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Chapter 965: One never go to the Buddhist temple for no reason

At this time, an old lady came out from the house, holding a large bowl in her hand with some broken rice.

She grabbed a handful of broken rice, waved her hand, and sprinkled it on the mud in the courtyard. The bright-colored chickens fluttered their wings and rushed forward to peck at them.

The duck wanted to eat too, so they cried out loudly.

The old lady turned around and brought out a big broken bowl from the house. The big bowl was filled with some rice soup and boiled green vegetables. The vegetables were cut into pieces. She directly brought the big bowl in front of the duck.

When the chickens and ducks were eating, the old lady turned around with satisfaction. Just as she turned around, she saw Bai Zhi and others approaching the fence of their courtyard.

The old lady frowned and looked at them one by one. When she saw Imperial Doctor Zhong, her eyes brightened and she immediately smiled: “Doctor Zhong?”

She couldn’t believe that while she still lives, she would see the imperial doctor her son had found for her.

Imperial Doctor Zhong nodded. His eyes looked gentle: “It’s me. I took the liberty to visit suddenly. I will disturb you.”

The old lady hurriedly stepped forward to open the door for them: “What are you saying? You didn’t disturb us. Wei Xuan and I wanted to go to your house to thank you. It’s just we haven’t had any time to spare.”

The old lady’s wrinkled face was full of smiles. It could be seen that she was really grateful to Imperial Doctor Zhong.

After all, for people like them, no need to mention Imperial Doctors, even ordinary doctors wouldn’t want to come to their house and treat them.

But Imperial Doctor Zhong, not only came but also left them money to buy medicines. Without this money, she wouldn’t get better so quickly.

Imperial Doctor Zhong smiled and said: “Don’t thank me. If you want to thank someone, thank your son Wei Xuan. It is his filial piety that touched me. Otherwise, I would not come here.”

He paused and asked, “Is Wei Xuan away?”

The old lady busily said, “He went to the mountains to hunt. It’s almost time for him to come back. You might as well go in with me first, it’s cold outside.”

The old lady was also a clever person, she knew one never go to the Buddhist temple for no reason. Imperial Doctor Zhong didn’t come here to reminisce with her.

No matter what it was, it was difficult to talk while standing in the cold wind.

Everyone followed the old lady into the house. Although the house was not as comfortable as the house with burning charcoals, it was much warmer than the outside.

The room was very dark. The windows were covered with cotton curtains. There were also containers made of bamboo, with lids on them.

They don’t know what’s inside, but they knew that this old lady was a gu cultivator, they could guess a thing or two.

The four of them sat down on the two benches. The old lady was about to make them tea, but she realized that there was no fire on the stove. She dryly smiled and said: “Do you want to drink some cold tea first? I’m afraid it will take a while to start a fire.”

Bai Zhi smiled secretly in her heart. It was not because there was no fire, it was obvious that she didn’t want to give them water. She was afraid that they would not drink it.

After all, it was a house of Gu cultivator. However, if they were fussy people, they wouldn’t sit on a stool.

This old lady was really interesting!

“I don’t know why my benefactor is here at this time, is there something is going on?” The old lady asked directly.

Imperial Doctor Zhong looked at Bai Zhi. Seeing Bai Zhi nodded her head, he said: “Mrs. Wei, you are right, we encountered something and we are very clueless. We hoped we can get some advice from you and Wei Xuan, so we rush here to find you.”

The old lady looked surprised: “Is there anything that this old lady can help?”

Imperial Doctor Zhong quickly nodded his head: “Now only you, mother and son can help us.”

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