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Book 1 Chapter 19: Star Python Record

The old man took out a beast skin “This is one of the knacks of Lei Lunli, I recorded this down a long time ago, the most important part is the theory of Lei Lunli, I’ll give this to you, keep it in your Lunchang s.p.a.ce, be careful to not lose it to outsiders.” This kind of notes are very valuable, containing the foundation of a practicer, not everyone can obtain and learn from one.

XinFeng took the leather which is only the size of a palm it is a very thin piece that is hard as steel and had great flexibility, the color black and not a single word on it, XinFeng was stupefied “En…this….this…” He did not understand.

The old man laughed “This is the skin of a Star python, a natural born Star beast, try and use your Lei Lunli to stimulate it.”

XinFeng, holding the skin in his hand, started to stimulate it. Instantly white words appeared on the black beast skin, flashing for only a moment, he could not help but say “Too fast, it’s too fast, I can’t see it.”

“Do it slower!” (Old man)

XinFeng slowly inserted some Lei Lunli, that strange piece of beast skin gave off a sliver glow accompanied by a few white sentences, like a computer in his past life, the words moved, the only difference being that it was moving vertically. The text is not very clear but through Lei Lunli it flowed into Xinfeng’s mind, he could not help but cry out in astonishment “How mysterious! How can it can be used like this!”

The old man laughed “The notes created with the Star python is called the Star Python Record, not only can practicers of the Lei attribute can use it, it can be used by any types of attribute’s practicer. However this thing is extremely valuable, this piece of Star Python Record can still contain far more text, after you finish reading it, if you want to record anything down, you can just add it in, this piece of enough for you to use.

“How do I use it?” (Feng)

The old man explained the method of usage, it was extremely simple, it was just to insert both your thoughts and Lunli at the same time, and it will appear in the record, far more easy to use than the computers in his past world.

XinFeng said somewhat shocked “This thing is really a high grade item, it’s so convenient.”

“Not only convenient, Star Python Record will still be in the same condition after a thousand years, even with great strength, it would be greatly hard to break many ancient practicers would record down their training tips in Star Python Record, some of them who do not have disciples would then keep their own records, so…….seeing this kind of things, first s.n.a.t.c.h it, do not even worry if you can use it or not.” (Old man)

XinFeng nodded “Star python…..where can I hunt it?”

A hint of banter appeared in the old man’s eyes, he laughed “You want to hunt Star beasts?”

“This skin….is very tempting.” (Feng)

The old man laughed loudly “Haha, Feng don’t worry about that now, Star pythons is not something a person at your level can come into contact with, en, actually, with a Thousand Milun masters against a Star python can threaten it, but if you want to hurt it then at least half of the Milun masters would be dead, then to kill……not a single one of them can do it.”

XinFeng was shocked “Ah? Ah! So powerful!”

The old man nodded “Of course, the skin of the Star python not only can be made into a Star Python Record but can also be made into Star Python Drum that is used to gauge strength, any attack on it that can leave a marks about level of the strength of the attack, and then be used in a test.

“There’s also that….Grandpa, do you have Star Python Drum?” (Feng)

The old man laughed “Why would I want that? That is for large scale organizations or sects to test the strength of their disciples, powerful master do not need to use this kind of things to test their strength.”

XinFeng asked curiously “Ou, then there another way to test?”

“Of course, but, those that reached the high levels would not be willing to test anymore so that they would not reveal their real strength to others, so in reality, after reaching the higher levels, it would just be enough to know, testing again will not have much impact.” (Old man)

Xinfeng’s curiosity continued to grow “Grandpa, have you reached the high level?”

The old man raised his hand and flicked Xinfeng’s head, jokingly scolding him “Feng you have not even reached the low level, why are you thinking of the high level?”

XinFeng turned stupefied, touching his forehead he said “Ah? I already reached a thousand Luns why am I not even a low level disciple?”

“Only a ten thousand lun master would be counted as a low level disciple, and reaching Mi Luns will they actually count as a part in the sect. In this place, the amount of practicers is extremely few, so even a hundred Lun master would be respected, wait till you walk out of here, hoho you would realize that there are far too many those of your standard, this is the reason why I want you to leave this place when you reach secret Lun master.” (Old man)

XinFeng sighed inwardly “So I am still lacking.”

The old man shook his head “You are not lacking at all, you are only 16 and had already reached a thousand Luns, outside, you would be considered a genius, anyone who could reach hundred Luns in half a year would already be amazing.”

Xinfeng’s eyes widened, a suspecting gaze appearing.

“It’s true, you did not hear wrongly, becoming a hundred luns master in half a year would be a genius sought after by every organization or sect, if they could reach thousand Lun master level at 18, ten thousand lun master at 22, Mi Lun master at 25, hoho that person would be favored everywhere.” (Old man)

“Those that can obtain such results are very very few, most of them would be a single attribute genius, those that has more than one, reaching Hundred Lun master level in 10 years would already be considered very good, with their whole lives if they could reach Mi Lun level, they then must have crazy good luck, most of the multiple attribute practicers will never dare hope to reach the Mi Lun master level.” (Old man)

XinFeng finally had a bit of grasp of the world of Lunli, he said “Then, am I counted as very amazing?” Pointing at his own nose, a smell of c.o.c.kiness appeared.

The old man gently hit him “What are you gloating at? You must know……without grandpa’s Lei stamp to stimulate you, or without the thunderstorm, your speed would not be so good, practicing not only needs your qualifications but also needs your genes, resources and friends, and most importantly is amazing luck!”

XinFeng laughed “Grandpa, your luck is also good!”

The old man hesitated, he had to admit, his own luck was indeed good lately, he actually managed to restore some of his strength and also learnt of another way of training, patting Xinfeng’s head he said “Yes, grandpa has been stealing some of your glory, hoho. If not…..then I would truly die in Tiger Cliff Castle, but even though my luck changed….”

His facial expression suddenly changed “……maybe someone’s luck isn’t as good now, haha!”

XinFeng is indeed curious as to what was the strength of this old man, he asked “Grandpa, what are the t.i.tles above Mi Lun master? Grandpa, what t.i.tle have you obtained?”

“As for what my level is, you no need to ask as it would make you feel too ambitious, as for the levels above Mi Lun master, I can tell you about it, Mi Lun master level is only a hurdle to practicers, the real test is the next level of Mi Lun master level, at that level, their strength can suppress anyone under Mi lun level.” (Old man)

Xinfeng’s eyes widened “What is it, what is it!”

“Real Mi Lun master, a true master that is able to compress a Lunli ring! Their lifespan reaching a hundred and twenty years, the hundred and twenty years I refer to is accompanied with a young man’s liveliness, in the world, they would be respected everywhere.” (Old man)

Real Mi Lun master!

“Grandpa, can I reach Real Mi Lun master level?” (Feng)

The old man raised his hand and slapped him, scolding “Have some backbone, Real Mi Lun master is not your final point, that is your real starting line!”

XinFeng smiled bitterly “To reach thousand Lun master, Mi Lun master then Real Mi Lun master, it seems a bit difficult.”

The old man didn’t know to laugh or cry “To others it may be difficult but to you, it would not be.” He was not worried about Xinfeng’s weak ambition, as after practicing Lei Lunli, his att.i.tude would definitely change greatly, becoming daring and rash, forever charging onward, of course his old personality would play a small part, but it would not be very big.

“Oh right, real master……that counts as a t.i.tle?” (Feng)

The old man nodded “It’s a t.i.tle representing that you have already reached a type of level, at the same time it is a type of respected way of calling someone, not everyone can be called a real master.”

“Grandpa, you are also a real master?” (Feng)

The old man said smiling “You think?” (Old man)

“En, I think you are, grandpa must be a real master.” (Feng)

“Don’t think so much about it, just practice diligently and the road of the future will be even tougher, remember geniuses only have a more favorable starting point.” (Old man)

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