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Chapter 797 - 797 Villa Battle (5)

797 Villa Battle (5)

Guan Xiaoyan knew that his father on the other end of the line already believed him, but he did not hang up. He left his phone on speaker mode and continued to argue with Guan Miaoyan.

“Guan Miaoyan, aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself? Who do you think you are? If not for my parents adopting you from the orphanage, would you be where you are today? You’re an ungrateful and heartless person, yet you still have the face to boast shamelessly here. If you don’t think it’s embarra.s.sing, I’ll even feel ashamed for you. When Grandpa was alive, he said that you were a malicious person. Because my parents were deceived by you, Grandpa directly let me inherit the Guan family’s a.s.sets, lest they be deceived by you and let you take the inheritance from Dad’s hands.”

“At that time, I thought that Grandpa’s worry was unnecessary. Now, it looks like Grandpa is the correct one. Dad and Mom have been deceived by you and treated you as a good daughter. If they find out that you murdered me for the Guan family’s a.s.sets, do you think they’ll still treat you as their daughter?”

“Shut up.” Guan Miaoyan had originally only been shooting at Xue Fanxin. When she heard Guan Xiaoyan’s words, she was quite agitated and lost control of her emotions. Hence, she turned the muzzle of her gun to Guan Xiaoyan and fired three shots in a row.


Bang, bang, bang… Guan Xiaoyan was so frightened that he hid under the car again and did not dare to show his head again. He looked at Xue Fanxin and asked nervously, “Madam, what should we do now? Do we have to hide in the car forever?”

Xue Fanxin did not answer Guan Xiaoyan’s question. Instead, she stared straight ahead, then raised her head to look up. She happened to see movement in the building near the door of the Azure Ox Villa. In a room by the second floor, someone was standing by the window, aiming a sniper rifle in their direction. The moment she raised her head to look up, the other party pulled the trigger and fired.

The shot was aimed at Guan Xiaoyan. The bullet shot down diagonally from above, just enough to enter the car through the window and hit Guan Xiaoyan.

The bullet was too fast, and the s.p.a.ce in the car was limited. There was no way to dodge, and it was already too late to get out of the car.

“Stay put.” In a moment of desperation, Xue Fanxin pulled Guan Xiaoyan up and sat him down. She quickly took out a dagger and cut the bullet that flew into the window in half.

The bullet that had been cut in half was blocked and the two pieces shot to both sides. Half of it hit the seat and the other half hit the shattered windshield in front of the car.

The person who had fired on the second floor had clearly seen Xue Fanxin use a dagger to cut the bullet in half. However, even if he had seen it with his own eyes, he did not believe such a fact. In a moment of desperation, he fired two more shots, but unfortunately, he did not hit them.

Xue Fanxin opened the car door and threw Guan Xiaoyan out, helping him dodge the two shots from upstairs.

However, the moment they got out of the car, the people around them immediately shot at them, especially Guan Miaoyan, who kept shooting. No one present could compare to her ruthlessness.

“Madam… What are you doing?” After Guan Xiaoyan was thrown out of the car, before he could react, he heard a series of gunshots. Many bullets. .h.i.t the ground around him, scaring him quite badly.

“What are you waiting for? Quickly find a place to hide.” Xue Fanxin also jumped down and released Little Meow. Then, she quickly ran to a person, s.n.a.t.c.hed his gun, and killed him. Then, she used the gun she had stolen to kill everyone around her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xue Fanxin’s every shot hit the target accurately. In less than ten seconds, seven or eight people had already fallen.

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The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World Chapter 797 - 797 Villa Battle (5) summary

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