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The sandstorm in the desert has gotten a lot smaller. Liu Zhong Tian felt the drunkeness of the woman in his embrace. That tempting panting sound makes him want to hug this woman even more tightly. However there is some noise further ahead in the desert that made him stop. Somebody is coming. Liu Zhong Tian controlled his own emotions and desires, and used the clothes to cover Qiqi. He speedily carried her up and evaded and hid behind a sand dune.

"They are not our people!" Liu Zhong Tian spoke hoa.r.s.ely.

Qiqi embarra.s.singly grabbed the clothes over and hurriedly put it over her body. Liu Zhong Tian is still tightly embracing her, his fingers still touching her skin lightly. This put Qiqi in a difficult position over the indulgence just now. She shyly hit Liu Zhong Tian's hand.

"Quick let go!"

"I am afraid once I let go, you will run away!" Liu Zhong Tian's hands purposely touched Wei Qiqi's smooth back and smiled teasingly.

"Your hands, quickly take it off!" Qiqi ruthlessly pulled away Liu Zhong Tian's hands, becoming somewhat angry.

Liu Zhong Tian doesn't wish for her to become embarra.s.sed, hence withdrew his hands. He couldn't tell that this Wei Qiqi's skin was so smooth like goat fat, almost setting his heart aflame. Thinking about the pa.s.sionate act just now, Liu Zhong Tian smiled plainly. Sooner or later she will be his woman, he doesn't need to hurry at this moment.

"Run away? To think that you can think of that. If it is not because somebody is coming, this Duke will……"

Liu Zhong Tian suddenly pinched Qiqi's chin, he then p.r.o.ne down. His face carried a light smile as he looked at the back of the sand dune, discovering three Xiongnu people gathering together. It could be because the weather is too hot that they intend to rest for a while, sitting down at a spot not far away from him and Qiqi. They started talking, although both of them were unsure about what they are talking about.

Now, Liu Zhong Tian's stamina is somewhat depleted, so he doesn't dare to go on a head on clash with them. They have to endure.

Qiqi was just about to go outside to look when Liu Zhong Tian pressed her head down.

"Don't be so curious!"

"It is the Xiongnu people?"


"Irritating, why don't you let me see?"

"You are so clumsy and will be discovered easily. I am now out of stamina, give me some water to drink! Just now the water that you gave me is too little….." Liu Zhong Tian teasingly looked at Wei Qiqi. This woman, can actually think of that idea to feed him water, causing him to nearly lose control. However that feeling is indeed not bad, this made him even more 'thirsty'.

"You rotten guy!" Qiqi furiously tried to strangle him. Liu Zhong Tian forcefully endured the pain, raised his hands. Just as he was about to hit her, he felt that he couldn't bear to teach her a lesson, therefore embraced her instead.

"Still drinking water? Irritating fella!"

Property of Fantasy-Books.live outside of it, it is stolen.

Qiqi took down a water bag from the belt of her jeans. Just now she nearly got taken away by Liu Zhong Tian [TL Note: I'm a.s.suming it's her virginity she is writing about here], the moment she thinks about that scene, her face got redder. Fortunately she could stop it in time and didn't commit a major mistake. If not, there won't even be water to drink.

Liu Zhong Tian drank a small sip of water and lightly laughed. "You woman, to find you, this Duke nearly died in the desert."

Qiqi is also very curious. He didn't drink water for three days, how can he be so energetic, don't tell me that he has magic? Liu Zhong Tian intimately touched her shoulders.

"Didn't you say that round-shaped cactus has water? I found and drank to my fill. And there's those vultures, I laid down to pretend to be dead. Wait till they come knocking over, I will strike them with my palm and then eat them!"

"So you were pretending to be dead just now….. I thought that…… really a rotten egg, since you are awake, why did you still……" Wei Qiqi wanted to say, since he didn't faint, why did he not drink water himself. This caused her to think that he cannot make it, so shamelessly taking the initiative to……"

"I just want to see, is Wei Qiqi so heartless. I thought that when you discover that I die, you will definitely laugh happily. I didn't think that you will actually send your lips……"

"You, you……" Wei Qiqi covered her own face, avoiding the gaze of Liu Zhong Tian. Her heart is full of shame. How can there be such a shameless Duke, after gaining an advantage still selling to be obedient.

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