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Upon hearing this, Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu’s face blacken. No one works in their family’s field, their land stayed idle. Zhao Lan was feeling better that’s why she worked in the other people’s fields to help?

Old Lady Bai was afraid Village Chief Li was only mistaken, so she carefully asked: “That’s impossible. Zhao Lan’s right hand was injured, how can she plant seeds with that hand?”

Village Chief Li smiled and said: “For diligent people, they can work even with one hand. But for lazy people, even they are not missing any limbs, they will not work.” Village Chief Li swept his eyes to the first daughter-in-law. And then he went back home with his hoe in the shoulder.

Mrs. Liu was stunned, she then turned her head and asked the old lady: "Niang, is he talking about, point at the mulberry tree and curse the locust tree?"

Old Lady Bai looked back at her and snorted: “Didn’t you hear it yourself?”

Mrs. Liu completely understood the meaning, so she gritted her teeth and said: “This old village chief’s mouth can really hurt people. He shouldn’t let me see him next time.”

Old Lady Bai was stunned, but later on coldly snorted: “What about seeing him? You dare make a move on him? Don’t you know that two of his three sons are butchers of pigs? Can you handle them?”

When Mrs. Liu thought of how fierce and scary the sons of Village Chief Li were, she suddenly lost her arrogance. Then, she compared her situation, her husband was a lazy b.u.m. Her eldest son doesn’t know martial arts. Her younger son was a scholar student. All in all, their family was not their opponent.

“I’m just talking randomly, I have nothing against them.”

Old Lady Bai was too lazy to mind her stupid daughter-in-law. Her heart was burning more and more fire. This Zhao Lan neglected their family’s field and help Hu Changlin instead? She clearly slapping her face. The villagers must be laughing at them behind their back.

“Niang, what should we do now? Do you want to open this door and look for the eggs?” Mrs. Liu asked.

Old Lady Bai shook her head: “No, this cabin belongs to Hu Changlin. If you break this door and he asked for us to pay, can you pay?”

“Then, we will just forget it?” Mrs. Liu asked, but seeing the old lady’s face she knew she had an idea.

Old Lady Bai coldly grunted: “Forget it? There is no such cheap word in this world. Since Zhao Lan can now work with her hands, she and her daughter should go back home today. They can no longer stay in the Hu Family.”

When Mrs. Liu heard this, she immediately became happy. If Zhao Lan went back, that dead girl would naturally have to go back. Things will return back to normal, they don’t need to work again.

“So, we’ll wait here?”

Old Lady Bai said: “Wait? Wait for what? Let’s go back first. Let’s come again once Daizhu and Erzhu came back from the town.” Old Lady Bai was simply afraid of Hu Feng. Hu Changlin’s adopted son. She heard Hu Feng knows martial arts. She and Mrs. Liu were both females, so they can’t fight with him. If her two sons were present, their winning odds will be much higher.

As the sun grew stronger, Mrs. Liu refused to go back. She hasn’t got the eggs. So, she was unwilling to leave: “Niang, what about the eggs?”

Old Lady Bai said: “You don’t have to worry about it. When Daizhu and Erzhu take Zhao Lan back to the house. Those eggs will naturally fell in our hands, right?”

Mrs. Liu really wanted to give the old lady a thumbs up. She really calculated everything.

“Then, why are we staying here? Let’s go!” Old Lady Bai glared at Mrs. Liu. This woman always taught Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi a lesson with an awe-inspiring spirit. But, once she went outside the house, she will become stupid. Her brain shrink. She can’t do anything but rely on an old woman like her.

Point at the mulberry tree and curse the locust tree – To scold indirectly. When names are not used directly, those accused cannot retaliate without revealing their complicity. Thanks for reading, likes, and comments. TL’s Request: This site run on ads, so please kindly turn off your ad blocker or add this site to your whitelist to support my translation, if you can. No spoilers, please!

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