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Chapter 118.1

“Congratulations, dear players, for accepting the [???] level task [Light G.o.d’s Labyrinth]. Your mission goal is [Crack the Light G.o.d’s Labyrinth], the time limit is [???] days. After the mission is completed, you will get [???] points and special rewards, if the mission fails, you will be [???].

“Finally, dear player, welcome to the Abyss…”

…Wait a minute!

Even if there was no time limit, even if you didn’t know the points and the failure penalty, you didn’t even know the difficulty level? What kind of mission was this?

Was it a mission that was more difficult than an S-level mission or even a super S-level mission? What kind of perverse mission was this?!

Xiao Tangqiu opened his eyes suddenly to the sound of a harsh brake—

“Are you crazy? Why did you suddenly rush to the middle of the road?!”

Xiao Tangqiu stood up silently from the ground. He looked up and immediately saw a car stop right in front of him. A man opened the door and rushed out, pointing at his nose and swearing, “If you want to die, don’t f.u.c.king do it in the middle of the road! What bad luck!”

He looked around in disbelief, realizing that he was standing in the middle of a big crossroads, surrounded by a constant stream of cars and busy pedestrians on both sides. After such an event, some people had stopped to spectate.

Everything was so familiar, everything was so normal… This was clearly the real world!

Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t believe that he had actually returned to the real world. But when he stood in the middle of the road and looked up, he was shocked to find a towering metal pillar-like building in the middle of the city… Wasn’t that the sky-reaching pillar in the center of the City of the Abyss?!

No! This was not the real world!

At some point, the light turned green. But Xiao Tangqiu continued to stand in the middle of the road blankly. The cars around him began honking their horns impatiently. At this moment, a big crack suddenly appeared under his feet!

He reacted instantly and rolled out of the range of the cracked ground, but the car that almost hit him and its owner were not so lucky. That driver screamed and tumbled into the huge crack in the ground with his car.

The surrounding drivers and pedestrians were shocked and began to scream. The huge crack continued to expand. In the next moment, a black behemoth crawled out of the crack!

“What’s going on? Earthquake?!”

“G.o.dzilla invaded Earth?”

“Ahhhh monster!”

“It’s the apocalypse!”

With screams all around, the black behemoth crawled out of the ground completely. It had a hideous and terrifying appearance, like a demon crawling out of h.e.l.l&#k2026; Xiao Tangqiu suddenly felt his heart sinking. Wait. This thing really was a demon!

After crawling out of the ground, the black monster seemed to look around for a moment, and then decisively rushed towards Xiao Tangqiu.

Xiao Tangqiu’s heart leaped. The demon’s target was actually him!

He immediately dodged while his mind raced. What was this place? He should be in the instance world now, but why were the surrounding people and their actions so realistic?

And why were there demons here? And the target was him? Did it chase him all the way from the City of the Abyss? This was impossible. Even if two players wanted to enter the same instance, they had to bind to their teammates. How could a demon chase him the entire way?


Although the demon could not catch up to its target, it smashed several cars with a claw. The remaining people naturally screamed and fled in all directions.

Xiao Tangqiu dodged while looking around. After seeing that many cars were escaping in the chaos, he did not hesitate to run up and jump, landing on the roof of one of the cars.

He had to hold on to the roof of the car to avoid being thrown off by the high-speed car, but the good times didn’t last long. After the demon found its target escaped, it immediately chased.

Xiao Tangqiu never expected that he would actually have a cla.s.sic car chase scene. He clung to the roof of the racing car, but the demon behind him continued to chase relentlessly.

d.a.m.n! It seemed that this creature was not only huge but also fast! Shouldn’t it be that fatties weren’t fit! Couldn’t it follow the convention!

The driver probably figured out that the demon had been chasing after him and was frightened. He suddenly started speeding up in a panic. Xiao Tangqiu had to grit his teeth and hold on to the roof, fully experiencing the “rush”.

At this moment, Xiao Tangqiu suddenly heard a familiar cell phone ringing. He didn’t react at first. After the cell phone rang for a while, he suddenly realized, wait! Wasn’t this his phone ringtone?

But how was this possible? Since crossing into the world of horror games, his cell phone had never ringed again!

Not only was there no signal in that world, but it couldn’t even be turned on. He can’t even remember where he left the phone…

Right! Tang Mianmian seemed to have given it back to him after he was resurrected!

At that time, he seemed to shove it into the bottom of the s.p.a.ce tool!

Could it be that Tang Mianmian was calling him?

…Why call at this kind of time?!

Xiao Tangqiu was extremely conflicted. He was now clutching the roof of the car with both hands and he couldn’t free a hand to pick up the phone! What could he use to answer the phone? His foot?

Regardless, the phone was still frantically ringing. Just as he was considering letting go of one hand to answer the phone, the driving car suddenly slammed the brakes and he was almost flung out by the momentum.

How was this driving? Couldn’t you drive properly!

He was about to swear, but when he raised his head, he saw another monster. A demon even bigger than the one before! And this demon was quite disgusting, its whole body was covered with eyeb.a.l.l.s!

When Xiao Tangqiu suddenly appeared in its line of sight, all the eyes on its whole body looked at Xiao Tangqiu at the same time, almost making Xiao Tangqiu wish to disappear out of disgust.

Dududu…The number you dialed is temporarily unavailable…”

Not far away, Tang Mianmian hiding behind an empty car was looking down and dialing frantically. Seeing Xiao Tangqiu approaching from a distance, he was moved to tears immediately, “Qiuqiu! You’re still alive! That’s great!”

Xiao Tangqiu laughed dryly, “I couldn’t wait to answer your call, so I came in person.”

Tang Mianmian was originally quite moved, but when he looked up and saw another demon chasing after Xiao Tangqiu, he was so moved that he cried, “It’s fine if you come, but you don’t have to bring a gift!”

“Although we are quite familiar, it’s not ok to come empty-handed! Just a small gift, no need to be polite.” As soon as Xiao Tangqiu spoke, he flipped over from the roof of the car and pulled up Tang Mianmian to run.

“What run! Drive!” Tang Mianmian shouted.

Xiao Tangqiu also shouted, “I can’t drive!”

Tang Mianmian screamed louder, “But I can drive!”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…As soon as you stop, you’ll be crushed!”

“Go! Hijack a car!”

The moment Tang Mianmian looked up, he happened to see a car in front of them that was about to step on the accelerator to escape. He immediately dashed up, pulled open the door, and got in with Xiao Tangqiu.

“Hey, who are you guys?” The driver was very dissatisfied seeing strangers getting in the car.

“Hurry up!” Xiao Tangqiu yelled, “It’s almost caught up!”

The owner looked at the rearview mirror and saw the two monsters heading towards them. He no longer held back and stepped on the gas.

“f.u.c.k! What kind of monsters are these!”

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian looked at each other. Xiao Tangqiu took the lead and said, “You… How did you know to call?”

Tang Mianmian’s expression was conflicted, “When I saw this place was a bit like the real world, I looked at my mobile phone. I didn’t expect that there was a signal. Then I tried to call you.”

Xiao Tangqiu frowned. It seemed that he was not the only one who thought this place was like the real world, “Then what do you think this place is?”

“Even if this place resembles the real world, it must be in the instance world. Didn’t you hear the system prompt? This is Light G.o.d’s Labyrinth or something…”

“The Light G.o.d’s Labyrinth?” Xiao Tangqiu raised an eyebrow and pointed to the metal pillar-like building in the middle of the city. “Do you think it’s that thing?”

Tang Mianmian only just noticed the metal pillar and yelled, “f.u.c.k! Isn’t that the Tower of the Sky! Why is the Abyss Tower from the City of the Abyss here?”

The driver was completely confused, “What is the Light G.o.d’s Labyrinth? What instance? What is the City of the Abyss? What are you talking about?”

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian looked at each other, “Go and see?”

“Of course!”

So Xiao Tangqiu pointed to the metal pillar in the middle of the city and said to the driver, “Take us under that metal pillar!”

The driver looked blank, “Metal pillar? Where is the metal pillar?”

Xiao Tangqiu was taken aback, “You don’t see it? You can’t see it?”

“See what?” The driver couldn’t help being angry. “Who are you guys, and it doesn’t matter if you keep saying weird things? What’s with the two monsters behind us? Why do they keep chasing us relentlessly? Are they chasing you?”

“Congratulations, you guessed it right, but there is no reward!” Tang Mianmian said grandly.

Driver, “…What f.u.c.king congratulations! You guys get out! They’re obviously chasing you, why should I be chased too!”

Xiao Tangqiu smiled faintly, “Are you sure you want to stop and let us go down? As soon as you stop, the two monsters will overtake us and crush us, including your car and yourself of course.”

The driver gnashed his teeth. He had to admit that Xiao Tangqiu was right. Once he slowed down and stopped, the two monsters would immediately catch up. When the time came, let alone Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian, even he and his car would be destroyed.

“This morning really is filled with s.h.i.t luck!” He could only bite the bullet and continue to step on the accelerator.

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