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Chapter 1290 - Chapter 1290: Moonflower Water Mirror

Chapter 1290: Moonflower Water Mirror

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Xue Fanxin knew that Shui Moning was nervous. She gently patted her shoulder to rea.s.sure her.

Dean Qing Mu ignored the uneasiness and nervousness of the new students and continued, “There are a total of three missions in this mystic realm trial. Everyone has to obtain a crystal core of a demonic beast above Rank Five and pick a Thousand Spirit Gra.s.s. Also, they have to stay in the mystic realm for more than five days. If any of these three missions is not completed, they have to leave the Five Elements Academy.”

Many new students were originally quite nervous and uneasy, but after hearing the so-called mission, they relaxed a little.

These three missions were not difficult. With their cultivation and ability, they could easily complete them, so there was nothing to be nervous about.

Shui Moning also heaved a sigh of relief at this moment. She had a little more confidence in completing the mission.

From the beginning to the end, Xue Fanxin did not feel anything. She did not take it to heart about the so-called mission. From the beginning to the end, she had been observing some people standing in front of her, especially Feng Xiyu, Elder Sang, and Elder Ji Yuan. She felt that these people were up to no good.

No matter if it was an open scheme or a conspiracy, with Ah Jiu around, it would not succeed.

“It’s almost time. I’ll open the entrance to the Spirit Inheritance Secret Realm now. The entrance will only open for fifteen minutes, so all of you are to be prepared. Once the entrance opens, then enter quickly.” Qing Mu did not waste his breath anymore. He took out a badge and injected his spirit energy into it. He chanted some incantations, and right on the heels of that, a door of light appeared in front of him.

“From now on, everyone, enter the entrance one by one starting with the

special cla.s.s. Be fast.”

As soon as Dean Qing Mu finished speaking, the disciples of the special cla.s.s started to enter quickly. In a flash, they disappeared into the entrance.

When everyone from the Mystic Cla.s.s entered, there were less than ten seconds left. The five people from the Yellow Cla.s.s were just short of entering the secret realm.

Seeing the five people from Yellow Cla.s.s enter the secret realm, Elder Sang and Elder Ji Yuan revealed sinister smiles. Even Feng Xiyu’s lips curled up slightly, as if some scheme had succeeded.

But at this moment, Chuge and Muyu suddenly appeared.

Qing Mu immediately went forward to welcome them. “Young Master Chuge,

Young Master Muyu, may I know why the two of you are here today?”

“The Nether King found out that the difficulty of the new student secret realm trial this time has increased. In order to let you know the situation in the secret realm better and know the true performance of the new students, he allowed the situation of the secret realm trial this time to be made public the entire time. This is the Moonflower Water Mirror. It can show the situation in the Secret Realm truthfully.”


When Elder Sang, Elder Ji Yuan, and Feng Xiyu heard Chuge’s words and saw the Moonflower Water Mirror in his hand, everyone was extremely frightened and panicked.

If the situation of the secret realm trial was shown the entire time, wouldn’t their scheme appear in front of everyone?

If Xue Fanxin really died in their scheme, the Nine Nether Holy Land would definitely not let them off. At that time, it would be bad.

d.a.m.n it, that Nether King really had nothing to do. Why did he bring out the Moonflower Water Mirror? It was really infuriating.

Compared to Elder Sang and Elder Ji Yuan’s panic and anger, Feng Xiyu was relatively calm. He asked, “Brother Chuge, Brother Muyu, your relationship with Xue Fanxin is not ordinary. Then, does she know about the Moonflower Water Mirror? If she already knows, but the others don’t, isn’t that unfair?”

“Young Master Xiyu, don’t worry. I can swear to the heavens with my life.

Before this, no one in the secret realm knew about the Moonflower Water Mirror, including Xue Fanxin. Then, I’ll activate the Moonflower Water Mirror now and let everyone take a good look at the trial in the secret realm.”

Chuge’s oath made Feng Xiyu even more uneasy, but he could still hide it with all his might.

It did not matter even if the entire trial was shown. Once their scheme was exposed, they just had to push Elder Sang or Elder Ji Yuan out. Anyway, he had not done anything..

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