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"This Duke will bring the army out tomorrow. Stay in the military camp and wait for me to come back!" Liu Zhongtian retracted his gaze and began to research on his military deployment route.

Wei Qiqi knew that it was very hard to change his mind. Had she known that, she wouldn't have agree to marry him and become a Royal Concubine. She didn't even have freedom. Wei Qiqi was about to retort when Liu Zhongtian cut her off coldly.

"It is best that you don't attempt to disguise yourself as a soldier. Before I leave, I want to see you, obediently staying here in the camp."

Even the ideas that she had thought of, Liu Zhongtian managed to guessed. Boring, irritating. Wei Qiqi made contact with Liu Zhongtian's cool eyes. She knew that there was no point in arguing further. Hence she furiously walked out of the big tent.

The second day, Third Duke Liu Zhongtian wore a neat armor, took down the sword on the wall and attached it to his waist. Wei Qiqi sat on the mat and stared blankly at him. She didn't make any noise and played with her long hair. This time, she probably couldn't follow the troops. Boring, boring.

Liu Zhongtian raised his legs and was just about to leave the big tent when he returned and went to Qiqi's front.

"After I exterminate the Xiongnu and return, this Duke will fetch you back to the capital and do some careful research on my little Royal Concubine."

"Who wants you to research! When you come back, I'll leave already!" Qiqi hammered on Liu Zhongtian's armor and said something which made Liu Zhongtian extremely furious.

"You dare to run? Better drop the idea! Liu Zhongtian has never made a repeated mistake!"

Liu Zhongtian stared at Wei Qiqi furiously. Looks like she still wanted to escape. He then walked out of the tent in big strides and commanded the soldiers in a loud voice.

"Soldiers who are to stay behind to guard the camp, listen closely. If General Qi dares to leave the camp on her own accord, this Duke will chop off all your heads!"

The soldiers outside were all shivering one by one. Apparently, the main mission of those staying behind was to monitor the Royal Concubine and not let her leave. If not their heads would have to move house.

Liu Zhongtian returned to the big tent and pulled Wei Qiqi to his front, "My ugly concubine, wait till this Duke is back!" Both of his eyes in Wei Qiqi's eyes were like a pair of wolf eyes, sharp and ferocious, as if it wanted to eat someone up.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d Liu Zhongtian!"

Wei Qiqi opened her mouth and tried to bit Liu Zhongtian's palm. Liu Zhongtian evaded and instead, she bit on the armor. The metal armor instantly caused Qiqi to suffer, her teeth felt like they were about to drop off. Liu Zhongtian looked at her teasingly and left the big tent.

Wei Qiqi looked at Liu Zhongtian leaving together with the troops in a majestic fashion. She became furious. This fellow who favored men over women. Just because she was poisoned once, she was ripped of her only entertainment in the Great Han. What point was there in staying in the camp alone.

While Qiqi was angry, her heart felt an inexplicable comfort. Seems like Liu Zhongtian is not completely cold-hearted. At least he knew how to cherish this ugly woman, not to let her go to the battlefield and suffer.

If it was not because she wanted to go back to her own world, Qiqi would not feel so repulsed about being a concubine. However, who would like such an ugly Royal Concubine? Qiqi took out her mirror and carefully observed herself. How did the original beautiful face disappear? When will this layer of yellow lines covering her face disappear? Would she be ugly for the rest of her life?

Qiqi kept the mirror and walked out. Immediately three to four soldiers followed behind her, probably afraid of her escaping. Having nothing to do for the whole day was indeed boring. It was estimated that Liu Zhongtian's troops had went out for at least half a day. Even if she wanted to catch up it was too late.

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