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Leaving her mobile behind, Giselle ran downstairs to find Melanie and Eric at the dinner table.

"Sweetie, dinner is ready. Come, sit down," Melanie said.

Giselle forgot that the time flew so fast.

She took the seat next to her father, Eric.

Melanie started plating the food and serving them.

"Where's that girl?" Eric queried, seeing Gigi's seat empty.

"She will join us soon. You both start eating first," Melanie a.s.sured.

Eric turned to Giselle and asked about her final exam. They chatted a little about school when Gigi showed up late.

Eric's eyes shifted to his eldest child, glaring at her, he scolded Gigi for joining late.

Gigi confessed that she was busy with her a.s.signments.

"It could be anything, Gigi. We should sit down together and have dinner. Now, don't be late from now on. It's already the third time this week."

Gigi listened to his words.

"Alright, dad. My a.s.signment is due this week, only so I'm busy. Do not worry, and I'll be more punctual from now on," Gigi vowed.

"Eric, leave her alone. I know it already, that's why I kept my silence. Let her eat now, sweetie, eat now."

Melanie's words decreed over the others.

After serving the others, Melanie joined them as well.

The family ate in silence.


Giselle was not in the mood, specifically after what she witnessed today.

Gigi was mostly tired of her college work.

Eric preferred less talking during dinner.

Meanwhile, the only one who kept worrying was Melanie. The mother fretted about Giselle's strange silence ever since she returned from school. It was weird seeing Giselle sulking privately. Melanie hoped that her daughter could open up more to her family.

It has been like this ever since Giselle came out to her parents.

Previously, as a child, Giselle would share anything that happens to her. However, it changed as Giselle grew apart from her family. One of the main reasons Melanie thinks is the gap in between the sisters.

Gigi was the closest to Giselle, and when she stopped talking like usual, Giselle suffered alone, and slowly, she detached herself from opening out.

Melanie did not want her daughter to be like this, and so, breathing in the air, she chose to confront Giselle.

"So, Giselle, how was school?" Melanie spoke, grabbing attention from the other two as well.

Giselle looked up, confused about why the mother would ask about school when she already mentioned it to her father just a few minutes before.

"It was okay."

Nonetheless, Giselle responded.

Melanie heaved under her breath.

"Did- did something happen at school?" Melanie asked, this time, her voice sounded grave and worried.

Eric caught his wife's anxiety. Immediately, he glanced over at Giselle.

Melanie's voice also affected Gigi because it targetted her baby sister. Gigi didn't look at her, but her ears were wide open and ready to listen.

Breaking the curious silence was Giselle's sharp reply.


Her clear response though it sounded stern it meant opposite to what she uttered.

Gigi hissed.

"We all can say for sure something happened. Why are you hiding it from us."

Gigi made a snarky remark, trying to provoke Giselle to talk more.

If she was in her usual self, then Giselle might respond, but not today, today she doesn't want to be bothered.

Throwing a glare, Giselle continued eating.

"…" Gigi couldn't do anything else but watch her sister in surprise.

Melanie noticed the fatal blow Gigi received from her style of confrontation.

It was her turn now.

"Honey, you know we love and support you, right?" Melanie asked.

Tensed from such a bold statement, Giselle flexed her fist.

" Yes, Mom. I know- you don't need to worry. I'm alright now," Giselle spoke, wanting to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

"Okay," Melanie pressed Giselle's hand and comforted her.

Returning to feast in silence, Giselle sighed.

Melanie, though was temporarily shunned, she kept an eye on her daughter to make sure she is okay.

Now, when Giselle could feel the peace, she received a second round of dosage from Gigi.

"So, when is prom?"

Giselle's eyes flinched at her words.

Reminded of the sad feelings that she tried to forget, Giselle's fist under the table tightens in disappointment.


"I'm not going," Giselle responded.

She intended to put an end instead of dragging the conversation.
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Her announcement shocked the family, Eric and Melanie glanced at each other in confusion.


Prom is one of the significant events for high school seniors. A memorable night with their dates; it is something that no one can replace or forget.

Such a special occasion, not anyone would want to miss it.

Right now, there is a kid who says that she won't go to prom.

Gigi, when she was in her senior year, attended the prom lavishly with her ball gown and along with the school's handsome prince.

Gigi enjoyed her prom and took a lot of photos. Still, it remains one of her best memories from high school life.

Even though the sisters don't speak to each other like usual, Gigi wished and wanted her sister to have the best prom ever.

Now, hearing her sister say that she won't go to prom saddened Gigi. More like she was mad at Giselle.

"Why?" Gigi roared, almost yelling out of her lungs.

"Gigi! Calm down, watch your manners at the table," Eric corrected his daughter.

Giselle got startled by the sudden uproar. She dropped her spoon unconsciously.

Taking a moment in to calm herself, Giselle spoke.

"What do you mean, why?" her gaze fell on Gigi.

"Look at me, do you think a girl like me can get asked out to prom?"

"Do you think that I would go out with a guy?"

Giselle glared in silence.

"I don't intend to attend such an event for the sake of partic.i.p.ation. So, please don't make this into an issue. I don't want to talk about this anymore."

Giselle finished. She continued eating; the noises of the fork against the ceramic plate was the only sound that heard in the room.

Completely drenched in the awe, the rest of the family did not dare to continue the topic anymore.

It was the first time Giselle ever vocalized her point out so loud in front of her family. No one dared to defy her statement into a debate.

Gigi became quiet, and so as Melanie. Eric, who was sitting next to his daughter, closely observed Giselle and her silent rage. He did not comment, and instead, he signaled Melanie and Gigi not to drag the topic anymore.


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