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Chapter 96: Relieved

"Alright. Superintendent w.a.n.g, please don't bother yourself with this kind of false etiquette. As a local police inspector, I will let you decide how to deal with this group of law enforcers. You see, they smashed and hit my aunt's cart. In addition, you people threatened her, which caused her to become scared. Tonight, she will definitely have a nightmare because of this incident. How do you think we should solve this?"

"Uhhh…Tomorrow, I will use the central local police station and declare that it was negligence on our part. I will give her the necessary compensation. I ask that Mrs. Lin and Mr. Cheng forgive us," Superintendent w.a.n.g had suffered bitterly, but at least he did not become muddle-headed. He quickly lowered his stance in front of Cheng Yu to redeem himself from his involvement in this plot.

"Haha! I don't have any opinions. The most crucial thing should be whether Auntie has any opinions. Nevertheless, once we sense your sincerity, I believe Auntie would not have any opinion either," Cheng Yu laughed and told Superintendent w.a.n.g.

After mingling around in bureaucracy for so long, Superintendent w.a.n.g obviously understood what Cheng Yu meant by "sincerity" as he quickly agreed. Liao Yong saw that the incident was mostly solved, so he chatted with Cheng Yu and Wei Cheng for a while before leading Hui Hong back.

When Wei Cheng saw that Cheng Yu was actually letting Superintendent w.a.n.g off, he did not say anything. Wei Cheng instructed Superintendent w.a.n.g to write a detailed report regarding this incident before returning.

Since the incident had come to an end, albeit one that Superintendent w.a.n.g did not want, everyone slowly started to leave. To witness those arrogant officials facing consequences for their greediness, the watchers were actually quite delighted by this show.

Not far away, Jiang Ming and Xu Dongyuan saw everything come to an end. Don't even talk about how ugly their complexions became, their hatred for Cheng Yu deepened down to their bones. At the same time, they also started to bear grudges with Qing Long as well. They actually wasted $300,000 for this plot! They left behind $100 for the stall and glared at Cheng Yu's silhouette as they spat before bringing everyone else away.

Cheng Yu felt that there were familiar people staring at him. He turned around and took a look. It just so happened that he managed to see Jiang Ming bring Xu Dongyuan and a few others away. He wrinkled his eyebrows slightly before curling up the corner of his lips.

When Superintendent w.a.n.g saw that most of the people had left, he politely bid goodbye to Cheng Yu before bringing his men away with him. When Lin Yuhan and her mother saw that the incident had finally come to an end, they felt relieved. At the same time, they even felt more grateful towards Cheng Yu.

"Xiao Yu, I am really thankful for what you did today. I really would not dare to imagine what would have happened if you had not been here," Mother Lin smiled gently as she thanked Cheng Yu.

"Haha! Auntie, you don't have to be so courteous. How can I not help you when I knew something happened to you? In the future, if there are any problems, you must immediately alert me. Today, it was fortunate that Dao Jiu was around. Otherwise, if your cart had really been pulled to the local police station, it would have become very troublesome," Previously, Cheng Yu thought Superintendent w.a.n.g was just intentionally picking fault with Mother Lin. However, when he saw Jiang Ming and the others, he knew this incident was not that simple.

Cheng Yu's brain was very nimble. He noted a few crucial points about this incident. This was actually a plot that was aimed at the mother and daughter. They were just a small stall, so how could there be anyone who would want to deal with them?

However, with Jiang Ming around, it was no longer the same. This group of people was evidently managed by him. In addition, when Cheng Yu was making his way down here from the nightclub, there was actually someone who wanted to find trouble with him. Everything became clear.

Cheng Yu recalled that he was driving towards the night market and four cars suddenly sped out. There were two cars in front and two at the back. It was as if they were escorting him on the highway. It was a pity that they never expected that Cheng Yu was a cultivator. He was like a deity to mortals. Two thin lights flashed from Cheng Yu's finger. It advanced towards the wheels of the two cars in front of him.

Immediately, the front tires of both cars burst as they b.u.mped into the lane divider. Cheng Yu escaped through the middle as he sped towards the night market.

Previously, there might have still been some suspicions. But after Cheng Yu saw Jiang Ming, he basically knew what was going on.

"Alright. Auntie will remember. It's been quite some time since Xiao Yu came over. When you are free, come over, and Auntie will cook something nice to eat," She was able to tell that Cheng Yu had a major background. She vaguely heard that Cheng Yu was somewhat related to the Mayor. In the future, if something really happened, she would definitely invite Cheng Yu to help resolve it.

"Haha! Sure! I also miss Auntie's cooking. When there is time, I will definitely go to Auntie's house to eat and drink!" Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan's bashful appearance while speaking.

Lastly, Cheng Yu instructed Dao Jiu to help tidy up the stall before bidding goodbye to the mother and daughter. He dismissed Dao Jiu and his men before driving back home.

Early in the morning, Cheng Yu held a piece of bread and a cup of soy milk as he walked to school leisurely. Coincidentally, Jiang Ming was also walking out of the school's parking lot and started looking directly at Cheng Yu.

Jiang Ming paused. In his eyes, a trace of resentment flashed before he started speaking politely to Cheng Yu, "Good morning, Young Master Yu."

"En. Good morning. Was yesterday's show nice to watch?" Cheng Yu chewed his bread as he smiled to Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming was startled. Could it be that Cheng Yu knew that yesterday's incident was initiated by him? However, Jiang Ming showed a confused look and asked, "Young Master Yu is referring to what show?"

"Haha! Nothing much! Yesterday night, I watched a show that was quite well orchestrated. I thought that Young Master Ming, who is also as lively as me, would also watch it."

"You are flattering me. Yesterday, I wasn't feeling well. I went to bed very early. But from what Young Master Yu said, it seemed like it was truly regretful for me to have missed such a good show," Jiang Ming smiled as he showed a regretful expression.

"Is that so? However, I felt that it's a good thing that Young Master Ming went to bed early. Didn't you know that society is a mess these days? Yesterday, I almost got robbed! It was fortunate that I ran away quickly. I think it would be better for Young Master Ming to go out less often. There might be a day you will no longer be able to return home," Cheng Yu showed a panicky expression. It was as if he had spoken the truth before reminding Jiang Ming with good intentions.

Jiang Ming's heart shuddered. The hint Cheng Yu had just dropped was too obvious and malicious! It seemed like Cheng Yu definitely knew that yesterday's incident was actually a plot by him. With a thankful expression, Jiang Ming replied, "Yes, yes, yes. Young Master Yu is right. Thanks for the reminder, Young Master Yu. I will be more careful in the future. If there is nothing else, I will return to my cla.s.sroom first."

"En," Cheng Yu looked at Jiang Ming skittering away before looking up to the sky. "Look at this azure sky! So beautiful! Sometimes, it is always better to behave with integrity. However, if one keeps thinking that he is very smart and continues to always scheme behind one's back, perhaps, in the future, he will no longer be able to see such a beautiful sky ever again!"

Jiang Ming shuddered. He walked off with a complicated look.

Frankly speaking, every time when he faced Cheng Yu, Jiang Ming's heart would always tense up. Although when Cheng Yu spoke, he would always be laughing or smiling, Jiang Ming felt that whenever he stood in front of Cheng Yu, whatever he was thinking of would be seen through by Cheng Yu. It was a kind of helplessness that was arising involuntarily.

After hearing Cheng Yu's reminder, Jiang Ming started to hesitate. However, he was not willing to reconcile. Very long ago, when Jiang Ming, Cheng Yu and Xu Dongyuan were still the famous playboys in school, the three of them had hardly interacted with each other. However, since two of them had incurred hatred with Cheng Yu, they had been played by Cheng Yu every single time!

Nowadays, Jiang Ming and Xu Dongyuan felt that whenever they were in front of Cheng Yu, they were lower than Cheng Yu by a grade. This caused Jiang Ming, who was previously insufferably arrogant, to not accept it. After a short amount of time, the hesitation turned back to hatred as Jiang Ming left quickly.

Cheng Yu shook his head before walking towards his cla.s.sroom. As a cultivator, he had to defy heavenly laws. Furthermore, Cheng Yu was not someone they could kill easily. Therefore, Cheng Yu did not wish to dirty his hands. If he was able to let them go, he would prefer to let them off.

Another reason was that Cheng Yu was slowly becoming more integrated to this world. When he looked at all the different kinds of living things, an amiable feeling rose in his heart, causing him to not be able to arouse his killing intent. Perhaps, it might also be because they had not really provoked his reverse scales yet.

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