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Chapter 591 Children Who Are Not Afraid of Injections

Gu Yan also smiled at Mo Yichen and nodded. She watched Mo Yichen standing up lightly, stretching himself on the side of the bed and looking at Mo Xiangyan. When seeing Mo Xiangyan’s face, Mo Yichen felt relieved just like Gu Yan.

Mo Yichen stretched out his hand to take what was in Gu Yan’s hand, and felt a little distressed after feeling the weight in his hand, but this was also expected. Gu Yan’s stubbornness was always known to him, and he knew that even though he told her a lot, she wouldn’t listen. Then he just glanced at her disapprovingly.

After Gu Yan’s eyes met with Mo Yichen’s, she avoided guiltily, focusing on what she was doing. Mo Yichen didn’t know what to do with her.

“Dad, Aunt Yan.” Mo Xiangyan woke up at the right time and greeted them. Gu Yan was relieved. She walked quickly to Mo Xiangyan and reached out to touch his forehead. His body temperature was normal.

Mo Xiangyan also felt the coolness on his forehead, and slowly got sober from the confusion.

“Are you hungry?” Gu Yan held the newly wetted towel in her hand and gently wiped Mo Xiangyan’s cheeks. While gently rubbing his face, she talked to Mo Xiangyan and went straight to the subject. She knew that he must be hungry for so long since yesterday, but she still asked him.

“Yeah, I’m hungry, I want to eat something delicious.” Mo Xiangyan didn’t beat around the bush, but just bluntly expressed his demands. Gu Yan was amused to see the longing in his watery eyes. The smile on her face hadn’t stopped.

“Okay, let’s eat right away.” Gu Yan wiped Mo Xiangyan’s hands. While walking to the bathroom, she responded to Mo Xiangyan. After he heard this, his eyes became brighter and he stared straight at Gu Yan’s every move.

Just after Mo Yichen had washed his face, the doctor made the rounds of the wards. Mo Xiangyan’s attending doctor was a young woman. Although Mo Yichen was worried that she was too young as Mo Xiangyan’s attending doctor, this young woman should be very capable since she could become an attending doctor when she was young.

Then she politely greeted the doctor and waited for her reply.

The doctor didn’t talk much, and she did some routine checks on Mo Xiangyan. During the whole process, she didn’t communicate with Mo Yichen and Gu Yan. She just exchanged a few words with Mo Xiangyan from time to time and instructed him to follow her own rules. Mo Xiangyan was always obedient to beautiful girls, and cooperated with the doctor’s request without complaint.

Mo Yichen stood aside with Gu Yan, helplessly looking at Mo Xiangyan who was talking and laughing with the doctor. They unanimously sighed in their hearts, wondering who Mo Xiangyan followed.

“The situation is very good, but it is safer to stay in the hospital for a period of time for observation.” Then, before Mo Yichen and Gu Yan replied, the doctor took out a pen and wrote on the case. “I prescribe some medicine for him, and someone will come to give him an injection later. You should take good care of him.”

Then, the doctor walked out of the ward.

“Doctor, judging from his situation, will there be any sequelae?” Gu Yan followed the doctor out of the ward. When the doctor saw Gu Yan following her, she stopped and motioned for Gu Yan to speak. Gu Yan also expressed her concerns. If Mo Xiangyan left any sequelae, then she would really feel guilty for a lifetime.

“He currently recovers well. If everything goes well, there will be no sequelae. Parents should pay attention to cooperating with treatment and strengthening nutrition.” The doctor noticed Gu Yan’s worry and knew that parents were worried about their children. Indeed, Mo Xiangyan’s situation was very optimistic, and it was okay to tell them to make them relieved.

“Thank you, thank you doctor.” Gu Yan finally breathed a sigh of relief when she got the doctor’s relatively certain answer. She held the doctor’s hands and kept thanking her. The doctor was a little embarra.s.sed, but she was shy to withdraw her hand. Gu Yan felt the doctor’s embarra.s.sment and was sorry about it. Then she withdrew her hand embarra.s.sedly.

“Don’t worry. He will be fine through the treatment.” The doctor patted Gu Yan on the shoulder, and then walked away.

Gu Yan was really so excited today that she forgot herself. Behind Gu Yan, Mo Yichen saw everything that had just happened. Seeing Gu Yan’s gaffe, he felt amused in his heart. When he saw Gu Yan looking back, he quickly kept from laughing and pretended that nothing happened.

When Gu Yan saw Mo Yichen pretending that nothing happened, she became angry and gave him a fierce look. Then she entered the ward, and prepared breakfast for Mo Xiangyan. After all, he was about to get an injection later and must be full.

Looking at Gu Yan’s angry back, Mo Yichen couldn’t help laughing out loud. But he suddenly realized that he was in the hospital, so he stopped laughing in embarra.s.sment.

Gu Yan ignored him and only smiled secretly. She lost her face once, and he lost his face once. They were even.

Mo Xiangyan didn’t even know what happened between the two people. He just stared straight at the lunch box in Gu Yan’s hand, quietly guessing today’s dishes in his heart.

“Alright, let’s eat.” Gu Yan set the dishes on the table and signaled Mo Yichen and Mo Xiangyan to start eating. Then she served a big bowl of soup for Mo Xiangyan and let him to drink first.

Only after Mo Xiangyan took a sip, he showed a pained expression. Of course, Gu Yan did not ignore it.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Yan asked Mo Xiangyan, but he didn’t answer. He just gave the spoon to Gu Yan. Gu Yan took a spoonful and drank it after blowing it cold. She also showed a pained expression. She quickly thought about the excuse in her heart. How could she make it less embarra.s.sing?

“This… Because you are sick, you have to eat bland diet, right?” When Gu Yan talked, she struck Mo Yichen’s arm with her elbow, trying to seek his approval.

Looking at the interaction between them, Mo Yichen already knew what happened. Gu Yan was usually very careful, but now she actually made a stupid mistake of not putting salt.

“It’s better to eat bland diet. I like it.” In order to flatter Gu Yan, Mo Yichen had to sacrifice himself. He served himself a bowl of soup and drank it. Then Mo Xiangyan drank it, too. All of a sudden, the whole ward was full of laughter.

Gu Yan smiled and looked at them, wondering whether they needed to eat some dishes. They ate the meal for a long time until the nurse came with the needle. Mo Xiangyan was sad when he saw the medicine bottle. There weren’t children who were not afraid of injections in this world. He showed a sullen look and watched Gu Yan pick up the lunch boxes on the table.

At this moment, Mo Yichen’s phone rang. After he took out the phone, he saw it was Li Yunhong.

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