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Village Chief Li looked at Bai Zhi and laughed: “Oh, this child is very clever ah!” Then, he turned around and ask: “Do you have any complaints?”

Old Lady Bai wanted to cut off their ties to this mother and child as soon as possible. So that by dinner time, they will beg for foods: “I also have the same idea. Having a written agreement is useful than an empty mouth promise.” Then, she turned around and look at the villagers: “Everyone outside can also serve as witnesses. Starting today, our Bai Family has severed it’s tied to Zhao Lan. And in the future, both of them has nothing to do with our family.”

Hu Changlin who stayed silent for a long time, could no longer hold it: “Old Lady Bai, you shouldn’t be so heartless, driving the mother and child without any place to stay. How can you do this?”

From outside, the villagers also said their opinion: “Yeah, the mother and child were also injured, but they’re driving them away? Isn’t it too much?”

Old Lady Bai grinned: “This is not my proposal. She’s the one who wanted to split. Didn’t you hear what she said earlier?”

Hu Changlin replied: “Even if Zhao Lan proposed it, shouldn’t you at least spare a room for them? And if you wanted them to leave the house so bad, shouldn’t you at least give them the hut outside? The hut is still better than nothing.”

Mrs. Liu busily opened her mouth and said: “That can’t be. The hut is where I used  to raise cattle. If we let them live there, where will our family raise the cattle?”

Zhao Lan smiled bitterly and went towards Hu Changlin: “Hu dage, in this home, don’t you still understand my importance? No need to speak about cows, I’m sure I am even inferior to the chicken or duck.”

Village Chief Li no longer wanted to hear the two evil woman’s words, so he said to Zhao Lan and Old Lady Bai: “Just wait, okay? I will go and write the written agreement. And then, I’ll bring it right away.” Village Chief Li said and then left the yard. On the side, Hu Changlin said to Zhao Lan: “Zhi’er’s niang, don’t think too much about it. It’s not worth it. This evening, you go to my place first, there is still an empty room. Just squeezed yourselves in there for the meantime.”

Zhao Lan was actually thinking for a place to stay in this evening. Hu Changlin’s words were definitely like a torch that fall in her snowy world. So, she nodded her head and said while crying: “Thank you, Hu dage.”

Listening to this, Mrs. Liu couldn’t help but feel sour: “Well, well, you haven’t completely separated from the family, but you’re already hooking up a man? You are really talented! Oh, let me guess one more thing, later on, you want your daughter to be Hu Feng’s future wife, right?”

Hu Changlin lost his wife in early years when she gave birth. Then, his son drowned in the river when he was eighteen years old. Since then, he lived alone. But, three years ago, he saved a young man in the mountain. The young man was very handsome. His physical strength was really great. But because his head was badly injured that year, he couldn’t remember a thing about himself. So, Hu Changlin named him Hu Feng and treated him as his owned son.

Hu Changlin swept his cold eyes towards Mrs. Liu: “Don’t think like all the people has the same mind as you. I, Hu Changlin, is not one of your kind. I am not a heartless person like you.”

Zhao Lan busily adviced Hu Changlin: “Hu dage, didn’t you just said it’s not worthy to mind them. Just ignore her, a dog cannot spit ivory.”

When Mrs. Liu heard this, she immediately got furious and scolded Zhao Lan: “Zhao Lan, who did you say a dog? You say it again ah, let’s see if you have guts!”

Zhao Lan didn’t want to ignore Mrs. Liu this time, so she turned and faced her.

Mrs. Liu’s got even more furious. Previously, it was her who always bully Zhao Lan. When did they swap position? Remembering Zhao Lan’s slaps on her earlier, Mrs. Liu could no longer suppress her anger, so she turned and took the broomstick in the courtyard and rushed toward Zhao Lan. 

Dage – brother Dog can’t spit ivory – a dog can’t speak good words. Thanks for reading, likes, and comments. TL’s Request: This site run on ads, so please kindly turn off your ad blocker or add this site to your whitelist to support my translation, if you can. No spoilers, please!

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