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Chapter 592 He Was a Punching Bag

Li Yunhong was a little old, so she didn’t like sleeping. She not only couldn’t sleep at night, but also woke up early in the morning.

As usual, Li Yunhong still got up early. While waiting for the nanny to make breakfast, she picked up the newspaper on the table and started to read it. But she was shocked by the news on it.

Li Yunhong trembled and read the news. She couldn’t believe it. Mo Yichen clearly said that he would take Mo Xiangyan to a training event. Why did Mo Xiangyan go abroad and suffer from serious injuries?

Li Yunhong was going crazy. Everything turned dark before her eyes. It must be Gu Yan. This vamp was going to harm her grandson again. When would Gu Yan stop hurting her grandson? Li Yunhong had already killed Gu Yan in her heart. After spending a long time on the sofa, she recovered.

Entertainment news had always been based on the fact. Although it might be exaggerated, the news that her grandson was injured must be true. For a baseless thing, the media would never dare to publicize it like this.

She had to call Mo Yichen and asked what was going on. If her grandson was hurt, she would let Gu Yan pay the price!

Li Yunhong was really anxious and angry. She took out the phone and began to dial, but her hands trembled, and she couldn’t press Mo Yichen’s number, so Li Yunhong’s forehead sweated.

“Madam, breakfast is ready.” The nanny made breakfast at this time and came over to call Li Yunhong. Li Yunhong’s appearance shocked her. What was wrong?

“I won’t eat. Don’t bother me.” Li Yunhong finally dialed Mo Yichen’s phone and waved impatiently at the nanny while waiting.

The nanny was also very nervous to see Li Yunhong like this. Li Yunhong’s body had not been as good as before in these two years. What if Li Yunhong was ill because she was too angry? Mo Yichen and his son weren’t at home. If something bad really happened at that time, it was very hard for her to explain clearly.

So, she just stepped back a little, and didn’t go far, just in case Li Yunhong had something wrong.

When Mo Yichen saw the phone call from Li Yunhong, he was also nervous. It wouldn’t work if he didn’t answer it. She must have known something. If he didn’t answer the phone, she would be worried. But if he answered it, Li Yunhong must scold Gu Yan. She must think it was all Gu Yan’s fault. He couldn’t stand hearing his mother scolding his lover and his child’s mother.

There was no way. The phone wouldn’t stop if he didn’t answer it. Mo Yichen had to press the answer b.u.t.ton, but he exited the door, in an attempt to not interfere with Mo Xiangyan and Gu Yan.

Gu Yan just caught a glimpse of Li Yunhong’s phone call. She knew that Li Yunhong hated her, so she didn’t intend to ask about the matter. She just accompanied Mo Xiangyan. The episode just now interrupted the nurse’s injection of Mo Xiangyan. Now, Mo Yichen left the ward, and Gu Yan motioned to the nurse to continue.

Gu Yan clenched the corners of her clothes and watched the nurse sterilizing the back of Mo Xiangyan’s small hand. She was utterly confused. She didn’t know if she was worrying about Mo Xiangyan or Li Yunhong who was talking with Mo Yichen on the phone.

Sure enough, as Mo Yichen expected, as soon as he got through the phone, Li Yunhong’s questions came one after another. He was not given a chance to speak at all. Then he did not argue with her and just listened quietly to Li Yunhong’s endless questions. He stretched out his hand and pinched his ophryon. All of these things worried him.

“Mom, Xiangyan is okay. His hand fractured. The doctor said that he will recover after a period of time. Don’t worry.” Mo Yichen finally found an opportunity to get in a word and explained Mo Xiangyan’s condition to Li Yunhong.

Hearing that Mo Xiangyan had a fracture, Li Yunhong was even more angry. Her grandson followed her for so long, and he hadn’t even been to the hospital a few times. Now he even got a fracture? What could Gu Yan do? Wasn’t Mo Xiangyan her son? If she had the ability to take her son out to play, she should have the ability to ensure the safety of Mo Xiangyan. Why could she make Mo Xiangyan get a fracture?

“My son, I really don’t know what is good about Gu Yan, which makes you lose your mind. Is Mo Xiangyan her son or your son? Has she been in charge of raising Xiangyan for so many years? Mo Xiangyan grows up healthily. Now she wants to be a mom, right? She should firstly see if she has this ability!”

“When my grandson is by my side, he is healthy. But after he just went out with you for a few days, he is injured. Don’t you think she is heartless? Huh? Today I tell you, as long as I am still alive, I won’t allow Gu Yan to marry into Mo’s family! She should give up this idea as soon as possible and stop bothering you and my grandson!”

Mo Yichen just quietly listened to Li Yunhong venting her anger. He knew that there was no other way but to listen to her abuse at this time. When she realized that no one replied to her, she would stop.

However, Li Yunhong didn’t mean to shut up after scolding for a long time today. Mo Yichen was upset. Gu Yan was not a stepmother. According to Li Yunhong, Gu Yan was a stepmother, and he was a stepfather.

“Look at you. Since this woman appeared, the company’s affairs have been ignored. I don’t think you are concerned about the company’s affairs at all. I will see what you do when there is something wrong!” Li Yunhong finished talking about Xiangyan. Then she changed the subject and started talking about the company.

“Mom, when things here stabilize, I’ll go back to deal with the company’s affairs immediately, okay?” Mo Yichen was upset now, so he could only follow Li Yunhong’s words to calm her down as soon as possible.

“Don’t tell me that you will come back when things are over there. It is just a nonsense. Now, immediately, send my grandson back. If my grandson is still with that woman, I will be worried. Send Xiangyan back immediately!” Li Yunhong said eagerly and quickly. Suddenly, she coughed fiercely, and couldn’t stop coughing for a long time.

Mo Yichen was also anxious, and waited for Li Yunhong to calm down before patiently reasoning with her.

“Mom, Xiangyan can’t move easily now. After all, he is injured. What if he leaves sequelae after moving? Won’t you be distressed? I promise you that when his condition stabilizes, I will send him back home immediately. What do you think? Don’t be angry and take a good rest.”

After Li Yunhong listened to his son’s gentle words, her anger was slowly suppressed. What was the point of getting angry with his son? Gu Yan didn’t know. Instead, she made his son angry. If she wanted to scold someone, she should scold Gu Yan, rather than Mo Yichen. What Mo Yichen said also made sense, and Mo Xiangyan was indeed not suitable for moving.

So, she stopped saying and hung up the phone in anger.

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