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After removing every possible piece of disturbance, Anna peeked outside to stare at the two old love birds. She could hardly contain her childish giggle. Seeing her obvious act, Jake grunted behind her.

"My darling sweet wife, who is also a poor actor!" he muttered.

Diego had no clue until hearing Jake's comment. He took a minute to a.s.sess the situation. Anna called for his help and he went along with Jake. However, the context seems to hold another purpose. He looked out to find Lillian and Giselle all alone, sitting inches apart from each other, yet smiling gleefully. He comprehended Anna's play and shifted his glance to her.

Anna was busily whispering onto Jake's ears, both giggling as they spoke. Diego discovered that he got played by his dear friend.

After such a visible performance to bring those two together, Diego could hardly come up with a reason to leave the kitchen. No matter how much he could scratch his brain cells, not one good excuse he could make up to convince Anna. He finally gave up to join Jake as Anna left them with a recipe for the drink, Cranberry Margaritas.

She returned to Lia and took her to the counter to display her collection of ice creams. She removed each box to scoop a little quant.i.ty for Lia to taste.

The kitchen got occupied with people on both sides. Meanwhile, in the living room, Lillian and Giselle shared a laugh at Anna's play.

"That stupid girl!" Lillian said to make a truce to their fun.

Their laughter faded into a nostalgic smile. Lillian looked at Giselle, studying her face under the light. They were close to each other yet felt distant.

"Are we cool?" she said.

Giselle looked dazed, unable to interpret Lillian's expression.

"I don't know! I mean, it feels as if we're in a big fight."

Giselle seems to agree to her. They never quarreled, but things had escalated unexpectedly to their handling.

"I told you that I wanted to meet you at the weekend, but you were gone."

"Years pa.s.sed, and suddenly I hear you returned. You even invited Anna to your party, forgetting me already-" Lillian pouted with a side-glance.

Giselle stuttered to explain but she got suspended.

"And where do I meet you again for the first time? At Shane's place! There you were, I never thought in a leap year that I would see you there. Then what happens, you run away. Did you know that I got injured from chasing after you?"

Lillian finds Giselle pleading with her eyes, "Let's leave that aside."

"After which I ran away and then you can to find me. We went out and I kissed- you, "

There was a pause to let that sink into those memories. Both were responsible but Lillian admitted to her initiation.

"We both left. The last time I met you was at the party where the little prince ratted me out with his boozer rant. I swear I told Jenna to prepare for great revenge on him. You better watch out since you are his editor."

Lillian casually warned to startle Giselle.

"Because it's you, I'm giving a heads up!" She added to announce the exclusive spot Giselle holds in her life.


"Last time we ended on a good note. I'm glad that neither of us ran away, " Lillian exclaimed.

Giselle did agree. The last time they departed that night, it felt as if she went back to being kids.

"So, are we cool?" Lillian asked again.

Giselle waited for a while before admitting. Her response finally paid for peace between the two.

They returned to silence again. Giselle couldn't find a proper comeback to please her company. She glanced toward the kitchen to find Diego's shadow pa.s.sing by to her sight. Her natural fear for him triggered and she looked away at once in fright.

Worried, she glanced again to find him lurking near the kitchen's entrance, strolling across the place, trying to catch Giselle's attention. However, she never gave him a chance to meet eye-to-eye.

"About what Jayce said-" Lillian began again.

Giselle's attention returned.

"Jayce said certain things on that day, at the party-" she continued.

Because she got a lucky chance to be with Giselle all alone, without getting disturbed, Lillian chose to come clean to Giselle before anyone interrupts.

Knowing that Giselle's eyes were on her, Lillian admitted to being in several miserable relationships. It was tough to confess, and also hard for Giselle to hear. Both had a difficult time looking at each other so their gazes agreed to wander until Giselle emerged.

"Did you ever fall in love- with any of them? Or did you plainly dated them?" She asked to her dreadful complexion.

Lillian thought of all the people she went out with, for drinks, movies, or dinner. Some got lost to her mindful, while one remained strong to her memory and that was Lucy.

Lillian Grey thought of Lucy. She nodded gradually to acknowledge.

If Giselle was still the same teenager, she would feel deceived by Lillian. Nevertheless, along with the washed away years, they matured alone to their own adventures. Giselle did wish not to have heard it, but her own mistakes barred her from expressing her sorrow.

Seeing Giselle hide the gloom, Lillian selfishly regretted ever devoting to those drinks and dinners.

"Are you still together with that person?" Giselle asked, wanting to know.

Lillian denied immediately.

"Why?" Giselle almost raged, once again wishing to know.

"Because she made me think about you!"

Giselle's jaw dropped.

"I fell for her because she reminded me of you."

Giselle's enthusiasm fell to her seat. She settled down to rest, not sure of what to feel, happy or jealous.

"That girl!" Lillian smiled from thinking of Lucy's certain mannerisms that prompted her of Giselle's.

"She had moments where I would end up thinking about you. At one point, I did fell for her-"

Giselle impatiently listened, fiddling her fingers from antic.i.p.ation.

Lillian noticed it. She chose not to go deep about Lucy. It may or may not hurt Giselle. She may have had flattered herself with such thought. But she did intend to hide regardless.

"But we were not meant to be. I can't- I- can't be in a relationship where I'm not completely true to her. She deserves someone else, who's far better and who loves her for her true self. Not the way like I did."

"She was the only one I had a thing for a while, for real-" Lillian confessed.

"Was she- in love with you as well?" Giselle asked.

It took some time for Lillian to admit Lucy's feelings.

"You should have stayed with her then, " Giselle said it in a spur of a moment, but she almost regretted saying it.

Lillian opposed. She knew that her love for Giselle always kept her from moving on in her life. Even if she finds a partner like Lucy, who would care for her truly, it would be an act of deceiving, for, in the end, Lillian would always seek her Giselle.

"No matter what, I would always end up thinking about you. So- it was never meant to be, " Lillian decreed to put an end.

The story kept Giselle distracted successfully, for she rarely looked out at the kitchen. Her mind occupied with a blind image of this person that Lillian admitted to having a relationship for a while. Diego too no longer lurked alone to grab attention. He walked away in stress, only to return later.

"May I- ask about Lia's father?" Lillian appealed.

"No-" Giselle almost shut her instantly, but she didn't.

"I- It was a mistake-"

"L- Li is not a mistake-"

"I meant it was my mistake, but I wished to keep the child because it never did anything wrong!"

Giselle blurted fast that she had sniffed for quick pants to relieve herself.

"Would you like to talk about it?" Lillian proposed again.

There came a firm rejection from Giselle's end who wanted to end the topic. She was not ready to talk about Ethan to Lillian. Unlike her, Giselle did not have such a great heart to confess her young adult sin, open-minded.

Lillian lifted her hands to make peace and they settled for it.

However, that never satisfied the writer. She wanted to get an answer today. No more running away, and no more unexpected kissing, but a clear call of what would they like to do for now on.

"Can we start from where we left?" Lillian asked.

Giselle almost forgot where they had left the last time because of the unexpected name dropping of Lia's father, Ethan Ruz. She appeared like a final stage of the jigsaw puzzle waiting for its last piece to finish the picture.

"I already told you about my feelings, " Lillian said to startle the dull Giselle.

The poor soul had a flushed face, seeking to drift away again. She looked away to escape, but only to find an alarming sight of Diego and little Lia together. Anna wasn't with them and to her apprehension, Diego turned to smile at her, hauntingly. Giselle no longer heard what Lillian was inciting to confess. She stood up at once from her seat before something happens to her child.

"I'm sorry! I have to check on Lia."

Giselle said to find Lillian stunned from the abrupt fleeing.

"I- I can't have her catch a cold. She has it rough with the flue, so- I'll check up on her, " Giselle hurriedly said to leave from Lillian's sight.

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