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Chapter 101


“Just call me Two.”

The moment Qi Jing heard this name, the first person he thought of was “Five”. He shuddered, then searched for the “★Five”★” sockpuppet account in the channel member list, but to his surprise, “Five” wasn’t there. His weibo also showed the offline status, so he had no way of inquiring about this matter.

But now that he thought about it, since the end of the audition last night, “Five” didn’t show up anymore and Qi Jing had no idea where he disappeared.

Then, who the h.e.l.l was this “Two”?

Nevertheless, it didn’t really matter who it was, what mattered was that he had everything it took to be so haughty. For Qi Jing, the highlight of that evening was him giving Bronze Sparrow Terrace a well deserved slap in the face, but it wasn’t the case for the audition itself.

The moment this “Two” spoke up, he suddenly thought, this No.30 really didn’t lose out on this placement, no wonder he’s the highlight here—

“Haha,” First, there was a short, slight laughter, then he laughed once again, with only the latter being tinted with the drunken indulgence, “Hahaha…”

It even gave off an impression of the time flowing. One could virtually see “Qin Tuo” half-leaning on the side of a beauty, his eyes hazy from intoxication as he listened to her soft spoken urging to drink more and returned her words with a faint smile. The change in speed of his speaking was incredibly precise; just right to embody the situation of ‘main character listening as the other people talk’.”

“Another cup?”

The man asked with a hoa.r.s.e, throaty voice, his breath brushing lightly by the mic, like an inadvertent gust of wind causing ripples to sweep by the lake surface, never intent to stay, yet still causing a stir in the hearts of the listeners. “Not to mention a single cup, if you pour the wine for me, Miss, then even if it was a pot, a bucket or a barrel… Hehe, I would still, drink it all.”

This bearing was so completely unlike the person who had been munching on his crisps just a while ago.

Qi Jing’s voice was bright, but it was still flirtatious. And that guy’s current voice wasn’t as catchy as Qi Jing’s, but it was much more upright and valiant, so even during this charming set up of the scene, it still brought out a sort of “chivalrous” impression of the character.

The main character “Qin Tup” didn’t shy away from dallying, but it didn’t mean that he coveted beauties. Dallying could also be genuine and pretended, but his “pretended” wasn’t of the kind that people would find annoying; he had a sense of measure with his flirting and there was a trace of sobriety in his intoxication. Besides setting himself as a boy inexperienced in romance to gain those girls’ liking, calling them “Miss” also had this layer of meaning to it.

If Qi Jing could be said to have exhibited those various qualities of this character to about seventy, eighty percent, then this person did this to one hundred percent—

Completely stupefied, Qi Jing listened to the end of the first scene.

The overall direction of “Two’s” acting in the first scene was about the same as his. Although the individual means of portraying details weren’t exactly the same and his individual style being quite prominent, it still just as close to the original in its core, or maybe even closer—no matter if it was the elaborate details of the intonation or the natural changes in the mood, they were all remarkably executed.

By the time Qi Jing realised, the timer had already reached the one minute mark. Although he too lasted through one minute, at that time he had to really think through how to include those details; but now, this person seemed to him as if he did it so effortlessly, with the time pa.s.sing by just like this.

This wide gap between the personality and capability caused the audience to stay deathly silent for a moment, and it took a while for the cheers to burst out in the chat.

Audience 1: …Help… My heart is about to get squashed, I forgot to breathe while listening to this! (╯‵口′)╯︵┴─┴

Audience 2: …So turns out eating crisps can level up the voice acting skills?? Quick, give ten packs to each of my favourite VAs!! 【throwing my purse】

Audience 3: Pffft, the friend from the comment above, we can team up to buy the crisps!! 【also throws my purse】

Audience 4: Aooooo!! No.30, I won’t roast you anymore even if you eat more crisps! It! Was! So! Good! 【clutching heart while joining the brainless fan troops】

Audience 5: °。°(((p(≧口≦)q)))°。° I feel like both him and No.12 have their strong points, they’re both so incredible! I’m so excited just listening to it!

Audience 6: °。°(((p(≧口≦)q)))°。° When it comes to voice, No.12 sounds better, with the acting, both of them are amazing, but personally, I feel like this Two fellow is more solid and proficient!! Ao ao awoo~! I’m just completely unable to calm down, this Qin Tuo fits completely to my image of him, asking if the brainless fans a.s.sociation is taking in fresh meat??【Oi】

“So amazing…” Qi Jing too murmured subconsciously, holding his breath as he continued to listen. He forgot about the fact that in a sense, this person was his rival, and got completely captivated by his performance, immersing himself fully.

If their performance didn’t differ as much in the first scene, then the second one was a showcase of the differences in their acting.

“What did you just say?”

For the change of the scene, Qi Jing used about a second or two for the transition, meanwhile “Two” managed to change his bearing in a mere blink of an eye, shouting out the question heavily. Not only that—he also made some changes to his voice according to the pa.s.sage of time in the original world; because there was a three year gap between the second and first scenes and the character experienced no small deal of dangers during that time, it gave a much steadier and stronger impression. Even this point got perfected by “Two”, with his voice getting a lot deeper and full of masculine strength.

“You just said&#k2026; that man who got put on death row&#k2026;” He both wanted to ask and didn’t dare to, he didn’t dare to ask, but he forced himself to. “What’s his name?”

He couldn’t believe that his friend entered the death row.

He didn’t want the other man to say his friend’s name.

While “Qin Tuo” showed his utmost denial, he also couldn’t avoid facing the reality—this sense of contradiction in his speech was very prominent, and adding to that the occasional tremble to his voice, his inner struggle was more than vivid in detail.

After the struggle, he finally couldn’t help but burst out.

“That time, when I accepted your offer… Do you remember what you said!” The strength of the man’s outburst was in no way less expressive, each word desolate, with a trace barely discernible pain that had every listener’s heart in its grip. He breathed rapidly, then said through clenched teeth, “I rescued your people, because I couldn’t bear the incompetence of the current government, the mistreatment of the common people… I knew very well that it’s a crime that could cost me my head, but I, never, regretted it.”

He took another few breaths, then stopped suddenly, murmuring to himself as if he had lost his soul.

“But, it was on the premise of you promising me… to protect their safety.”

That was it—the next line was the one where Yuan Zhengming cut him.Qi Jing didn’t dare to budge, afraid of missing even the smallest of details.

He hadto know if “Two” would interpret it differently, and whether he’d gain the judge’s approval. If that would be the case, then this person would break through his record, 1:32 of used time.

He only heard the man gasp in the headphones, as he actually sounded… utterly dispirited and despaired.

“Why… would Suyu get taken away by them…”

The man didn’t question the other party harshly as he expected, his voice sinking, not rising—sinking deep into the quagmire of pain.

“He clearly knows nothing about the rebellion, so why…” After speaking to this point, he couldn’t continue. He took a rapid, deep breath, gasping hurriedly for air, yet he was still unable to avoid getting swallowed by the crushing guilt. “Why does he have… to pay with his life.”

Ah. Qi Jing came to himself in an instant.

He wasn’t blaming anyone, he blamed himself—turns out that was the reason for him getting cut.

In the end, “Liu Suyu’s” life wasn’t endangered by anyone else—it was because he made a friend like “Qin Tuo”, who threw the life he could spend in luxury and peace into an utter disarray. Of course, “Qin Tuo” understood that deep in his heart, that’s why no matter how he questioned other people, it was all nothing compared to the misery he felt when he questioned himself.

That comprehension skill really is scary… It’s the first time for me to see someone who can be on pair with Shen Yan.

Qi Jing thought in surprise.

Audience 1: (╯-_-)╯╧╧ Will you cut us some slack please!? How many times will this audition make my little heart tremble?!【My mouse had already got pulverised by me!】

Audience 2: (╯-_-)╯╧╧ Just as the commenter above said! No.30, I dare you to also finish acting out the third scene! I dare you!!

Audience 3: My man Two!! Just tell me how many packages of crisps you want!! Big sis will buy you!! 【proceeds to throw bags of crisps】

Audience 4: Gorilla Teacher, if you dare to cut him off at this moment, I will eat gorilla meat every day!!

Audience 5: The friend from above, calm down!! Gorillas are a domestically endangered species, they can’t be eaten, it’s only fine to hang them up for a beating!!【Oi】

Audience 6: The commenters above, did you lose your heads already?? Fine, I also am about to lose mine—No.30 is too breathtaking!! ~(≧▽≦)/~

Up to that point, Yuan Zhengming continued to stay silent; he might have given up on finding flaws, either way there was no flaw to find.

The audition proceeded just like this, and finally, the first contestant to enter the third scene appeared. The chat was full of howling, cheering, and the atmosphere of excitement like an itch in everyone’s hearts soared.

The last scene was one between two characters, “Qin Tuo” and his senior “Bai Ke.”

This plot appeared towards the end of the novel—Bai Ke poisoned Fang Yisheng, having already fallen to his lowest as a deranged villain. He chose to abandon the sect, but the people who had used him planned against him in return. But ironically enough, in a desperate time, he happened upon the junior he had always hated so much.

In front of a senior like him, the junior’s feelings were naturally hard to describe.

“Senior…” The voice in the headphones was so light, it was like covering a flame of a lamp in the raging wind, as if the slightest inattention could extinguish it while scalding his hand horribly. “Our old man Master… he still waits for your return back in Xiaoshan. Don’t make an irreversible mistake guided by an impulse.”

When he mentioned their master, he gave a bit of a forced laugh, doing his best to convey the nostalgia in his tone as he reminded the other man of the peaceful days the master and his three disciples spent together.

But for a man who committed mistakes upon mistakes, the bygone days were already in the past; the two of them knew that they could no longer return back in time. That’s why no matter how warm of the memories would get revoked, they could no longer fend off the piercing cold in his heart.

“Senior, Fang Yisheng didn’t die,” If talking about the past was of no use, then he would talk about the present. And if the roundabout games failed, then he could only say what he had to say clearly. When he mentioned a matter the other man minded the most, probably also seeing the change in his face, Qin Tuo’s voice stopped before he tried his hardest to convince him, “He didn’t die, only his martial apt.i.tude was lost, but he’s still hanging on… It’s not too late for you to repent.”

But no matter how “Qin Tuo” would convince him, “Bai Ke” would still turn a deaf ear to it.

That’s why, when “Bai Ke” wielded his sword to end his life, only a sudden, shocked gasp of “Qin Tuo’s” could be heard as his voice changed—whatever confidence, whatever steadiness, whatever heroism or boldness was gone without trace as he cried in alarm, “Senior, don’t do that! Senior—!”

His stammering voice made one see the protagonist rushing over, falling on his knees on the ground but still struggling to move forward.

Both sorry and persistent.

He was still gasping panically at first, but suddenly, his breathing halted and everything, audience included, fell into a deathly silence—only his weak, choked sobbing could be heard intermittently.

And at last, there was a heart-wrenching, utterly devastated scream.


Qi Jing’s heart shook as he felt something stabbing viciously in his chest, the crushing tide of emotions almost making him shot up from the chair, his back covered with sweat.

And exactly at that moment, the number on the timer stopped at 2:00.

But at that very moment, no one was paying attention to the time anymore, everyone’s hearts were still being held in a tight grip by that scream, unable to get free from it.

Audience 1: QAQ…!!!

Audience 2: QAQ… Aaaah…

Audience 3: That one screamed “senior”, it’s so painful aaaaah!! This angst’s going to be the death of me! ┭┮﹏┭┮

Audience 4: Listening to that last scream made me shed my precious tears… It hurts even more when I think of how Qin Tuo took his senior’s ashes back to their Master, and that one scene with Old Man Xiaoshan… It just hurts so much more aaaah… ┭┮﹏┭┮

Audience 5: That last bit… It’s a knife stabbing in my chest!! The b.l.o.o.d.y knife of angst!! 〒▽〒

Audience 6: The impact of the emotions couldn’t get stronger!! Furiously spamming the vote b.u.t.ton!! 〒▽〒

That’s it, you won me over.

Indeed, Qi Jing understood the disparity between himself and that guy. But with the sense of defeat rushing to his head, he actually breathed a sigh relief instead, slowly relaxing his back as he leaned back on the chair. He even chuckled self-deprecatingly, “Haha, with a performance like this, I’m happy even as the loser…”

Suddenly, a thought appeared in his mind: “I hope to also be able to reach this level some day”.

Thinking back to this guy’s statement during the introduction, Qi Jing was filled with all kinds of emotions and couldn’t help but agree with his words. “A voice actor like me really isn’t enough to make a handsome leave… I benefited a lot from today, so thank you, senior.”

Although he didn’t know anything about “Two”, this sort of tone and skill… He was undoubtedly qualified to be a “senior”.

The final score also proved that speculation.

【Elapsed Time】:2:00

【Voice Quality】:4.0


【Foundation Points】:4.5


Judging panel’s evaluation: 2.00 + 4.0 + 4.0 + 4.5 + 4.5 = 19.00 points

Additional audience vote points: 85.3% voting ratio = 0.853 points

Overall score: 19.00 + 0.853 = 19.853 points

This score was to be expected, Qi Jing even thought that “Two” deserved an even higher one. Yuan Zhengming also didn’t cut him in the process, letting the contestant perform all the way to the end. And Pu Yuzhi also made an exception and gave him two 4.5 scores—even Shen Yan didn’t get such a high score from her. It could be said to be an unseen precedent, one that caught the audience by a complete surprise, with throngs of them giving him their votes.

But when he saw “Two’s” score, Qi Jing suddenly remembered something that almost slipped his mind.

He stopped for a while at first, then bursted out in a loud laughter, “Ha, hahaha… Apologies, Bronze Sparrow Terrace, as someone who had already forfeited, I already did my best to aid you—”

Even if he forfeited, with this intimidatingly high score “Two” also pushed Bronze Sparrow Terrace to the second place. That being said, in the end, he didn’t manage to get the first place for the main male character he worked so hard for, and that was simply… he just had to give a standing ovation to that from joy. Qi Jing laughed before the screen for quite a long while.

I really gave it to you for free, yet you didn’t even have it in yourself to keep it. Bronze Sparrow Terrace, I can’t even pity you now, really.

Just as he was lamenting for the great G.o.d while laughing, he suddenly heard a faint sigh of regret from the headphones—it came from Yuan Zhengming. Qi Jing froze from surprise, not knowing what was there to lament about for the director.

“Such a pity, such a pity,” The man said heavily in a voice full of sorrow, “I seem to have dug up two good seedlings, yet both of those seedlings grew crooked, each in its own way. One feels like growing straight is too hard for it, while the other won’t let people straighten itself. It truly makes a person feel miserable…”

“Eh?” You can’t be speaking of me, right. Qi Jing pointed at himself, completely depraved of any awareness as “Crooked seedling No.1”.

And “Crooked seedling No.2” already opened another pack of crisps, continuing to snack on it thoughtlessly.

“I will clarify something first,” After the helpless reminder from Yang Chunqu, Yuan Zhengming curbed himself a bit, coughing once to recover his teacherly bearing as he said solemnly, “during the audition just now, those who managed to finish the first scene can count as pretty good, those who finished the second scene could pretty much be entrusted with recording under some slight guidance, as long as there’s no better candidate. And as for those who managed to finish the third scene…”

Suddenly he laughed impishly, deliberately keeping the audience on suspense, waiting for them to yell “beat him!” before he asked unhurriedly.

“How about considering entering the professional VA?”


Two is two, five is five, those two guys are completely unlike each other, from the character to their voices… (╯- _ -)╯︵┻━┻

Those who said that Two is Five surrender yourself in and come over, let Little Return Date scratch your faces hundred times (serious face).

For all of you little foreshadowing nerds who said the orthopaedic doctor is Two, I’m giving you a little flower each, although you’re in fact wrong~ =v= That’s Three, not Two, ehehehe… #theorising how many numbers of little comrades Kitty’s Papa has#

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