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Chapter 222

222: Eastern Continent Occupation War



The ogres of Clan Goff were the first to lose their temper. The random raiders waved their arms carelessly and subdued the humans steadily. The ranged javelins of Clan Black Spear threw their spears at the elves to push them away from Clan Goff’s influence.

The elf hit by the spear gets pinned to the wall.


A scream erupted, but life would not be jeopardized. Because the shaman is pouring healing spells.


The screams of the ogres were raging to the point of worrying that the building might collapse. It couldn’t even be called a battle anymore. The majesty of the ogre legion that rips off and eats the heads and arms of humans was a feeling that couldn’t be explained.

ridge! ridge! ridge!

A scream bursts out with the sound of drums that heighten the battlefield.

“Aaaaaagh! Sal… save me!”


The human who was crying remains silent as his head is ripped off. The arrows of the archers who tried to shoot clumsily did not even get stuck. Wizards try to reach out somehow, but of course, they, can’t reach it.

The Goff Clan’s buff was pushing away the spirit-type magic.

Goff and Black Spear also walked slowly but did not seem to partic.i.p.ate in the battle. There’s no way a warrior with the level of those guys would be happy in a dull battle. Perhaps it would be more enjoyable to watch the growing clan.

The first line of defense of a large castle is being breached absurdly. After seeing that, the j.a.panese with their a.s.sortment of knights rush in wearing armor, but they can’t stop it. Even the executives of each clan were letting go of their hands. They might have thought that getting involved in a fight was a nuisance.

However, some guys wanted to stand out, and among the officers of each clan, the three goblin sisters were all standing in front of the battlefield.

“Update! I’m Going!”

“Kkkkkk (Laugh) you’re going to ruin it! ”


They were circling the humans with their dainty hands and sword, catching and killing them one by one. The Knights, equipped with their a.s.sortment of swords and shields, can’t handle the three goblins. It was a bit unrealistic sight. The bewildered voices of the chained knights also resonated.

“They…little monsters!”

“Stop! stop!!”

“Don’t let them come! One fist away!”

Contrary to the wishes of the j.a.panese, the three goblin sisters began to lose speed. After locking the huge group in a circle, the three goblin sisters who kept going around and around created a huge typhoon.

The unique ability of the three sisters, which requires three people to use, was revealed in a narrow room with a blade storm.

woo woo woo woo

The range of the three goblin sisters was from the humans inside to those sticking outside. As it started spinning, the wind blew as if it had used various spells. The three goblin sisters continued to circulate and devour humans, and they were poised to devour archers who were a little farther away.

” Victory! Only! only for victory!”

A mischievous voice continues to be heard in the middle of the storm.

“For the Blood Dagger!”


Screams also continue to be heard.


” help me! Aaaagh!”

As the blood spattered and the intestines continued to protrude, the blood continued to rise into the air.

When I looked at the figure of a human who had been thrown out of the blade storm, I could see that the whole body was torn apart and was dying. At the time when the three goblin sisters developed their unique ability, I also went inside once, and I remember thinking that it was a necessary ability for the three sisters who lacked a certain shot.

The problem is, thanks to the three sisters, the regular members of our clan are sucking their fingers.

” dizzy… ”


Seeing the three sisters grabbing their heads after work, a sigh came out naturally.

The castle was steadily occupied. She looked at Elisha, and she had an expression of disbelief. She was the same when she saw Hark’s one-man show earlier, but she seemed a little frightened by this ridiculous sight. Of course, it has to be.

Screams can be heard here and there, blood and flesh bursting out, and internal organs protruding. The elves aren’t dead, but they’re moaning while pinned to the wall. The floor is already covered with the blood of enemies. Every time I walked on the floor, I could hear a splattering sound, which made me laugh a little.

Maybe you’ll regret it. However, when I looked at Elisha’s face, it seemed that her face was a little red.

I opened my mouth to Elisha.

“Is there any information about the stronger one?”

” Yes, Yes. The king of men has mighty arms.”

Again, the main unit has not moved yet. In other words, it seems that they noticed the invasion from this side and gathered expendable troops. Perhaps if you look at the humans who are dying right now, the quality of the troops doesn’t seem to be very good, but the king of humans seems to be a little useful.

As time pa.s.sed, the entire castle was stained with blood. It would have felt like a long time to the enemies, but it was very absurd that it only took this much time to occupy the entire castle, a very short time for us.

There is no tension.

After the humans died, the troops made up of elves attacked, so the Goff Clan got a chance to rest and the blood dagger clan shaman and orc swordsmen could move their bodies.

However, the promises required in the contract are kept.

“The elves make them incapacitated. ”

“For the Blood Dagger!”

Since they are not accustomed to suppression, it will take a little time, but that will be quick. The higher you go up the Astral, the fewer and fewer humans there are. Only then did I realize that there was no main unit.

I saw only frightened humans and a trembling king. The soldiers were also looking at me with fearful faces.

“Evil… demons! ”

“Evil… devils…”

It’s a nice compliment.

The expressionless elves hurled themselves at me, but Hark once again blocked my path.

“Don’t kill me. ”

“For Blood Dagger. ”

He doesn’t even pull out his twin swords. After Hark pa.s.sed, the bodies of the elves all fell to the ground. I slowly began to look around the king’s room. I don’t know what happened before we arrived, but I saw quite a few naked elves around. They were having an orgy where they were supposed to discuss love affairs. It was so absurd that it made me laugh, and if I dealt with them sincerely, only the appearance of this side would have been funny.

I could hear the voices of the elves intermittently. I saw elves holding dried and twisted s.e.m.e.n, and elves wearing strange tools all over their bodies. All of them had a beautiful appearance.

“Master…Master, please hug me.”

“Come on, Master. Please come in quickly.”

“It is so unbearable.”

The elves that can fight and the elves that will be used as wrath are separated, and the disgusting smell gradually rises. In the meantime, the guy who looked like a king was looking at me with shaking eyes.

“I… I am Yasukuni Kimura, the king of this kingdom. Want…If you want something…”

Seeing as if he thought this was an intelligent body as well, it looked like he had pa.s.sed, but his trembling legs were not persuasive. The flag on the back is very annoying. Screams continued to be heard outside.

“Want…if you want anything, I’ll give it to you. Ah… a beautiful elf too. I will hand over all the women of our kingdom to you. A lot of gold is pa.s.sed over… save… save me.”

A lousy look.

It’s absurd that such a thing is a king.

I got a sword

A groaning voice rang out once again.

“If you attack me, my allies around me will not stand still!”

It was a fact that I already knew that the j.a.panese continent was also divided like our continent, and the level seemed to be there, so it didn’t matter much.

“Is there no need…”

I opened my mouth to the king who took a backward step.


When he raises his hand, the roots summoned by Jeong Ha-Yeon, who is behind him, come up and completely cover the king. Roots dug into the king’s mouth and back, and he began to make strange noises.

“Kehehehehehe…. save…save me…”

I don’t intend to kill yet. I looked at Jeong Ha-Yeon and Jeong Ha-Yeon pinned her to the floor in that state. Straight away, the roots make a chair for me to sit on. Goff and Black Spear, who arrived late, seemed to be making chairs for me to sit on, so I took my seat at the farthest end.

As I slowly raised my head from my seat, I saw j.a.panese people lying on the floor bowing their heads. They looked like they were trembling. Occupation is over. It happened so incredibly quickly.

Goff and Black Spear also settled down slowly on the chair Hayeon Jeong made from the roots. The guys also didn’t say anything about the futile results. The sight of the three green skins sitting on three large chairs seemed quite plausible, but the green skins who began to come in soon showed a simple example.

The surviving j.a.panese simply lay their heads down on the ground without saying anything.

As I waved my hand, the elite Orc swordsmen forcibly raised the bodies of the humans.

There were quite a variety of types, such as crying, holding back nausea, and peeing. First of all, I wanted to get rid of elves and humans in this place, so I roughly opened my mouth to them.

“Retain elves and humans separately and put them somewhere.”

Next, it was the turn of each clan’s advisors, including Hakajin. As I said before, everyone seemed to be prepared.

Giant scrim apache, his eyes were all red, probably because he had watched the battles so far.

Combat magician Kruuga, who looked a little calm, was the same.

What was a little funny was that the young warriors of each clan were already getting ready. Goff’s son, Gogh, and an orc with a small drum beside him stood in front of Goff. I’ve seen it a few times, but it’s still a great body.

I never imagined that the drumming orc would have a son, but it seemed like he would be of great help to them.

The same goes for the young warriors of the Black Spear Clan. They were wearing pretty cool hairstyles and piercings, and both the son and daughter of Black Spear were holding javelins. The daughter’s magic power seemed to be quite high, probably from the shaman line, and the son’s energy was also felt. Their names were Shaka Jin and Shakara. Their clear eyes seemed to resemble their wise father.

” haha.”

The interesting thing was Yura Kim and the young green skins of our tribe. He had tattoos all over his body. On the way here, Kim Yura’s face and body were covered with blood dagger patterns, as if Nikkor had painted them with the blood of her enemies.

The upper bodies of the Orcs who were not wearing armor were also covered with the pattern of the Blood Dagger. The guys’ resolution oil field.

Not only that, but the appearance of the tattoo glowing softly in red clearly announced the activation of Nikkor’s unique ability.

The corners of my mouth went up when I saw the young warriors staring at me with hot eyes despite no one telling me to.

Hakajin also looked at the guys to see if they were satisfied and opened her mouth.

“Go out and fight. Tell me the name of the Blood Dagger clan.”

a short word. Kim Yura and Nikkor climbed on top of the giant wolf and raised the flag after riding.

” Victory! Only for victory! For the Blood Dagger!”

It must have been the slogan the guys wanted to shout so much. The young warriors of Clan Goff and Clan Black Spear kicked off their seats one after another and started heading out of the castle.

It was still early, but looking at the guys screaming as hard as they could, I had a futile thought about whether or not we were at the starting point of a new era.

Kim Yura bit her lip and ran outside, and I sat and watched her.

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