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Mrs. Liu suddenly thought of the group of young hens in Yingzhi’s family. So, she said: “It must be eggs. I heard the hens in Yingzi’s family can lay a lot of eggs every day. They must have come to give that dead girl a lot of eggs as thanks.”

Speaking of eggs, Mrs. Liu couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. How long has it been since she had eaten an egg? The hen in their family can only lay a very few eggs, so Bai Xiaofeng was the only one who could eat an egg. After all, he was a student, he used his brain all the time, so naturally, he needs more nutrients.

“Niang, what are we waiting for? Hurry up and let’s go to Zhao Lan. Let’s take those eggs back home before those two monks eat them.”

Old Lady Bai also thinks the same. Their family hasn’t separated yet. So, no matter what they have, the Bai Family have to confiscate it. Zhao Lan has no right and reason to have private possessions.

So naturally, she will go ask Zhao Lan to hand over them.

Old Lady Bai got up and said: “Let’s go and look for her.”

The mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law hurriedly went outside the yard and went straight to the place where Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi stayed. The cabin was next to the ditch house of Hu Changlin. Almost every household in the village has one or two cabins to pile up some sundries or raise some livestock.

The Bai Family was no exception. However, their cabin was not filled by sundries, but the newly cut timber of the old lady. It was impossible to be used as a room for the mother and daughter.

When Mrs. Liu saw the door was closed, she cleared out her throat and said loudly: “It’s already in the broad daylight, but the door is still closed? She must be doing some dirty things inside.”

Mrs. Liu’s voice was originally loud, but she still deliberately made it louder.

As soon as the villagers heard her words, they immediately stopped from working and looked towards her.

Mrs. Liu thought that once the people inside heard her voice, they would immediately open the door.

But the result was, no one still opens it. So, she rushed in front of the door and knocked. The wooden door was shaken by her action, so obviously her strength was not small.

“Zhao Lan, what are you doing inside? Why aren’t you opening the door? Are you hiding a wild man inside?”

“You just left our house yesterday, but you already hooked up with a man? Your courage is not only big, but you are really capable ah! Hurry, open the door! Niang wants to see you right now. Who’s the wild man you are hiding, huh?”

The more Mrs. Liu's screamed the more she gets excited. If Zhao Lan was really hiding a wild man inside, it will really be a good show. Not only Zhao Lan will lose a face but also that dead girl. With this, their Bai Family can also ask for compensation. With those thoughts in mind, Mrs. Liu’s strength was getting more and more strong. As if once she opens the door, there will silver coins that will come out.

“Niang, she doesn’t want to open the door. My hand is already swelling.” When Mrs. Liu finally felt tired, she stopped slamming the door. And she turned around to talk to the old lady.

When Old Lady Bai came forward, she carefully looked at the door and saw a copper lock hanging outside. She couldn’t help but frown: “Isn’t this a lock? So, no one was inside?”

Mrs. Liu indeed saw a lock hanging on the door from the outside… … Meaning, she has been slamming the door for a long time for nothing, right?

At the next moment, Village Chief Li came back to the village with a hoe on his shoulder. When he saw Mrs. Liu and Old Lady Bai outside the cabin. He smiled and said: “Are you two looking for Zhao Lan? She and Old Hu were planting peanut seeds on the field. She seems to be helping him out. But, they just started, so it will take sometime before they came back. Do you need to see her urgently?”

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