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Chapter 966: Life benefactor

Now only their mother and son can help. The old woman immediately understood that it must have something to do with Gu. Otherwise, how can people like them be of any help?

The old woman nodded her head immediately: “Doctor Zhong is the life benefactor of this old lady. No matter what it is, if this old lady can do it, I will not refuse.”

Bai Zhi and others immediately feel at ease. The world was like this. Some small favors given to people at ordinary times can reap big gains when they don’t expect it.

When giving this kindness, Imperial doctor Zhong just did these things according to his medical ethics and conscience. How could he ever think that there will be today? Thinking about it this time, the saying that goodwill will be rewarded.

“Thank you!” Imperial Doctor Zhong nodded his head and a genuine smile appeared on his face.

Imperial Doctor Zhong immediately explained what happened. The old woman’s complexion drastically changed. Even her voice trembled when she spoke: “What did you say? A lot of gu insects are mixed in the licorice? How many people have eaten it?”

Seeing her appearance, Bai Zhi immediately took out a small box from the cloth bag she was carrying. There was a porcelain bottle in the box. The mouth of the bottle was plugged.

She took the bowl on the table and poured the contents of the porcelain bottle into the bowl.

With just this effort, those Gu worms seemed to have grown up a little bit.

When the old woman saw the gu worms, she blurted out: “Heartbiting Gu. This is Heartbiting Gu!”

Bai Zhi hurriedly asked: “What kind of method can be used to drive away these poisonous insects when they enter the human body?”

The old woman’s complexion was inexplicably strange, excited? Terrified? Why was she excited?

After a while, the old woman finally replied: “It’s Heart-bitting Gu. It’s heart-bitting Gu. I didn’t expect that I would ever see Heart-bitting gu in this life. This heart-bitting gu has been lost for hundreds of years! ”

The old woman seemed to have been possessed by a demon. She simply stared at the wriggling gu worm in the bowl with blank eyes and then slowly stretched out her hand. Her fingertips were slightly trembling as she reached out for the gu worms.

Just when the old woman’s hand was about to touch it, Bai Zhi grabbed her hand and gently pushed her hand away, then said in a low voice: “Old lady, it’s better not to touch this thing.”

The old woman was strangely strong. She was able to push away Bai Zhi when she waved her hand. And then took a few steps back before stopping.

The old woman looked at the gu worms once again and stared at them. As if her soul has been hooked by these gu worms.

The next moment, a piece of black cloth suddenly appeared, covering the bowl and blocking the old woman’s gaze from looking at the heart-bitting gu.

The tall figure quickly rushed to the old woman’s side, pulled her back a few steps, and hit the old woman on the back of her, causing her to faint.

The old lady fell into the arms of the young man.

The young man hugged her steadily and nodded his head to Imperial Doctor Zhong. Then said: “It might be rude, but I’ll send her back to the room first. Please wait for a while.”

Imperial Doctor Zhong returned to his senses and nodded his head immediately: “Well, you send her to rest first.”

The young man was wearing a thin blue cloth robe. The original blue fabric now had turned white from washing. There were also patches on the shoulders and cuffs. Although the clothes were old, they were clean and tidy. His black hair was tied with a cloth belt of the same color. The temperament was elegant. His demeanor was generous and calm. No matter which side of him they look at, he doesn’t look like a gu killer. He more looked like a scholar.

When the young man walked into the inner room with the old lady in his arms, Imperial Doctor Zhong said, “He is Wei Xuan, a filial son. I also heard that he is good in studies.”

Imperial Doctor Xu said: “Such a good man has talent, why don’t he take imperial exams to get fame and reputation, instead he stays in this mountain and kill gu worms?”

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