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Chapter 75

partially edited

After Shen Yan said that, he lowered his eyes and said no more. He just took out a pen from his pocket and jotted down notes on the medical card placed in front of the pupper’s bed with his head bowed. When he was done writing, the ward was still dead silent; only then did he realise that Qi Jing hadn’t said anything all this while either.


When Qi Jing finally opened his mouth again, what came out was a self-deprecating laugh. That laugh stunned Shen Yan and he lifted his head slightly to look at the other party.

Qi Jing stood straight as a die. There was no hint of a smile anywhere in his eyes, if anything, the only place that even remotely resembled a smile was the slight tugging at the corner of his lips.

“My father also said something similar back then,” He said, his voice calm, flat and monotonous, as mechanical as if the words flowing out of his mouth were typed out with an old-fashioned typewriter, as if he was talking about someone else. “He felt that his son couldn’t be “corrected” and even if he were, he would surely go back to his old ways… So it’s better to just throw him away altogether.”

After saying that, the slight curve on Qi Jing’s lips also slowly pulled straight. Expressionless, he quietly brought Little Return Date to the nape of his neck, buried his head into it and nuzzled against it.

Seeing this, Shen Yan’s face fell, his lips parted slightly but could not say anything.

Just then, Qi Jing laughed again, but this time, it was a real, genuine and frank one, “But it doesn’t matter anymore. This pupper will definitely find a new owner in the future… And I… already have you. I believe everything will gradually get better.”

Little Return Date seemed to have understood what Big Return Date was saying as it followed suit by meowing loudly.

Shen Yan’s eyes appeared a little shaken as he silently watched Qi Jing for a long while. With a slight movement of his fingers, he inadvertently brushed against the band-aid he had put on his hand earlier that afternoon and it reminded him of the time when Qi Jing also had a wound on his hand and had also put such a band-aid on it. Noticing this similarity they shared, breathing suddenly became much easier for him.

“…We should let the puppy have a good rest now. It just had surgery last night and is not in the best state to properly interact with us.”

Shen Yan slowly pressed the injury on his hand. After a moment of silence, he went back to the original topic of their conversation. As he said that, he reached out and patted Little Return Date’s furry little head, smiling weakly.

“Bring this little one over to play with the puppy after it’s recovered some more. Otherwise… this little fella might think that the puppy is ignoring it and feel sad.”

When Qi Jing heard those words, something flashed across his eyes and he stared fixedly at Shen Yan for a long while in some kind of realisation. He only blinked after a long time before subtly tightening his hold on Little Return Date.

“In that case, we’ll be heading back first,” Qi Jing blurted. He vetoed his own plan to stay at the hospital to watch Shen Yan for an hour. “You’re right… I still have a compet.i.tion tonight, I need to prepare well at home.”

Shen Yan was slightly stunned but did not show too much surprise, and instead stared unmovingly at Qi Jing.

“Come back when you are done with work.” Qi Jing smiled faintly at the other man, not giving any explanation for the sudden change of plan. “I’ll be waiting at home for you.”

Then, without waiting for Shen Yan’s reply, he brought Little Return Date close to the doggo once more and coaxed gently, “Come on, say bye to puppy; tell it you’ll come back to play with it when it gets better.”

The clueless Little Return Date was held up in midair by Qi Jing and when it realised that wheat-coloured fur was close at hand, it couldn’t resist the itch in it’s little paws to launch a claw at the head. However, it’s attempts were foiled by Qi Jing and after a few corrections, Little Return Date finally understood what it had to do—it gently stretched out a paw pad out to the top of the dog’s head, patting it soothingly.

“Good boy, that’s it.” Qi Jing looked down and rubbed his face hard against Little Return Date’s ear as a reward.

“Meow!” Little Return Date was beyond excited and in it’s exhilaration, it gave the pup another light pat.

The puppy never opened its eyes throughout the entire thing, except for the slight twitch in its closed eyes, it slept peacefully.

—I’ll be back when I’m done with work.

That was what Shen Yan said when he saw Qi Jing off at the gate of the hospital. Although the words were the same as he said before, the meaning was different.

Qi Jing’s heart was heavy as he walked home alone with Little Return Date in his arms.

His feet were walking on a path and so was his heart.

The difference was that the road in his heart had just seen a little light which barely illuminated the path for a few metres, but beyond that, no more light could be found, only pitch darkness. He did not know what was at the end of this road, but he had a very bad feeling about it, a feeling that he shouldn’t advance rashly. At least not when Shen Yan himself still refused to come out to light the way.

Just then, his phone rang loudly.

Qi Jing’s thoughts were thus interrupted by it and he could only put Little Return Date down for the time being. When he took out his phone and saw the words “Xiaoxiao” on the caller ID, he trembled reflexively. For whatever reason, every time Ning Xiaoxiao called, there was never any good news, and especially now, since the mishap happened last night.

Qi Jing deliberated for three seconds before deciding to ignore the call.

They were still out on the streets and it wouldn’t be good for him to just leave Little Return Date on the side. Hence, he muted his phone, put it away, picked Little Return Date back up, and hurried on their way back home.

In the short time from when he first received the call to when he stepped foot into the house, in that short five minutes, by the time he put away the keys, settled Little Return Date, before going back to deal with the phone, the number of missed calls had already shot up to eleven. Qi JIng had no choice but to answer the twelfth call that came in.

“h.e.l.lo? Xiaoxiao, what’s so urgent?”

“Se&#k2014;nior&#k2014;” A very unladylike roar came from the other end of the line, expressing the indignation she felt at his delay in answering the phone. But that indignation quickly gave way to her thirst for knowledge. “Senior! Is that person you!”

Ah… as expected, it wasn’t any good news.

Qi Jing took a deep breath and had to pretend to be confused. “What person is me? What are you talking about?”

Ning Xiaoxiao’s voice was so loud he had to hold his phone at about ten centimetres from his ear. “Well, that person from the ‘Bai Ke’ auditions last night!”

…c.r.a.p. He whispered internally.

“I did listen to those auditions,” that was the truth, but the next line was obfuscation, “But I didn’t sign up for the role of ‘Baike’ so… who exactly are you talking about?”

With the distraction he threw at her, the volume of Ning Xiaoxiao’s voice dropped several notches and calmed down a little. “You… were just a listener?”

“Mhm.” Although I accidentally spoke up nearing the end. Qi Jing muttered to himself.

“Uh, could my ears have really gone bad…” Her mumblings put Qi Jing on the edge, for fear that she might see through something. “I didn’t have time to watch it live last night so I used my lunch break today to listen to the recording… Then I got a shock when I heard the later part of the recording—there was someone who sounded just like you, Senior!”

“Xiaoxiao, just which contestant are you talking about? I don’t seem to recall anyone like that.” Indeed, there was no one who sounded similar to him amongst the contestants, so it wasn’t cheating to say that.

“Geez, it’s not the contestants.” Then she paused and her voice suddenly perked up, “Senior, you should remember the ID ‘Kitty の Papa’ right? That’s an ID that’s never been heard of before in the online voice acting circle, but his performance in the compet.i.tion of《Order to End the Heavens》is simply… Everyone is talking about him now.”

“I know,” You’d have a heart attack if I were to tell you that you’ve actually met him in person, “but our voices don’t sound anything alike.”

Ning Xiaoxiao seemed to have come to the conclusion that he was an outsider in this situation and happily went on about it, “I’m not talking about him, I’m talking about that flatmate of his. You must’ve heard it when you were spectating right? The person who asked the MC to wait.”

Qi Jing listened silently to his junior’s account of his dark history and mourned his dead IQ of that time.

“I heard…”

“Right, right, isn’t it really similar?”

“No.” Because it is. Qi Jing silently looked to the sky and shook his head.

“Please, it’s very similar, okay!” Ning Xiaoxiao was completely oblivious to his inner turmoil as she continued gossiping, “I’m telling you, everyone’s been talking about the ident.i.ty of that roommate on the forum and some are already trying to investigate if it is you. To be honest, I don’t think it is… but I’m still anxious alright, so I immediately called to check with the person himself.”

Qi Jing couldn’t hear anything else other than the line “some are already trying to investigate if it is you” which hit him like a thunderbolt and it sent his head ringing.


Although he had mentally prepared himself for it, he didn’t expect to already be exposed on the second day—

“Just let them do what they want, don’t go sticking your nose in.” Qi Jing neither admitted nor explicitly denied; he decided to simply give Ning Xiaoxiao a vague response.

Ning Xiaoxiao felt bad because when she had tried to defend Qi Jing during the《Trap》drama, she ended up attracting more haters for him so she didn’t dare trudge forward rashly without his permission this time.

Right now was currently during normal work hours of most offices and Ning Xiaoxiao had secretly snucked this call, so they didn’t talk long before the call was hurriedly ended. Qi Jing put down the phone in a torn mood, immediately went into his room and opened his computer, then, he headed straight to the forum thread discussing the《Order to End the Heavens》Compet.i.tion.

After so many days of compet.i.tion, that thread had become one of the most popular threads at the moment, with eight whole pages of comments—and the comments were only increasing like n.o.body’s business.

The compet.i.tion from last night seemed to have become the talk of the town and the last contestant “Kitty の Papa” was unashamedly the keyword for it.

“The flatmate of Kitty の Papa” was also a subject of much chatter.

【Comment 2082】:

I dare say I’ve definitely heard that “roommate’s” voice somewhere before!!

I was so caught up with listening to the auditions that I completely forgot about it… But now in retrospect… Holy heck, I really wanna know if “roommate” is also part of the circle!! Is he some CV!! (Do I have to go back and listen to all the audio dramas I’ve watched all over again… Isn’t that too painful 〒▽〒)

【Comment 2083】:

The roommate’s speech was too fast… I couldn’t actually quite catch it. But if Kitty’s Papa joined this compet.i.tion and this roommate knows about it, he’s probably not a stranger to the voice acting circle. And even if he’s not familiar with it, he at least wouldn’t be adverse to it… In fact, he might also be a CV? (For such a beautiful voice, it’d be such a shame if he doesn’t voice act)

Anyway, Kitty’s Papa’s “Baike” just couldn’t get any better—that one-man show totally made my heart stop! Goodness! I never thought he would be so good as a bad guy! Uwuuuuu This is totally the start of my transformation into his brain-dead fan… When he got his score deliberately lowered and what not by the organisers, all I can say is “keke”. But it’s okay, I believe the roommate will comfort him~

It would be perfect if the two of them were to star in an audio drama together! ~(≧▽≦)/~

【Comment 2084】:

Pffffft. Although I was also starting to waver thanks to the comment above… How can there be so many coincidences in the world?

The reality is that there are many good voices in the world, the online voice acting circle is so small, maybe it’s just a situation of there always being someone better out there? Amongst the people I know, there are many with amazing voices but have nothing to do with this community.

Besides, just having a nice voice doesn’t mean he’ll be good at voice acting (though of course I admire Kitty’s Papa, but if we have to say the same about his flatmate, that’s a bit…)

【Comment 2085】:

I agree with what the girl above said.

I think people are getting too excited, that person might just be a normal roommate, just with a good voice, and you’re all making him out to be a CV in the circle… Don’t y’all think all this speculation is too baseless.

“Kitty の Papa’s” performance was really amazing!! But if the organisers had to say that he was cheating, I can only… ╮(╯▽╰)╭

I think we should all place our focus on the contestant himself, and not on that roommate. Those who say that the roommate’s voice sounds like don’t know who who who—it’s probably just all in your head.

“I couldn’t have said it better, Ms 2085!” Qi Jing was basically filled with the urge to click on that thumb and give her a like.

However, any hint of relief he felt when he saw this was instantly ruined by the next comment to the point that not even a speck of relief remained.

【Comment 2086】:

Even if it’s just all in my head… I just want to say: this “roommate” sounds a little like Don’t ask for my return date.

So… it… was… you…

At that moment, Qi Jing felt his breath get caught and he choked on his own breath.

Since Comment 2086 first brought up this thought, there soon appeared others who echoed this notion. What made Qi Jing feel conflicted about was that most of those who agreed were loyal fans who loved him silently.

【Comment 2091】:

Ah!! Someone finally said it!! Comment 2086 totally took the words right out of my heart!!

And here I thought I was the only one… ┭┮﹏┭┮

I’ve listened to every single one of Return Date’s dramas at least three times, even if he only had one line I listened to it intently!! I was listening to the compet.i.tion live last night but the moment that roommate opened his mouth, I thought I had transmigrated!! It’s really so alike! If my ears aren’t broken and there wasn’t any change in sound quality due to the equipment, it’s virtually like Return Date himself talking!! (a die-hard fan quietly covering her face)

【Comment 2092】:

The comment above, you’re not alone…

Actually, I’ve been F5-ing this thread this whole time, silently contemplating whether or not I should voice my suspicions, but I was also worried it might bring the CV unnecessary trouble. However, since someone has already mentioned it then I’d like to also raise a tiny hand in agreement—I too, think that voice really sounds like Don’t ask for my return date.

Although I’m not a stan of Return Date, he could be considered a CV I really like and I’m quite confident in my hearing so I don’t think there’s any way I could be wrong about a voice that recognisable… Unless, there really exists someone who has a similar voice as him, otherwise… (Uwuuu Actually, I just hope he could work with Kitty’s Papa just once. If that happens, it’ll really be a G.o.dly development, don’t you think!)

【Comment 2096】:

What? That person is Return Date?

AHAHAHHA That’s simply delightful news, isn’t it!! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

When I was listening to Kitty’s Papa’s performance, just like another girl in the comments above, I was completely drawn into the story (speaking of which, that one-man show is really too G.o.dly, I still can’t calm down ahh). At that time, I didn’t really have the capacity to ponder if Roommate-kun is a CV or not, but now that I see you guys talking about it…

My! Blood! Is! Boiling! With! Excitement!

The more I think about it, the more plausible it sounds… Quick! Someone tell me whether or not this is real!! Once I’ve opened that door, I can’t handle it (rolls around)

I’m not going to admit I’m a fan of Return Date!

I’m not going to admit I’ve recently fallen completely in love with Kitty’s Papa!

I’m not going to admit that I’m suddenly strongly expecting these two to actually have a relationship!

Given this development, was he going to have to be like those crazy stories that fill the net… go up and say with a loving gaze, “Thank you, we’re actually already together.”?

Qi Jing’s face became that of a hardened warrior as he closed his eyes to the screen before him.

Aside from the grat.i.tude he felt for the support of his fans, he currently felt no different than a prisoner awaiting his execution. To be honest, no matter how much people gossip on the forum, it had no direct effect on them. But after knowing the existence of Jade b.u.t.terfly and the shady business within the organisers, he could foresee the consequence after Shen Yan gets involved with him. Especially for Jade b.u.t.terfly who personally said that Shen Yan “sounded upright” and she would “like to work with him”; it wouldn’t make sense for her to just sit back and watch.

In times like this, he couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of respect for his antis. This has to be the first time someone is so happy to be hated on.

Here were a few examples…

【Comment 2103】:

╮(╯▽╰)╭ Is Don’t ask for my return date’s audition coming up soon? I took a quick glance at the compet.i.tion schedule and that really is the case… Is that why his fans can’t wait to come up to hype things up for him? Can’t you guys come up with something new? Isn’t it getting tiring that you people always try to tie others up in a CP with him?

This is not some conspiracy theory I’m saying. Fans, ask yourself this: how many scandals have popped up around Don’t ask for my return date?

First, Bronze Sparrow Terrace, then Crossing the bridge noodles—these are all popular CVs in the circle… And now this Kitty’s Papa who’s just gaining attention has also become his target without even doing anything? I only have three words for you guys: have some shame.

【Comment 2104】:

╮(╯▽╰)╭ RT every single word the comment above said.

Just because of some similarities in the voice and you people immediately insist that it’s Don’t ask for my return date? The superiority complex of Return Date fans is really strong huh…

Come to think of it, I didn’t even know he actually had so many fans; here I thought he was just a n.o.body (picks nose). I went to check out his Weibo and found that he only has a few thousand followers. I guess he only knows how to create scandals with the Great G.o.ds to get to the top, but doesn’t really know how to voice act huh, that’s quite scheming of him.

Don’t ask for my return date-sama, why don’t you go act in《Empresses in the Palace》; I have really high hopes for you~

【Comment 2105】:

Moss fan running away with Bronze Sparrow and Little Noodles!! ┭┮﹏┭┮

Why do you have to involve them!! They must be feeling so helpless!! I hate Don’t ask for my return date!! Not only did he attempt to break up our official CP, he’s also a two-timer! And now, he’s even having an affair with a third party… Hmph!!

“I’m the one who feels helpless, alright…” Qi Jing didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at the comments; he’s already given up trying to reason with them.

There’s nothing he could do about it. The high recognition of his voice had always been his Achilles’ heel.

Even if they didn’t figure out it’s him today, there’s tomorrow, the day after the next, and even the day after that… Someone would surely have dugged out his ident.i.ty, it was just a matter of time.

Just when he had resigned to his fate with no excuse to get himself out of it, a comment from a neutral party suddenly opened the doors to the new world for him.

【Comment 2108】:

Uhh… Cutting into the heated discourse above…

Tbh, as unique as Don’t ask for my return date’s voice is, that “roommate” could really be someone else. Don’t try to throw labels at me, I’m neither a fan nor an anti, I simply saw your discussion on his voice… and suddenly thought of someone in the circle with a similar voice to him.

I’m not sure if anyone shares the same thought as me: Sleek horses run fast. There are definitely people who remember this ID, right?

A/N: Sleek horses run fast—I’m sure not many people remember this ID… except the experts with foreshadowing… _(:3」∠)_ It’s ok even if you don’t remember, there’ll be a proper introduction in the next chapter.

PS: The last chapter was about a dog involved in a car accident and today, I saw the body of a dog that had been hit by a car on the side of the road. Unfortunately, it had already died. Even the colour of the fur was similar to what was written… I suddenly feel so pained… TAT

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