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Fairytale Town 10

This is the first time Xie Xi had seen X.

He thought X was a bit familiar. Thinking about it, X seemed somewhat similar to the vampire Aix-en?

The hair colour wasn't the same and the facial features weren't exact but…

This type of feeling was very similar.

In fact, X's outfit was very simple and in a plain black colour. There wasn't the c.u.mbersome medieval Europe style yet he inexplicably gave people such a feeling.

In particular, the two different coloured eyes and the laziness that seemed immersed in his bones.

Xie Xi thought to himself, 'A Persian cat?'

It was really fancy!

He hated this person in his heart while he smiled. "G.o.d X, h.e.l.lo."

Jiang Xie was frozen.

It wasn't his fault. This was the first time he was seeing Xie Xi.

He might've chased Small Sein for several days and his soul was fascinated by this little guy, but this was actually their first time meeting.

Xie Xi was very good-looking. He had impeccable facial features, clean and delicate skin and was like a flag standing on a mountain, fluttering straight into Jiang Xie's heart.

—G.o.d X, h.e.l.lo ^_^.

Jiang Xie saw the live version. The little guy's smiling face was exactly the same as the symbol.

It was a standard fake smile but it was also lively to death.

His 'mechnanical' appearance made Xie Xi sigh with relief. "Sure enough, it is a puppet.

Jiang Xie's spirit returned.

Song Qi's 0 eyes were staring at him. "The living G.o.d X, so handsome. Ah, I'm dead. I will die without any regrets!"

Xie Xi, "…"

He was still very wary and kept observing X. He saw X acting indifferently to the stupid Song Qi and his thoughts were once again confirmed.

This was truly a puppet. Indeed, how could a bigshot be summoned so casually? It was estimated that the central will created a subst.i.tute for the real people. This was just a NPC with a player's face.

Once he knew it wasn't a real person, Xie Xi was too lazy to pretend.

He couldn't offend the real pervert but how could he be afraid of a puppet that signed a contract?

Xie Xi thought about his anger from the last world and was more and more unwilling to see this fancy Persian cat. Song Qi was still moving around X. "Great figure, this is the legendary golden ratio!"

Xie Xi smiled.

"The eyes are so exciting… don't look at me… I'm going to faint…" The 0 Song Xi acted out a drama.

Xie Xi gave a brief a.s.sessment. "Ugly."

Song Qi spat out, "You have the aesthetics of a straight man." The two of them had been together for a while and Song Qi got to know this person better. Xie Xi was beautiful but unfortunately, he couldn't tell between beauty and ugliness.

Xie Xi glanced at X and saw that X still had a dull face. He completely put down his worries. 'Okay, this is 100% a puppet and won't run.'

Jiang Xie was an old fox who had been turned over and over in a pan of oil, how could he not understand this situation? According to common sense, the summoning only summoned the body. There was no rule that the actual person couldn't come. Jiang Xie had been waiting so long and naturally wouldn't send over a puppet.

It was a pity that he came but was treated as a puppet.

Still, it was kind of fun.

He looked at the change in Xie Xi's face and found it funny.

The more Song Qi looked, the more reluctant he became. "We can't do this to him! This is G.o.d X. It might be a puppet but it is still top goods!"

Xie Xi glanced at him. "Do you want to go down?"

Song Qi hurriedly zipped his mouth.

If it wasn't for the beauty present, he would've already left the cave. This smell was killing people. How could he go do to search for something? It was better to die.

Old Jiang didn't know what he was about to face but played a show with great interest. He bowed to Xie Xi and whispered, "Master."

Song Qi took a breath and exclaimed, "G.o.d, my G.o.d… my ears are pregnant!"

Xie Xi was also shocked…

Jiang Xie's words were similar to the housekeeper Randy. The posture of the bow, the sloping eyes and the curve of the face were exactly the same!


Xie Xi thought, 'Sure enough, it is that d.a.m.n person.'

He didn't forget how the housekeeper Randy had cut off his head.

“Help me obtain something." Xie Xi didn't intend to waste time. He needed to obtain the dragon heart in three minutes.

Jiang Xie's lips curved. "Please give me a command."

"This blood pool contains something called a dragon heart. Please bring it up."

Jiang Xie was surprised for a moment.

Song Qi was almost crying, "Brother Qi, how can you do this? That pool is full of rotten corpses. If G.o.d X jumps down, his name…" He felt like dying.

Xie Xi's heart wasn't moved.

Jiang Xie stared at the blood pool with rotting corpses.

He absolutely couldn't go down there.

He couldn't see the goodwill in a quasi-world but Jiang Xie suspected that if he really came up from the b.l.o.o.d.y pool, a 0 would be added to his -175.

Xie Xi stared at him with dark eyes.

Jiang Xie realized that if he let Xie Xi know he wasn't really a puppet, there would be two 0s added to the -175.

"Okay, Master." Jiang Xie accepted it.

Song Qi felt numb at these words.

Xie Xi frowned and unconsciously exposed an alert look. Don't blame him, Randy and Gars were like this. They had an abnormal heart under the obedient surface!

He had died so often that he learnt to look through the appearance to the essence.

It was fortunate that Jiang Xie couldn't see the goodwill in a quasi-world or the red -1…

Well, it wouldn't be a fatal strike when seeing it.

Jiang Xie couldn't let this little guy go down. How could he let Xie Xi touch the broken corpses?

Jiang Xie also wouldn't dive down to find the dragon heart.

He couldn't carry items but he had his skills. He could take out the object without going down.

Xie Xi saw X raised his hand. The darkness of his palm was obvious even in the dark cave. It was a big strange, as if the black fog was too dark, causing the surrounding area to be lined with a dark blue light.

Song Qi held his breath and didn't dare blink. This scene wasn't common. After all, there was no such sight in this town!

The black mist gathered to the size of a goose egg. Then it lightened and fell rapidly from the slender fingers. It was clearly as light as a feather in Jiang Xie's palm but now it was a heavy iron ball that slammed into the b.l.o.o.d.y sea.

For a moment, the whole cave seemed to shake.

Xie Xi looked back and there were no corpses. Only a large white stone was lying at the bottom of a dry pool.

Song Qi screamed loudly, "Amazing!" What was the point of his worry? A bigshot was a bigshot. Who could he raise dung? He only needed to lift his fingers to take care of it He also purified the scary bodies.

Xie Xi was startled and thought, 'Yes, he really is capable. I can't afford to provoke him now.'

Jiang Xie raised his hand. The white stone rolled up until it floated in front of Xie Xi.

Xie Xi grabbed the dragon heart and told X, "Thank you."

Jiang Xie was just about to open his mouth when he was pulled by something and disappeared into thin air.

Three minutes was really fleeting.

Song Qi was full of regrets at not seeing enough.

Xie Xi hit him in the forehead and called back his spirit.

Song Qi shook his head and sighed. "Really exciting."

Xie Xi looked at him. "Do you like him?"

Song Qi laughed and wanted to say that everyone loved beauty. Then he remembered that Xie Xi didn't love beauty and replied, "You don't understand the world of the face obsessed."

Xie Xi, "…"

Song Qi was afraid of a misunderstanding and explained, "It doesn't matter if I like him. G.o.d X is too close to a G.o.d and I can only look up to him."

Xie Xi didn't fully approve but he admitted that X was extremely powerful.

Song Qi thought about the task and glanced to his bottom right. "The task isn't completed?"

His side mission was Xie Xi's main mission. Both of them had to collect the dragon's heart. By all accounts, it should be completed at the same time.

Xie Xi shook his head. "It seems the task isn't so simple."

Song Qi wondered, "Is the dragon heart a fake?"

They glanced at the golden-eyed boy. Unexpectedly, the boy had fainted at an unknown time.

Xie Xi quickly held him.

The boy had lost consciousness and seemed like he had fallen into a deep sleep. It was almost unbearable to wake up him.

Xie Xi placed a finger under his nose and felt his steady breathing.

The vital signs were good. He was just asleep.

Xie Xi called to him. "Xiao Feng?"

The boy showed no reaction.

Song Qi glanced at him. "What's going on?"

Due to X, the bodies in the cave were gone and even the air had become refreshed.

Xie Xi muttered, "It seems that this dragon heart…" He paused before he could say 'there is a problem.'

Song Qi followed his gaze and flinched.

The person who arrived had blond hair and ferociously cold eyes. His footsteps were light and he gave off an unpleasant feeling.

Zhong Jin!

He found them!

It was over… As soon as G.o.d X left, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d came. What should they do? Could Xie Xi still use summoning?

Unexpectedly, Zhong Jin smiled at them and said, "Follow me, I will take you to complete this task."

It wasn't a fake sunny smile. He really did want to help them.


Jiang Xie returned to his garden and Yan Zhe asked him, "How was it? What did you have to do after being summoned?"

He hadn't done anything in the past few days. He wanted to know the progress of Old Jiang's love, which was much more interesting than those boring love games.

Yan Zhe said again, "Little Rose is so good to you, he must be very happy when you met!"

He was happy, happy to use Jiang Xie as a excavator.

Jiang Xie calmly said, "Yes, he smiled at me." The fake laughter was also very cute.

Yan Zhe choked because he swallowed dog food after a long time. "What did he call you to do? Was it a person from the Double Beheading School? He wasn't in danger, was he?"

Jiang Xie really wanted to act as a hero and punish someone but unfortunately…

"He encountered a very tricky problem." Old Jiang half lied. "I helped him resolve it."

"Tut." Yan Zhe didn't doubt him and felt bitter. "Your goodwill definitely went higher!"

Old Zone, why did you make Old Jiang's love road so smooth. He wasn't satisfied!

Jiang Xie looked at the goodwill and saw that it was really 'higher.'

"It just reached 180."

Yan Zhe was silent for a moment before shouting, "This is too high! Once he comes out, will the two of you get a license to be married?"

Jiang Xie was very clear about this. "He is still young. I will take my time."

Yan Zhe, "………."

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Fairytale Town 11

Xie Xi placed the dragon heard into the empty items bar and looked at Zhong Jin vigilantly.

Zhong Jin didn't care and took the initiative to show his back to them. "Come with me."

Song Qi glanced at Xie Xi, who paused before whispering, "Go and see." He bent over and picked up the sleepy Xiao Feng.

Zhong Jin didn't turn his head but knew what Xie Xi had done. "You are so gentle."

Xie Xi didn't say anything.

Zhong Jin led them out of the cave. The bright line from the outside shone, giving him a layer of light. Unfortunately, this was just a waste.

Zhong Jin walked ahead without any precautions and slowly told them, "This is the most successful world the Double Beheading Group has designed. It took three years of hard work before it was finally recognized by Zone and became a qualified quasi-world."

Xie Xi knew all of this but Zhong Jin gave more of an explanation now.

"I partic.i.p.ated in drawing the blueprint of the town. Aaron was responsible for the town's residents and many people were responsible for the framework and details. Dozens of people worked hard for three years and finally made a F-grade world."

A self-deprecating smile appeared on Zhong Jin's face. "X is a person who designs S or even SS-grade worlds."

This exaggerated contrast was directly experienced and was far more cruel for him than the listening audience members.

The gap was too wide and made people feel despair.

Xie Xi didn't hear wrong. Zhong Jin said this was a F-grade world but this Fairytale Town was clearly D-grade.

He didn't have a chance to ask a question when Zhong Jin suddenly spoke.

"The designer has no heart, because G.o.d doesn't need a heart."

This seemed specifically aimed at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi faintly understood why Zhong Jin's att.i.tude went through a 360 degree change, helping them instead of trying to kill them.

Zhong Jin continued, "We weren't mature and couldn't become real designers, especially Aaron. He was responsible for the town's residents but was too selfish."

This time Zhong Jin told the truth. "Aaron made his dead child into a resident of the town and gave him a new life."

Xie Xi was startled and looked down at Xiao Feng in his arms." "Yes, it is the child in your arms."

Song Qi cried out incredulously, "If he is your friend's child, why do you want to kill him?" At Aunty Sun's house, Zhong Jin fired a arrow at Xiao Feng and it was Xie Xi who quickly saved the boy.

"Aaron's child?" Zhong Jin replied. "He is just a toy."

Xie Xi tightly gripped the boy's hand.

"This is why Aaron was doomed as a designer. He is as soft as you and poured countless feelings towards Xiao Feng, actually thinking of Xiao Feng as his own child."

Xie Xi's lips thinned, unable to agree with this person's view. How was the boy not a living person? He had blood, flesh and self-awareness. Wasn't this being alive?

Zhong Jin continued, "It is bad when you can't control your heart. When it wasn't recognized as a quasi-world, we can freely go in and out. Then once recognized by the Zone, even the designer can't enter." They could only enter if they had a task.

Xie Xi frowned and guessed, "Xiao Feng encountered danger?"

“You're so clever." Zhong Jin smiled at Xie Xi. Unfortunately, his smile didn't reach his eyes and was cold. "Don't blame the first batch of players. We were too incompetent. The town was designed to be very beautiful but it had no self-protection ability. The residents designed to be innocent and simple couldn't see the beasts under the human faces."

As he spoke, Zhong Jin was still indifferent, showing no pain or regret. "These types of beautiful and fragile things will inspire people's evil thoughts. Beautiful girls who will go to bed with them after a few words, the town's most beautiful house that can be wantonly occupied, silly villagers who take the initiative to offer food and treasures… how can the game players suppress the desire to destroy it?"

"The girls became wh.o.r.es, the beautiful house became an evil cave and the beautiful paradise became a h.e.l.l on earth."

Zhong Jin's eyes fell on the child. "This child got too much love from Aaron and was more attention.  He saw the players' atrocities and tried to stop them. Then he was brutally abused by players several times more powerful than him."

“On the grounds of doing the task, Aaron came to visit the child and lost control when he saw this scene." Zhong Jin's eyes flashed. "He violently killed all the players."

Xie Xi's heart stopped and he told the truth. "Then you discovered that the world's rank improved."

Zhong Jin was shocked and exclaimed, "You really are different." Admittedly, he left a lot of clues. However, normal players who heard this would be distressed about Aaron and Xiao Feng and angry at the players. They wouldn't be thinking rationally.

Xie Xi opened his mouth, "Initially, this world was F-grade. Thanks to Aaron losing control and killing the players, the world's level improved the next time a task was released."

"Yes. It rose from F-grade to E-grade."

Xie Xi's eyes narrowed. "Then you started to hunt players, preventing them from clearing the instance and inflaming the relationship between villagers and players, forcefully upgrading the world's rank."

"Yes." Zhong Jin laughed brightly. "As long as I killed you this time, the Fairytale Town would grow to C-grade."

The originally confused Song Qi finally understood!

His eyes were wide because he never thought it would be like this.

Fairytale Town was originally only F-grade. The world was designed by a group of people but they weren't mature, resulting in many loopholes. Aaron selfishly placed his dead child in the world and came to see him from time to time.

The first players had evil intentions towards this undefended town and did many bad things. The funny thing was that if they didn't harm Xiao Feng, they wouldn't be punished at all. It was because the villagers had no thoughts of rebelling.

Xiao Feng was abused and Aaron saw his 'resurrected' child being hurt like this. He angrily slaughtered all the players.

He thought it was over. Unexpectedly, the Fairytale Town that hadn't been cleared once again released an a.s.sembly task.

This time, the town's rating changed from F to E.

The dozens of people involved in the design exhausted their efforts and only made an immature F-grade world. Now they just had to slaughter a group of newcomers to make the world's rating rise.

They got greedy. If they kept going, what would the Fairytale Town grow into?

F, E, D, C, B, A, S…

There was too much of a difference! Even if they only managed to upgrade Fairytale Town to a B-grade, the rewards for clearing the world would be incalculable!

If they were more ambitious and waited for the world to evolve to S-grade…

Looking at the whole centre…

Among the endless quasi-worlds, the S-grade was rare, let alone a S-grade team task!

Originally it was for Aaron's revenge and gradually it developed into something more deliberate.

Zhong Jin intentionally introduced newcomers into the game. The newcomers had no experience and their efficiency when doing tasks was very low. The death rate was extremely high.

His group had only one purpose: to constantly upgrade the rating of the world.

They would do whatever it took.

As the difficulty of the Fairytale Town continued to increase, the appearance of the town changed. The fairytale appearance faded away and became overshadowed by darkness and horror.

The residents of the town were also forcibly grown. They became made and learned to kill under the threat of their life and resources constantly being deprived.

Zhong Jin saw the disgust in Xie Xi's eyes.

He didn't care and just smiled. "Do you feel sick? Who knows how X made a S-grade world."

Xie Xi declared, "It will never be like you."

Zhong Jin didn't speak.

Xie Xi stared at the boy in his arms and asked in a low voice, "Aren't you afraid of me clearing this quasi-world?"

Zhong Jin could continue to upgrade the level of this Fairytale Town as long as no one cleared the world. If someone cleared the instance, the Zone wouldn't release any more tasks and the players wouldn't be able to enter. Naturally, the rating could no longer be increased.

Before Xie Xi, Zhong Jin brought in newcomers who knew nothing. Even if they were fortunate enough to gain the core task, they couldn't gain the core side task. If they did, there were Zhong Jin and the others waiting to kill them.

This cycle created a higher ranked world built with blood and madness!

Zhong Jin replied, "There is no way. If I don't help you, won't you call X to kill me?"

"You really saw it." The only reason why Zhong Jin would become so honest was if he saw X's body. He knew he couldn't kill Xie Xi and Song Qi and wanted to send them out of this world."

"I didn't dare look or else I would be dead." He was joking, but how could he actually get close to X? Zhong Jin continued, "Of course, I am a person involved in the design and have special channels to feel such things." He turned and stared at Xie Xi, asking, "Can you really clear this instance?"

Xie Xi stated, "I will definitely clear it." It was only by clearing it that this town could be freed from the infinite loop!

"You are too kind." Zhong Jin smiled. "Let's go. I will take you to see Aaron."

Xie Xi froze once he saw Aaron.

Zhong Jin showed a sincere smile that had never been seen before, as if he was seeing an old friend. He touched the figure perched on half of the mountain and said, "Get up, old dragon."

"Aaron…" Song Qi was stunned. "He isn't a player!"

Zhong Jin explained, "In order to protect that child, this fool willing fell. This ridiculous world's level was too low and Aaron had too much power. He was forced to change back to his original form."

Xie Xi's heart received a short shock.

At this moment, the unconscious Xiao Feng woke up, his golden eyes daze. Then he saw the golden dragon in front of him and burst into tears. "Dragon G.o.d!"

The dragon had the same golden eyes but couldn't say anything.

The boy trotted over, one small hand holding the golden dragon's paws and the other rubbing the delicate head. "I thought I would never see you again, dragon G.o.d." He looked up at the dragon. "I know you have always been here!"

The dragon stared at him, not saying anything and his expression not even changing.

He was a dragon, just a dragon.

Zhong Jin stared at this sight and the corners of his mouth straightened.

Xie Xi stared at him. "You want to upgrade the world, is it really for…"

“What else?" Zhong Jin laughed. "Of course it is for the reward of clearing the world. Unfortunately, it was taken away by you."

Xie Xi's brow furrowed.

Zhong Jin urged him, "Hurry and give the stone to this dragon."

Xie Xi asked, "Will it harm the dragon?"

"How can he be hurt? He is willing."

Xie Xi took out the white stone and placed it in front of the dragon.

The dragon's eyes shook before smoothing out. The dragon claws carefully touched the top of the boy's head before a ray of light burst out. Countless gold rays streamed from the dragon's body and gathered together, rushing into the white stone.

The originally white stone turned gold, like the sun in the sky.

At the same time, a prompt appeared in the lower right corner of Xie Xi's vision. [Congratulations, you have completed the main mission: collect the dragon heart.]

At the last moment, Xie Xi threw the golden stone.

Collecting it didn't mean possession.

No matter what the dragon's heart stood for, it belonged here.

Xie Xi failed to see that the golden stone he threw became the sun that illuminated the whole tone.

[Congratulations, you have cleared the D-grade quasi-world, Fairytale Town.]

Xie Xi's eyes fell on the words 'quasi-world.' For the first time, he felt that this wasn't a game but a real world.

It was a pity that he left and couldn't know what happened to the town.

Xie Xi sighed and placed his hand in the water curtain to check the task rewards.

It was just a D-grade world and gave ordinary rewards: 10,000 silver coins and a white stone.

This stone was similar to the one fished out of the blood pool, but it was much smaller.

Xie Xi placed it in his backpack and saw the detailed description.

Name: Energy Storage Stone.

Purpose: Acc.u.mulate energy.

Description: Too weak. It is better to have an energy-filled stone. Please note that the energy must be willingly given by the other person, or it will be countered.

Xie Xi was startled. The so-called dragon's heart meant collecting Aaron's power?

How was this energy stone placed in the blood pool and what happened after the golden dragon's power was collected?

He always felt there were many mysteries that hadn't been solved.

Xie Xi looked at the communications list. Song Qi's name was followed by the words 'In the game.'

He completed the main core task and was sent back to the Central World, but Song Qi hadn't collected the underwear. He couldn't come back and was still in the Fairytale Town.

Clearing the game meant that the Zone would no longer release tasks for the Fairytale Town and no more players could enter. Players who previously accepted a task and entered the quasi-world needed to complete it before they could leave.

Once Song Qi came out, he should know more information.

Xie Xi calmed his mind and prepared to search for the next quasi-world.

He clicked on the Quasi-world column. The first line was still Love to the Left or Right. The second line had Fairytale Town, following by the quasi-world level and the fact that it had been cleared. The third line stated: Search for a new world.

Very good… he could get rid of that d.a.m.n Atlantis!

Xie Xi sighed with relief and clicked the search b.u.t.ton.

-New task, please give him a normal one!

The small funnel finished loading and a subpage popped up.

[Quasi-world: Lost Atlantis, the difficulty is unknown, designer X, not challenged.]

It was exactly the same words and punctuation!

Xie Xi, "…" He was haunted!

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