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"Boss!" The moment Cheng Yu stepped into the cla.s.sroom, the first thing he saw was Fatty running towards him. This guy! Could it be he had always stared at the door?!

"What? Are you pregnant? Expecting a child already?" Looking at the rosy-like face with a look of excitement that Fatty had, Cheng Yu ridiculed him.

"Hehe! I will never become pregnant for my entire life. Today is the day we see our second mock test results! I am looking forward to it! With Boss's formidable skills, you will definitely cause all of these nerds to be startled!" Fatty chuckled.

"Haha! This is very normal. I already told you a lot of times, we must be low-key, so don't act so arrogantly. Look at our cla.s.s monitor, she's so low-key, right?" Cheng Yu laughed. When he saw the cla.s.s monitor was glaring at them ferociously, Cheng Yu quickly changed the topic as he started to flatter her.

"I am really thankful for what you did yesterday," When Cheng Yu returned to his seat, Lin Yuhan, who was sitting in her seat, said.

"Didn't you already thank me yesterday? If you really wish to thank me, let me give you a kiss. Look at those tender cheeks! I have long wished to give them a bite! How about granting my wish today?"

"You are so hateful! I am talking to you seriously, so why must you always link it to such explicit stuff!" Lin Yuhan's face turned red as she said discontentedly.

"Hehe! Since it's like that, let's talk about something proper. Before the exam, we made a deal that if I scored better than you, you must have dinner with me."

"Are you so confident that you will win? What if you lose?"

"Be at ease. I have always kept my promises. I am afraid you will be the one who will not honor the bet," All these women, they never once kept their promises. Every time, they would stand him up.

"You can also be at ease. I have never stood anyone up," Lin Yuhan's eyes flashed with a hint of craftiness before she laughed.

When Cheng Yu noticed Lin Yuhan said it in such a refreshing way, he started to feel suspicious. He lifted up his head and looked at Lin Yuhan's smile. This girl, could it be that she was moved by what he did yesterday and was prepared to devote her life to him?

"This is what you said. I will see how you will react!"

The school bell rang, so it was time for cla.s.s. All the students in the cla.s.s saw Yao Na walking in with a piece of paper in her hand. She held an antic.i.p.atory look as she went to the platform and looked at the students who had different kinds of expressions. Antic.i.p.ation, excitement, worry and gloom.

Yao Na sighed in her heart. What the national exam was meant to do was to remove a portion of students as it was impossible to allow every student to attend university. If they actually had Cheng Yu's abilities, no matter how lousy their result was, they may have still been saved. But how was it possible for everyone in the cla.s.s to have such abilities? For those students who scored badly on this mock test, even if she wished to help them, it wasn't within her abilities anymore!

"Students, the results for the second mock test are out. There's good news and bad news. This time, the top three students for the exam were from our cla.s.s and have earned glory for our cla.s.s. Furthermore, there was unexpectedly a black horse in this test. That person was our student, Cheng Yu. This time, he had got a total score of 736 and was crowned the top student in the school," Yao Na's mood was extremely good as she announced the results to the students in cla.s.s.

Bam! The whole cla.s.s fell off their desks. This was simply too crazy! Other than Fatty, who was excited, everyone was stupefied. Lin Yuhan was included, as she widened her eyes as she stared at Cheng Yu. This was truly too inconceivable!

"Teacher! You must be joking!" One of the male students yelled.

"That's right…"

"Teacher! You must have marked the wrong paper…"

"Teacher! The result seems very suspicious…"

One after another, everyone started to question the results. Wasn't this too hilarious? They had all been studying hard for more than 10 years, but they had never once got such a high score! Although Cheng Yu had become very hardworking during this period of time, it was impossible for him to get such a high score, right? He had only been studying for the past few days, so how could he possibly score better than the students who had studied for more than 10 years? Even if they were to tell others, no one would believe them.

Yao Na was not angry about their questioning at all. On the contrary, she felt that it was very normal for the students to think like this. If it was not because she had witnessed Cheng Yu's ability herself, she would most likely be reacting like all the students.

"Students, please quiet down," Yao Na smiled as she lifted her hand and pressed down in the air, gesturing everyone to quiet down. "I know that everyone is doubting these results, but I can guarantee that the results are authentic. First of all, the name in the test papers are pre-printed. Besides, even if Cheng Yu had copied someone else's answer, there isn't anyone who scored 736 or above!"

After Yao Na spoke, a lot of students seem to become more clear-headed and seemed to have understood. "That's right! It's a score of 736 marks! Who could he copy it from?"

"Teacher. How did Lin Yuhan score? Since she was next to Cheng Yu, he could have copied from Student Lin," A student who still was not convinced by the facts accused Cheng Yu.

"Student Lin did quite well this time. She was second in the whole school. 701 points. As far as I know, Student Cheng only spent about an hour to finish each test. I believe she definitely did not complete her tests in that time. Do all of you still think that Student Cheng copied from Student Lin?" Yao Na laughed.

"Then could it be that he knew the questions on the test ahead of time? Otherwise, it is impossible for Student Cheng to have completed the papers so quickly! Only if he knew the questions ahead of time could he complete it so quickly, right?" Another student fanned the flames.

"This time, the exam papers were sent here from the city. Every exam paper only had a single answer sheet. Furthermore, before the start of the exam, all the answer sheets were sealed. Only when we were marking the papers could the answer sheet seal be opened."

"Isn't it simpler? From a look, we can all tell that Student Cheng is a nouveau riche. He definitely has some relations within the city. It should be an easy task for him to ask someone to get him an answer sheet, right?"

Cheng Yu was speechless. He had only scored higher than everyone else, so how come it turned to them solving a case? Question after question, it was as if they were closely linked with one another.

"Students, although Student Cheng Yu's behavior wasn't that good previously, you must not deny his achievements because of that. What you have studied was liberal arts, and most of the exam questions were subjective topics. If Student Cheng's answers were the same as the answer sheet, it would have been very suspicious. However, Student Cheng's answers were very different. Moreover, Student Cheng's answers to the last few math questions were even better than what the answer sheet provided. Even if he had seen the answer sheet, Student Cheng actually answered it perfectly, which caused even the head of math to be deeply moved. Do all of you still think that his result was a sham?"

With these remarks from Yao Na, all the students were at a loss for words. Since the answers were wrong and Cheng Yu was still able to do so well, how could he possibly plagiarize?

"Since everyone has approved of Student Cheng's results, then let's give him a round of applause!" Yao Na saw that all the students no longer dared to refute the results, so she clapped her hands as she requested the students to follow her.
All the students started applauding, causing the whole cla.s.sroom to be filled with thundering claps. Within their eyes, there was admiration, delight, excitement, and envy, but mostly jealousy. Comparing a person to another could really infuriate a person to death! It would have been fine if he was born with a silver spoon. But he was also born with such a good brain! The heavens were really so unfair!

Even though Cheng Yu was a cultivator, he was actually pleased with himself at this moment. He looked at Lin Yuhan and tried to provoke her.

Lin Yuhan rolled her eyes at Cheng Yu while still maintaining her smile. It was because she was truly happy for Cheng Yu to achieve such good results, but she did not feel that it was a loss to her face even though she had lost to him. She already had a countermeasure in her heart, so she was not afraid to lose to him.

After that, Yao Na read everyone else's results. To those students who were able to score better than what they expected, they were filled with happiness while those who did not only felt dejected and incomparably frustrated at themselves. Lastly, Yao Na gave a few sentences of encouragement before leaving the cla.s.sroom.

"Now, you have nothing else to say right? Tonight, you must follow me to have dinner!" Cheng Yu chuckled as he looked at Lin Yuhan.

"Sure. But not today. Make it tomorrow," Lin Yuhan smiled as well.

Cheng Yu was stunned. Why was she so frank today? It didn't seem normal! "Why are you so frank today? Have you truly fallen in love with me? If it's like that, you can tell me straight to my face, as I have also liked you for a long time."

"Che! You are thinking too much! I am just honoring my promise. Since I already promised you, then I must honor my promise."

Cheng Yu still felt that this was a bit too unrealistic. However, he also had some matters he needed to handle tonight. Yesterday, because of the Lin family stall incident, he almost forgot about it.

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