Hey! It’s over!” Zhu Heqoing cheerfully pushed forward her mahjong tiles, “Dead wall draw win! Everyone, give me money!”

The door of the house was pushed open as soon as she finished saying that, and Xiang Huaizhi had returned. She didn’t know where her son had gone, but his clothes had some rain droplets on them.

She asked, “Why did you come back? Look, your clothes are wet. Not going out now?”

“That’s perfect, dinner will be served soon.” Zhu Heqiong then clearly saw Xiang Huaizhi’s expression and was stunned. “What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing,” Xiang Huaizhi replied, “I’ll go change my clothes.”

Zhu Heqiong called out to him, “Hey, hey, hey, wait, come look at this mahjong hand.”

Xiang Huaizhi originally wasn’t interested in looking, but then he suddenly remembred something when he had already half-stepped into the room and turned back.

“How is it, isn’t your mom powerful? Dead wall draw win with seven pairs in the same suit and… What?” Zhu Heqiong stared at the cellphone that Xiang Huaizhi had suddenly handed over to her and froze.

Xiang Huaizhi said, “Please look.”

The cellphone had a photo displayed of a boy sitting in a black gaming chair, with his fingers clumsily shaped into a very realistic heart. The boy’s features were clean and handsome, and his eyes were curved into a smile.

Unlike Jing Huan, Xiang Huaizhi’s cellphone had many photos of Jing Huan.

Most of them were sent to him by Jing Huan.

Zhu Heqiong instinctively looked over and said, “Aiya, this child looks very good.”

Xiang Huaizhi said, “Swipe back and forth a bit please, there’s still more.”

“Really likes to smile, very energetic.” Zhu Heqiong swiped through two photos then asked her son, “Is he your cla.s.smate?”

“No,” said Xiang Huaizhi, “I’ve told you about him before.”

Zhu Heqiong wondered, “Did you mention him to me before? When? Why don’t I remember?”

“Didn’t I say before? That I had a partner.”

Zhu Heqiong immediately fell silent and abruptly looked up at her son.

Xiang Huaizhi looked at the person in the photo and said, “He is my partner.”

Jing Huan learned about this matter early the next morning. He was originally dawdling in bed but after he finished listening to Xiang Huaizhi, he nearly jumped up from the bed all the way into the skies.

He was wide awake now, walked barefoot to the balcony, and nervously asked what Xiang Huaizhi’s mom’s reaction was.

“There was no reaction.” Xiang Huaizhi said, “She asked how old you were.”

Zhu Heqiong really hadn’t reacted much; she had even looked at the photos a few more times and when she returned him his phone, she asked him to send the photos to her cellphone.

Jing Huan leaned on the balcony railings, his head a little fuzzy.

Within a day, he and Xiang Huaizhi had actually come out to both of their families.

In fact, based on their plan, this should’ve happened two years later— or at least until both their jobs were stable so, even if they were expelled from their homes, they wouldn’t have to sleep under a bridge.

Jing Huan gripped his cellphone but didn’t speak for a moment.

Frankly speaking, he had a little anxiety—he still didn’t know his mother’s thoughts, and he didn’t know what would ultimately happen on Xiang Huaizhi’s side.

But although he felt anxious, he also felt happy.

In this way, he and Xiang Huaizhi were completely exposed.

“Jing Huan.” Xiang Huaizhi said.


“I woke up this morning and I’ve been having a thought.”


“I want to spend New Year’s with you.” Xiang Huaizhi said, “I want to go to your house, or you come to mine, either is fine. I want to be the first person to say ‘Happy New Year’ to you, face-to-face. The first person to give you a red envelope, and I want to sit down with you to watch the countdown, to stay up all night with you, and make New Year’s visits with you.”

Xiang Huaizhi’s voice was gentle, and hearing this, Jing Huan’s confusion and anxiety disappeared. He just wanted to book a ticket immediately to go find Xiang Huaizhi.

“Okay, then let’s make plans for next year.” Jing Huan thought for a moment. “If not next year, then the year after. If the year after the next one still isn’t good… Then, I will leave home to celebrate the New year with you.”

“You can go, ba.” A slightly cold voice came from the balcony next door. “Why don’t you go now ba, do you need me to call you a taxi?”

Jing Huan: “…”

Xiang Huaizhi: “.”

Jing Huan put his cellphone down and turned around. “Mom, do you understand how to respect your child’s privacy? You can’t always be eavesdropping on my calls like this—”

“I’m eavesdropping? What, is your name written on the living room balcony?” Xia Qung hung up clothes to dry and dropped a sentence without looking back, “Hang up quickly, I’ll take you out to eat breakfast.”

Coming out of the closet went far smoother than Jing Huan had expected.

On the fifth day of the National Day holiday, his father returned home from his trip. After learning about this matter, he remained silent for a long time, and then asked him if he was sure that the other party was worth walking this path for.

Jing Huan said, “Definitely.”

His father nodded, got up and patted him on the shoulder, saying that Jing Huan’s life was his own, and if he liked him, then date him well, and to not have any regrets in the future.

Xia Qing did not agree or disagree with any of this.

The next day, Xia Qing had a reservation at a restaurant, and the family of three went out to eat.

However, Jing Huan understood her, and as long as she didn’t object, he was relieved.

Because it was National Day, the streets were a bit congested. Jing Huan sat in the back of the car, humming a tune and held his cellphone as he typed away.

Happiness Every Day: _・) What is Gege up to?

Wanting Happiness Every Day: In the car, went out with the family to eat. What about you?

Happiness Every Day: Me too, my mom’s friend opened a new restaurant, and we’re going to support them. Traffic is so jammed where I am (T^T)

Wanting Happiness Every Day: Then take a nap. What time are you going to return to your house near the company tomorrow?

Tomorrow was the last day of the holiday, and Jing Huan was going to hurry back to the house he had rented near the company.

Xiang Huaizhi’s company was close to his home, so he didn’t have his own place. However, he occasionally used the excuse of work to go to Jing Huan’s place to stay for a few days.

Happiness Every Day: My dad wants me to eat lunch before leaving.

Jing Huan held up his cellphone and typed like a thief: Are you busy tomorrow? Why don’t we…

A new message appeared before he had finished typing.

Wanting Happiness Every Day: Then, I will wait for you at home tomorrow.

We can meet tomorrow!

Feeling his father’s gaze floating over from the rearview mirror, Jing Huan kept a tight control over the corners of his mouth, his hands flying as they typed.

Happiness Every Day: o(* ̄з ̄)o alright Gege!!!

After sending the message, Jing Huan glanced at his father’s GPS.

Oh G.o.d, there was still 37 kilometers left.

Jing Huan couldn’t help asking, “Mom, are we going camping?”

“No,” Xia Qing said without looking back, “My current plan is to sell you off in the mountains, and then buy a son who likes women.”

Jing Huan closed his mouth and sat obediently.

After dawdling on the road for more than an hour, the car slowly drove to its destination—

A garden restaurant in a remote location.

Xia Qing exchanged greetings with her friend, the owner of the restaurant, then a waiter took them through the secluded forest path and walked all the way to the private room next to the stream pavilion.

Just as Jing Huan was about to step into the private room, he heard footsteps coming from the side path, accompanied by several voices.

“Are you not going to have lunch at home tomorrow? I want to make you my best scrambled eggs with vinegar.” ”

“I have to go out for something. Please make it for Dad ba.”


Right when he heard this voice, Jing Huan reflexively raised his head, looking to the side—Xiang Huaizhi stood in the left corridor in a gray sweater

He hadn’t seen him for two weeks, and his hair seemed to have just been cut in a very tidy fashion.

He didn’t expect to see Xiang Huaizhi here, and Jing Huan’s “Gege” had already risen to his throat. The middle-aged woman next to Xiang Huaizhi suddenly raised her head, and their eyes met.

Noticing that Zhu Heqiong had stopped walking, Xiang Huaizhi raised his eyebrows and then followed her gaze. “What…”

Just in time for Xiang Huaizhi and Xia Qing to face each other.

For a split second, Jing Huan felt that even the waterwheel beside them had stopped turning. .

A lightning bolt suddenly sparked in the night sky, and Jing Huan thought that it must be coming to split him in half.

The waiter was keenly aware that the atmosphere wasn’t quite right, but their private room was ready.

The two families looked at each other oddly and silently for nearly ten seconds. Jing Huan’s toes had already carved out a branch from this garden restaurant.

Xiang Huaizhi was the first to return to his senses.

He magnanimously accepted Xia Qing’s scrutiny and politely said, “h.e.l.lo, Uncle and Auntie, this is our first meeting, I’m Xiang Huaizhi.”

For some reason, after Xiang Huaizhi opened his mouth, Jing Huan suddenly relaxed a lot.

“h.e.l.lo, Uncle and Auntie,” he copied, “This is our first meeting, I’m Jing Huan.”

In the end, the two families sat at the same table. At first, the atmosphere was still awkward.

Zhu Heqiong was the first to speak, she smiled. “Jing Huan, right? You look just like your pictures, very good-looking.”

Jing Huan was about to say thank you.

“Huaizhi is also…just like in his photo.” Xia Qing smiled. “He’s a bit taller than I thought, very good.”

Xiang Huaizhi replied, “Thank you Auntie.”

Jing Huan: “…?!”

“This meeting was quite sudden, but I think it was fate.” Father Xiang asked, “This restaurant is quite remote. The mountain road drive wasn’t easy, right? ”

Father Jing nodded and naturally raised his gla.s.s. “Yes, it’s also my first time driving here. Traffic was also jammed because of the holidays, so we drove for nearly two hours.”

Father Xiang gave him a toast. “Then you guys live far away ah. We only needed one hour to drive over.”

Xia Qing added, “But the environment here is good, the air is fresh and the view extends quite far. I heard that there was also a billiards hall and a mahjong room at the back.”

“Do you also like to play mahjong?” Zhu Heqiong’s eyes lit up.

Xia Qing smiled and nodded. “Occasionally, but I’m not good at it and always lose.”

“That must be because you haven’t paid enough time to learn it.” Zhu Heqiong smiled and said, “Next time you have a chance, let’s make an appointment to have a few rounds.”

“No problem.” Xia Qing called the waiter over, looked at the menu and asked, “Do you guys have any dietary restrictions?”

Jing Huan stared at them.

Is this the social ability of social people?

He couldn’t get a word in, so he just sat at the side as if he was mute.

Until the back of his hand was lightly touched.

Jing Huan’s heart leaped, and he instinctively grasped the outstretched hand.

The others at the table didn’t have time to pay attention to them, so they leisurely held hands under the tablecloth.

Xiang Huaizhi’s hand was a bit cold, and Jing Huan helped him warm it up like usual.

“I was almost scared to death.” Jing Huan whispered, “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming here for dinner?!”

Xiang Huaizhi laughed and said, “You also didn’t say anything.”

October was a good month for eating.

A plate of beautiful plump hairy crabs was brought to the table. Jing Huan was still tinkering with the crab cracking tool when Xiang Huaizhi had already skillfully put the crab tomalley into his bowl.

Xia Qing saw this and read him the riot act. “You’re how old now, and you’re letting others crack it open for you?”

“What’s the matter? Xiangxiang is very skilled at cracking, let him get it for Jing Huan.” Zhu Heqiong smiled, “Because this kid’s dad was transferred to Hainan for work, we transferred him there for his three years of middle school. There’s a lot of seafood over there, so you will become proficient if you eat more.”

“Hainan is very nice, I just went there a year ago. It’s—” Xia Qing stopped.

A moment later, she frowned. “Xiao Xiang went to middle school in Hainan?”

Jing Huan almost choked on the tomalley.

Zhu Heqiong nodded. “Yes ya, but we transferred him back in high school.”

Xia Qing asked, “Which school did he go to for elementary school?”

“It was called… Zhihe Elementary School. Why?”

“Nothing.” Xia Qing pulled out a smile. “Then, his high school… also wasn’t No. 1 High School, was it?”

The word “also” came somewhat inexplicably, but Zhu Heqiong still replied, “No, but it also wasn’t too far away. It was the neighboring No. 3 High School.”

Xia Qing smiled grimly. “Then, how did he and Jing Huan get to know each other?”

“Xiangxiang said that they met when they played basketball together in university,” Zhu Heqiong was surprised. “What, did Jing Huan not tell you all this ya?”

Xia Qing was silent for nearly ten seconds, and every second was torture for Jing Huan.

“He did.” Then he heard Xia Qing’s voice, it sounded like she was trying to deceive both herself and everyone else, every word was being spoken through clenched teeth. “Of course he told me. He told me for more than an hour…”

For a moment, Jing Huan felt that he had really become a child in the mountains.

Part 3:

“And then, and then?” Lu Wenhao asked, “Auntie didn’t beat your a.s.s until it burst?”

“Your a.s.s is burst.” Jing Huan paused and said, “Nothing really, it’s just that it’s been nearly a month since she’s talked to me.”

In the busiest barbecue stall in Mancheng, several people gathered around a table filled with steaming hot beef and lamb kebabs, with a whole roasted lamb beside it.

Today, it was Xiang Huaizhi and Jing Huan who were playing host—their friends all clamored to have the pair treat them to dinner as they heard that they had successfully come out to their families.

It was a little far-fetched to say that their “coming out was successful.” Although Xia Qing didn’t say anything in front of Xiang Huaizhi, she still didn’t really want to mention it when they went back. It was just that compared to them sneaking around before, the situation was really much better now.

Gao Zixiang said, “Be content ba. You have all your limbs intact, which already counts as her being merciful.

“Is Jing Huan’s mom so fearful?” Lu Hang listened with interest and couldn’t help asking a question to the other person involved, “Then you’re doomed, little Xiangxiang. When you marry over into their family, won’t you be abused?”

Xiang Huaizhi just lazily laid one hand on the back of Jing Huan’s chair and used his other hand to easily open the beer in front of him. “After I marry over, let’s see.”

Jing Huan’s ears were hot. He reached out and patted Xiang Huaizhi’s thigh. Putting on the airs of a big boss, he said, “Don’t be afraid, if you quarrel with my mother in the future, I’ll definitely be on your side, and not be a mama’s boy.”

Xiang Huaizhi laughed. “Okay.”

Given an inexplicable show of affection again, Lu Wenhao let out a “s.h.i.t” then chugged his beer. “Boss, another roast lamb here! I will eat these two into bankruptcy!”

Gao Zixiang advised him, “Take it easy ba. You’ve finally lost weight, it isn’t worth gaining it again because of this dog-like couple.”

Lu Wenhao replied, “You’re right.”

Jing Huan laughed and cursed them out, “Are you guys going to die if you did any less crosstalk?”

Lu Wenhao said, “Then nevermind on the roast lamb, do another round of drinks ba. If we don’t chug until someone falls over tonight, I won’t be satisfied.”

“No, no, no, tomorrow is the weekend, so shouldn’t we go to other places tonight?” Lu Hang waved his cellphone around. “I reserved a table at the bar, so pace yourselves, and drink more at the bar.”

Lu Wenhao said, “Okay! It’s still my Lu Ge who can organize things…”

“Jing Huan and I will not go to the bar.” Xiang Huaizhi said.

Lu Wenhao paused and asked, “Why ah?”

“I had a week of overtime, so I have to go back to rest today.”

“Overtime again, is your guys’ new project coming up soon?” Lu Hang asked, “Then, when you work overtime where do you sleep ah? Still at Jing Huan’s place? ”

“En, next Wednesday.” Xiang Huaizhi took a drink, “I’ll be sleeping at the hotel next to the company.”

“Don’t go ah, Xiang Ge. Let’s all drink together and then head back. Today’s meal is for you two coming out in the first place,” said Gao Zixiang, “Stay for a while, and then you can head back with Huanhuan.”

Jing Huan immediately said, “Actually, I’m pretty tired too—”

“How can a grown man in his twenties be tired!” Lu Wenhao interrupted him, “No, don’t spoil the fun, we must all go together! Finish eating and let’s go!”

Could none of these people take the hint?

Xiang Huaizhi frowned, but in the end, he still didn’t say anything. They’d play around at the bar, and then find a chance to leave.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get a chance.

When they got to the bar, they weren’t even drinking with gla.s.ses anymore and instead drank directly from the bottle. Xiang Huaizhi hadn’t been planning on drinking much, but this group of people had done too many toasts.

Lu Hang exclaimed, “Come, congratulations on your coming out. Drinking this alcohol and wishing you guys a long life together!”

Gao Zixiang said, “Huanhuan, I heard that gay marriage is legal in many places now. Do you guys have any plans to have a wedding? A touching ceremony is a must… Come, us bros drink to you, I wish you and Xiang Ge to quickly get shackled together in marriage!”

“Hurry up, Huanhuan, let’s do another toast.” Lu Wenhao said, “Huanhuan, we’ve been bros for many years now. If you really have a wedding with G.o.d Xiang, I will definitely give you a big red envelope.”

Jing Huan didn’t refuse, and soon he had several empty beer bottles on hand.

“Toast me, not him.” Another toast, and Xiang Huaizhi reached out to cover Jing Huan’s gla.s.s.

“It’s okay, Ge,” Jing Huan dodged his hand, his eyes curving like the moon. “I’m willing, I can drink.”

This situation lasted about ten minutes ba.

Lu Wenhao looked at the man who was sleeping against Xiang Huaizhi and said in surprise, “Huanhuan, this….. Are you already drunk? That doesn’t make sense ah, we only ordered beer tonight…”

Jing Huan had his eyes closed but lifted his arms and swayed them back and forth. He exclaimed, “Who’s drunk? Daddy’s not drunk! Come on… open up another bottle… Lu Wenhao, go on, continue toasting… you’re not? Then, I’ll do it myself. I wish that me and my Ge will grow old and white-haired together! Completely in love! Give birth soon! Have two kids within three years…”

Lu Wenhao: “…”

Xiang Huaizhi supported him up, took out his cellphone, and called a taxi. “You guys continue drinking, I’ll take him back.”

When they arrived at his apartment building lobby, Xiang Huaizhi carried him out of the car.

Jing Huan was so drunk that he couldn’t stand up straight and fell down after two steps.

Xiang Huaizhi simply half carried the person. They had gone directly from their companies to the barbeque stall today, and they were both wearing white shirts which were pressed closely together.

The light in the elevator was very bright, and Jing Huan opened his eyes and asked, “…where are we going?”

“Going back home.”

Jing Huan let out an “Oh”. Maybe he felt uncomfortable with his head hanging down, but he moved a bit and then found the most comfortable place for him.

His entire face was buried in Xiang Huaizhi’s neck.

After drinking, Jing Huan’s skin was hot, and his breath felt warmer than usual. Xiang Huaizhi sucked in a breath, placed his hand onto his hair, and rubbed it hard. Jing Huan’s hair was soft, and it was obediently messed up by him.

Jing Huan stuck his lips to his neck and cried out in a very low voice, “Gege.”


“You have such a strong scent of alcohol.” Xiang Huaizhi could feel him lift his head and sniff at his neck.

Xiang Huaizhi drew in a deep breath, looked at the number on the elevator, and couldn’t help but press harder. “That’s your own smell.”

Jing Huan wriggled around and stuck close to him again. His lips touched there like a kiss, and he affirmed, “No… You smell like it too.”

As if to confirm that, Jing Huan finished with his neck and then stood up straight to sniff again, but because he was unsteady, his lips intermittently brushed against Xiang Huaizhi’s chin and then against his lips.

Xiang Huaizhi kept his hand on Jing Huan’s head and refused to let him continue. Xiang Huaizhi was breathing unsteadily, and it was like he was holding his emotions back as he said, “Behave.”

“Oh.” Jing Huan didn’t obediently stop. He looked at Xiang Huaizhi’s tightened lips and suddenly called out to him, “Gege, let me tell you a secret.”

Xiang Huaizhi looked down, and only then discovered that Jing Huan had been looking up at him this entire time.

The boy’s eyes were red from drinking, but the depths of his eyes were actually clear, and he was looking at him with a smile. “…Actually, I’m not drunk.”

Jing Huan opened the door and entered the apartment. As soon as he reached out to turn on the light, he was grabbed by the shoulder and directly pressed into the wall beside the door.

The door slammed shut with a “bang” and there was no light in the room. Jing Huan’s shirt was very thin, and his back was freezing cold and felt numb against the wall. Before he could react, his lips were blocked.

Xiang Huaizhi kissed him fiercely, making Jing Huan’s tongue go numb and even breathing became difficult, with several short stuffy breaths escaping from his nose.

Jing Huan was kissed breathless. Due to the alcohol, his reaction was sluggish, and by the time he returned to his senses, he was already sitting on the floor against the wall. Xiang Huaizhi was half-kneeling in front of him, undid his clothes, and pressed his boiling hot palm against his belly, rubbing it down inch by inch until it slid down into his suit pants.

Jing Huan shook uncontrollably and his waist tensed. He nervously reached out and grabbed Xiang Huaizhi’s arms, his legs reflexively closing. “No, Ge… Not here…”

Xiang Huaizhi didn’t respond. He raised his chin and kissed him again. In the dark, Xiang Huaizhi’s voice was heavy and hoa.r.s.e, “Baby, be good and open your legs.”

Jing Huan’s body suddenly grew soft, and his shoulders heaved as he took a few breaths until he slowly relaxed. Then, he closed eyes and bashfully buried his whole face in Xiang Huaizhi’s neck.

Jing Huan really didn’t like this j.a.panese style apartment entrance. The low, narrow, and annoying steps had made him hesitate to rent this apartment for three entire days.

At that time, he had never imagined that Xiang Huaizhi would one day hold him down on these steps and coerce him.

He felt that he was being led around by Xiang Huaizhi at the moment. He had no strength and even his breathing followed Xiang Huaizhi’s rolling rhythm.

When Xiang Huaizhi stopped before he could come for the third time, Jing Huan angrily bit him through his shirt. “You’re doing this on purpose…”

“Yes,” said Xiang Huaizhi. “Do you want to feel good?”

Jing Huan nodded against his neck but didn’t get a response, so he whispered in a husky voice, “I want…I want to feel good.”

There was a “click,” and before Jing Huan could react to what was happening, the dim yellow light had lit up above him, clearly exposing his messy appearance to Xiang Huaizhi’s gaze. Jing Huan’s face was already completely red, his lips were shiny with someone’s saliva, almost like it was overflowing because he couldn’t get a release. His eyes were red, his white shirt was completely unb.u.t.toned, his suit pants had been already shoved down to his knees, and his poor c.o.c.k was being held by Xiang Huaizhi.

Xiang Huaizhi let go, pressed the palm of his hand on the inner side of his thigh, and used his other hand to take a condom out of his suit pocket.

…… He had actually taken this to the barbecue.

However, Jing Huan couldn’t care about these things anymore. He was going crazy with how pent up he was, and as his arms were propping him up from the ground, he remembered. “I’ll go get some lube…”

“No need,” Xiang Huaizhi pinched his c.o.c.k again. “Let’s make you feel good first.”

Xiang Huaizhi was very familiar with Jing Huan’s body now, and he knew how to make Jing Huan feel the best. When he came, Jing Huan trembled violently, as if electrified, his toes curled then straightened, and his whole body went soft. He lay on Xiang Huaizhi’s shoulder while panting, and did not snap out from his climax for a long time.

He became aware that Xiang Huaizhi was helping him wipe away his c.u.m, and Jing Huan’s ears burned. He had just wanted to say something, when suddenly, his backside felt numb, and his whole person was like a cat suddenly awoken by a shock.

Little by little, Xiang Huaizhi slowly smeared the cold lubricant into his back hole. Feeling that Jing Huan wanted to escape, Xiang Huaizhi forcibly stuck his knee between his separated legs. One hand grabbed both of Jing Huan’s wrists and secured them above his head against the wall, while the other hand’s fingers skillfully went inside his hole.

The alcohol had gradually gone to his head, and in addition, Jing Huan had just had an o.r.g.a.s.m, so he had no strength left at all.

He tried to break free twice, but didn’t manage to, then tried to reason with Xiang Huaizhi, “Ge, let’s go to bed…”

“No,” Xiang Huaizhi kissed him and told him gently and hoa.r.s.ely, “I want to f.u.c.k you right here.”

Jing Huan lay on the porch with his a.s.s sticking up, one arm was under his forehead, and his other hand was trying its best to grab onto something, but only found the wall.

“Ge, Gege… En, ah ah, Gege…” His voice was fragmented and incoherent. Xiang Huaizhi’s thrusts were too fierce, the surging pleasure came in one wave after another, and Jing Huan felt like he was drowning. He already had come twice, but Xiang Huaizhi hadn’t stopped once. He pressed against his waist, and thrust in deeply again and again.

Jing Huan clenched his fingers, leaving clear marks on the palms of his hands. “I, I…Ge…Oh, en… No, don’t move..”

Jing Huan’s muscles tensed, and his thin waist trembled with the thrusts. His a.s.s was very white, and as Xiang Huaizhi’s fingers spread it apart, several red fingerprints were left behind on it. Xiang Huaizhi’s eyes went red at this, thrusting in and f.u.c.king him harder. When Jing Huan got up and wanted to crawl forward, Xiang Huaizhi grabbed the back of his neck with one hand and thurst in harder.

Jing Huan was finally carried into the bathroom to take a bath.

In the bathtub, he lay feebly against Xiang Huaizhi’s body, with his bent knees outside the water, and you could see that kneecaps were red.

Xiang Huaizhi couldn’t help reaching out to touch them.

Jing Huan hissed softly.

Xiang Huaizhi paused. “Does it hurt?”

“It hurts.” Jing Huan’s voice was hoa.r.s.e. “Fortunately, I don’t have to work tomorrow.”

Xiang Huaizhi hugged him and put his palm on his stomach. “Still feel sore here?”

“It’s so sore.” Jing Huan closed his eyes and mumbled, “Ge… you’re so terrible after you drink.”

“En.” Xiang Huaizhi said, “Do you feel uncomfortable from that?”

That was f.u.c.king hard to answer.

In fact, it was mind-blowing amazing, but if this kind of thing happened more often, his knees and voice would both be crippled.

It was very comfortable to soak in hot water. When Jing Huan was about to fall asleep, Xiang Huaizhi suddenly said, “By the way, I forgot to ask you something.”

Jing Huan closed his eyes and said lazily, “En?”

“Are you going to visit relatives on New Year’s Day?”

The Spring Festival would be in the middle of January, that was, the middle of next month. Jing Huan thought for a moment. “It’s not necessary at the start of the New Year, why, do you want to make plans with me? ”

“Not me, it’s my mom,” Xiang Huaizhi said, “She asked if you want to spend New Year’s with my family.”

“Oh, okay… What?!” Jing Huan was stupefied and sat up straight. Immediately, he felt a vague pain stemming from his b.u.t.t, and he couldn’t help letting out a hiss as he glared. “Auntie… is asking me to spend the New Year’s with your family?”

Xiang Huaizhi smiled and pulled the man back into his embrace again. “En, if you agree, that day I’ll pick you up and take you back after dinner.”

“Then you should pick me up earlier that day!” Jing Huan immediately regained his spirits. “Should I buy some stuff to take to your house ah? Fruit? Bird’s nest? Health products?”

“Just come as you are.”

Jing Huan didn’t listen to him. He took out his cellphone and lay in Xiang Huaizhi’s arms.

What gifts should I bring to my boyfriend’s family for the Spring Festival?

What gifts should I bring to my girlfriend’s family for the Spring Festival?

Jing Huan couldn’t find satisfactory answers with these two questions, so he thought for a while, then typed in something else.

What gifts should I bring to my husband’s family for the Spring Festival?

Xiang Huaizhi looked at the words he typed.

“Gege.” Who knew what Jing Huan was thinking, but he suddenly called out to him.

Xiang Huaizhi returned to his senses. “En.”

“Wait for me,” Jing Huan raised his head and rubbed his chin with his forehead. “Next year! Next year, I will make my mother happy and let her invite you to our house for New Year’s!”

Xiang Huaizhi laughed, rubbed Jing Huan’s hair, kissed his forehead, and said, “Okay.”

Juurensha: Special thanks to ilvereth for the scans from Trigger’s uncensored GHFOD version! We finally got to see XHZ and Huanhuan’s parents react to their relationship! Tiny bit disappointed in Huanhuan’s mom, but hopefully, she’ll adjust to it! Very glad XHZ’s mom was so cool with it. Personally liked the s.m.u.t in the Taiwanese version a bit better, but yay, more food for you guys! Happy that we got to see XHZ and Huanhuan again, and I hope you guys enjoyed! If there are any other official extras that you would like for us to translate, let us know (and send the links our way)!

And some lovely photos of the Trigger version here

Divi: Another random extra after years?! Whoa! Thanks to ilvereth for providing it to us! Wish there was more interaction between the parents, since XHZ’s parents seemed pretty chill and Huanhuan’s mom was just… in denial until it hit her in the face. If they did provide another extra, would it be about a wedding (judging from the last part hehe). It was a really long extra so hope you guys enjoyed the food!!

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