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Chapter 796 - 796 Villa Battle (4)

796 Villa Battle (4)

Guan Miaoyan sat in the car and fired a few shots, but she could not hit Xue Fanxin. She felt that the s.p.a.ce in the car was too small for her to use her tricks, so she got out of the car and continued to shoot. She kept shooting at Xue Fanxin, and when the gun ran out of bullets, she asked Xu for more.

Xu was very generous. He filled the gun with bullets and handed the gun to Guan Miaoyan so that she could shoot enough.

For some reason, he had a strong feeling that Guan Miaoyan was about to be finished.

Yang looked at Xu in confusion. “Why did you indulge her? With her marksmanship, it’s purely a waste of bullets.”


“We have to act generous to a woman who’s about to be finished.”

“What do you mean? Guan Xiaoyan will definitely die today. After all, Boss is personally going to do it. With Guan Xiaoyan dead, everything in the Guan family will belong to Guan Miaoyan. How can she be finished? Although we’re working for this woman, I don’t like her.”

Who would like a woman who was ungrateful?

“Don’t you think that Guan Xiaoyan’s trip to the Azure Ox Villa was a trap? Guan Miaoyan foolishly walked into a trap. Even if Guan Xiaoyan dies today, she won’t be able to stand firm in the Guan family. Will the Guan couple tolerate a woman who killed their biological son continuing to lord over the Guan family? If I’m not wrong, the Guan family will soon find out what happened here.”

Hence, Guan Xiaoyan was going to die today, and Guan Miaoyan was definitely going to die.

After Yang heard Xu’s words, he looked at Guan Miaoyan with a mocking gaze.

Guan Miaoyan did not hear Xu and Yang’s conversation. At this moment, she was constantly shooting outside. Her hands were numb and painful, but she could not hit Xue Fanxin. This made her very angry. Coupled with Guan Xiaoyan’s words, she was distraught and panicked.

Guan Xiaoyan already knew that she wanted to kill him, so she had to kill him today. Otherwise, once word reached the Guan family, she would be finished.

“Guan Xiaoyan, if you want to blame someone, blame yourself for blocking my way. Without you, I would be the only heir to the Guan family’s a.s.sets. Therefore, only by getting rid of you can I become the heir of the Guan family and obtain all of the Guan family’s a.s.sets. Don’t think I don’t know that when Grandpa was alive, he had already made a will to let you inherit all of the Guan family’s a.s.sets. Dad is only helping you take care of the Guan family’s a.s.sets for now. The real owner of those a.s.sets is you.”

The more Guan Miaoyan spoke, the more agitated she became. Just the thought of what her grandfather had said before he died made her extremely jealous.

Although she was not a child of the Guan family, since the Guan family had adopted her, she was a child of the Guan family. However, her grandfather only had Guan Xiaoyan in his heart and had never loved her. Even until his death, he had to arrange everything for Guan Xiaoyan. He would rather let Guan Xiaoyan directly inherit the Guan family’s a.s.sets than let his own son inherit them.


Why could Guan Xiaoyan obtain everything from the Guan family while she had nothing?

She was indignant.

Guan Xiaoyan’s phone call had not ended. When Father Guan heard Guan Miaoyan’s voice and what she had said over the phone, he was extremely shocked, and his mind was buzzing.

His adopted daughter had actually wanted to kill his biological son for his a.s.sets.

It was unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable.

Father Guan picked up the phone and walked out. When he reached the door, he instructed his bodyguards, “Call everyone and follow me to the Azure Ox Villa immediately. Remember, bring strong people.”

The bodyguard understood what he meant and nodded in response. “Yes.”

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