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Chapter 1291 - Chapter 1291: Back to You

Chapter 1291: Back to You

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The news of the entire new student secret realm trial being shown quickly spread throughout the entire Five Elements Academy. Many people came to the central square of the academy to watch the commotion.

When Feng Xianyao found out about this, she immediately felt uneasy. Afraid that something bad would happen to her, she also went to the square to watch.

She knew that Elder Ji Yuan and Elder Sang had done something in private to get rid of Xue Fanxin in the secret realm, and she had also done something small.

Initially, no one would know the situation in the secret realm, but now, the people from the Nine Nether Holy Land had interfered and created some Moonflower Water Mirror so that everyone could see the situation in the secret realm. This was not a good thing for many people.

Xue Fanxin did not know anything about what was going on outside at all, nor did she know about the so-called Moonflower Water Mirror. After entering the secret realm, she first felt the world spin, and it took her a while to slowly adapt.

Because everyone was blocking the entrance, there were people in front of them. It was a black ma.s.s and a mess. Everyone was looking for their companions and teammates. They took out maps and discussed which way to go. Some people had already had a conflict at the entrance and started arguing.

When she entered the secret realm, Shui Moning was pushed by someone. In the end, she fell at Lin Weiwei’s feet.

The moment Lin Weiwei saw Shui Moning, she was so angry that she took the opportunity to step on her ruthlessly.

“Ah…” After Shui Moning fell, she wanted to get up immediately, but she was unexpectedly stepped back. Her back was burning with pain, and her spine was about to be broken. She could not get up at all.

“How dare you hit me.” Lin Weiwei had not forgotten that she had been slapped ten times by Shui Moning in the canteen and kicked away from the ice by Xue Fanxin. During this period of time, she had been thinking of ways to take revenge. If not for the Dean’s repeated warnings not to cause trouble, she would have long taught Shui Moning a lesson.

Without the supervision of the dean, elders, and teachers, what was there to be afraid of when she entered the secret realm trial?

Regarding Lin Weiwei’s actions, the surrounding people only watched coldly and did not even say a word, let alone save her.

Lin Weiwei was suppressing a strong anger in her heart. However, stepping on Shui Moning a few times could not appease her anger at all, so she continued to attack Shui Moning. She pulled her hair and kept slapping her.

“I returned this to you.”

Pa, pa… The loud slaps spread far and wide. Many people heard them. When some people who were arguing heard the slaps, they stopped arguing and turned their gazes over.

Shui Moning’s back hurt badly and her hair was being pulled by Lin Weiwei. Her face was burning with pain and her head was dizzy. She could not resist at all.

At this moment, Huo Lieyun, Jin Zhengming, and Shi Bo rushed over. Seeing Shui Moning being pulled by the hair and slapped by Lin Weiwei, the three of them immediately rushed forward.

“Lin Weiwei, stop.”

Beside Lin Weiwei, Zhao Qinan stepped forward to stop Huo Lieyun, Jin Zhengming, and Shi Bo from ruining Lin Weiwei’s plans.

“This is a grudge between women. As a man, it’s best not to interfere.”

“You won’t interfere in a woman’s grudge, right? Then I’ll hit you. Brothers, go.” Huo Lieyun did not waste his breath and threw Zhao Qinan over his shoulder before starting to fight.

Jin Zhengming and Shi Bo did not idle either and beat Zhao Qinan up.

It was three against one. Zhao Qinan was no match for her at all. He was beaten until he cried out.

At this moment, in the central square outside the mystic realm, everyone was watching this scene. Seeing Lin Weiwei’s ruthlessness and Zhao Qinan’s bad luck, they did not know what to say.

Lin Weiwei and Zhao Qinan were both students of the heaven cla.s.s. When the instructor of the heaven cla.s.s saw this scene, he was extremely depressed. Although his heart ached for his student being beaten, it was his student who started the trouble first.

This Lin Weiwei was a little ruthless..

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