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Chapter 221

Green Skin 221 The East Conquest Fight (2)


I slowly looked around at the members of the Blood Dagger Clan, who looked back at me nervously. They still did not know who would be chosen for the conquest yet. Apachi and Kim Yoora were confirmed. As Goff and Black Spear had also chosen trainees and young ones, I thought I would need to choose based on who could manage troops rather than individual strength.

I opened my mouth.

“The goblin sisters, Hakajin, Hark, Baek Ahyeon, Jung Hayeon, Choi Eunju will go along with half of the elite ogre warriors. All sorcerers will go. That will be all.”


“We are going!”

“I am going!”

“My hammer desires blood!”

Hark and the sisters shouted as they had not fought for a long time. I smiled. I had chosen the sisters because they seemed apt at managing and fighting at the same time, as they spent much time with the children. Hark was fast and could react to sudden surprises easily.

“My savior…”

Baek Hayeon would be a good healer, and Jung Hayeon could see over things. Hakajin will take responsibility as leader there. Also, while the fight may be short, I needed heavyweights to manage the village.

Gark and Orbo were apt at this, as they could protect the village while we were gone. Mev would have been a good choice, but Laveua would need her.


I saw Gark’s shoulders sag and Mev whimper.

“Take care of the village. Mev, look after Laveua.”

“Yes, I will.”

“For Blood Dagger.”

I thought that may cheer them up and went out of the tent. Elisha confirmed the coordinates, and we had done our research. I went out to see Elisha wait for me with her head lowered.

I did not care if she felt mixed and walked. Those chosen followed me, and I saw the young ones were tense. Yoora Kim and Nicole were waiting on the wolf’s back, and I thought their eyes were burning.

Hark raised our clan’s flag.

“For victory!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

There were cheers, and I heard Goff and Black Spear Clans also respond. Choi Eunju spoke up when we gathered at the village center.

“I’m ready.”

I nodded, and the spell was cast. I saw the air rip in the middle.

“Hmm… another land.”

“I’m excited.”

Goff and Black Spear spoke up, and they looked interested. I opened my mouth.

“Let’s go.”


It felt strange to be in another place instantly. I looked at Choi Eunju, and she smiled at me. However, the humans staring at me were more noticeable.

“What the-“

As the translation spell had been cast, I could understand what they were saying. They were Asian to my eyes, and while their equipment was not bad, it did not suit their physique.

‘They must have taken it from elves.’

I thought so because there were no elves in sight.

“Mon… monsters!”

To their eyes, monsters would have suddenly appeared out of nowhere. However, I only thought that they looked pathetic as they pointed at me.

I came out first and spoke.


They kneeled instantly as I had laced my words with magic. I thought I knew their magic level as it had been too effective.

As I saw them sweat and kneel, Goff appeared from behind me.

“They are pitiful.”

“Where are the elves…”

“They will probably be inside.”

I had to worry that they may have lost their will to fight when their bodies shook. I took in the magic that I had shown to announce our arrival, and they gasped for air.

“What.. is that?”

I saw people knock their teeth, still on the ground, and some had even fainted. While they would have been only guards at the castle entrance, they were weaker than I had thought.

“Jung Hayeon.”


Jung Hayeon’s roots slowly blocked the castle entrance. I had to sigh as the humans still did not move in utter fear. I slowly approached one of them and pointed my sword.

It felt good.


The man could only utter a syllable as his head was airborne. The rest only gaped at the sight. The head rolled, and I spoke to those looking at me with frightened eyes.

“I am your enemy.”

The screams then rang.


“Enemies! Enemies! There are intruders! Monsters!”

The bells clang loudly, and I finally felt like I was on a battlefield. I saw that others felt the same, but Apachi and Yoora Kim only observed the situation, as I told them not to move until ordered.

The Goff Clan rang their drums, and the ogres’ eyes reddened as their will to fight was released. While the Blood Dagger Clan was a bit quiet, the drums seemed to be affecting them.

I slowly walked with my arms crossed, and the magic rang out towards me. Elisha screamed.

“They are the palace mages! Evade them!”

I felt different magic, and it seemed elves were there. I had no need to avoid them, as Hark was slicing the magic spells aiming at me. He had decided to focus not on his primitive strength but on a quiet determination to fight like Gark. That calmness made him more powerful.

“Intruder! Monster! Kill them all!”

“Archers! Arrows!”

“d.a.m.n long-eared b.i.t.c.hes! Magic! Now!”

While fireb.a.l.l.s and icicles fell down with arrows, Hark continued to slice through them, and he shattered those that could not be avoided.


While the fireb.a.l.l.s were large enough to the eye, they were weak in magic. Hark used his twin swords to slice them in four, which was the same as he did for icicles.

“Attack! Attack!”

However, we were not wounded, and the spells decreased. They seemed to have realized it was not working.


I laughed seeing people gape at Hark.

“Die, die!”

Hark only raised his sword, and the mage smiled as he released an orb.

“Stupid fool!”

It seemed that the orb was explosive, but Hark only swung his sword. Even as the orb swelled, Hark only continued to swing his sword until the magic decreased to the point of the orb dissolving.

“I knew… you were strong…”

I heard Elisha murmur, and no one stopped Hark and me as we progressed. I opened my mouth.


The Green Skins shouted in answer.

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