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Chapter 589 Soon You Will Cry

Gu Yan still wanted to be with Mo Xiangyan in the hospital today, but Mo Yichen categorically refused her, and immediately let someone send Gu Yan home. Although Gu Yan was reluctant, she still couldn’t dissuade Mo Yichen and had to go home.

Gu Yan thought in her heart that even though she went home, she could cook some soup for Mo Xiangyan and let him eat something delicious. He hadn’t eaten any good food in the past few days. As a foodie, he definitely couldn’t stand the light food every day.

Then she left without much reluctance.

When Gu Yan returned home, she checked ingredients in the kitchen first. They were abundant, but not fresh enough. Now she had no choice but to make something casually.

As soon as Gu Yan entered home, she washed her hands and cooked. She boiled a bowl of bone broth, and slowly simmered it with a slow fire. Then, she hurried into the room to take a shower and change clothes. After doing all these things, she felt much more refreshed completely. She originally wanted to sit on the sofa and wait for the soup to get ready, but somehow, she fell asleep without knowing it…

When Gu Yan woke up again, it was already dawn. She suddenly sat up from the sofa. After she woke up, she immediately put on slippers and ran into the kitchen. Fortunately, her soup was okay, and she was relieved. She raised her wrist and looked at the time. It was seven o’clock. Then she went to the kitchen to find a heat-preserving lunch box and began to prepare food for Mo Xiangyan and Mo Yichen.

Gu Yan was very skilled in cooking, so she cooked very quickly. As long as the soup was ready, other dishes would not be very time-consuming. She cooked a pot of rice first, and then started to cook dishes. The clashing sound of bowls and pans filled the whole house.

It didn’t take long for Gu Yan to prepare a hearty meal. Then she went out with a pile of lunch boxes, and went straight to the hospital by taxi. Mo Yichen and his son in the hospital were already awake. Last night, the doctor diagnosed Mo Xiangyan overnight and drew the same conclusion as the previous doctor. Only then was Mo Yichen relieved.

Then the doctor prescribed some injections for Mo Xiangyan and told Mo Yichen that the patient could be discharged from the hospital after a few days of treatment. After all, the fracture required more rest. And physical therapy was not as effective as dietary supplement and traditional Chinese medicine. Mo Yichen told Mo Xiangyan that he would be able to have sumptuous meals every day for the next few months.

Mo Xiangyan, who had just been p.r.i.c.ked by the nurse several times before he was given an injection successfully, finally smiled. Mo Yichen secretly sympathized with him. Did Mo Xiangyan think that it was a good thing to have sumptuous meals every day? Soon he would cry.

When Gu Yan arrived, Mo Xiangyan became excited, especially when he saw the pile of lunch boxes in her hand.

“Aunt Yan, you are finally back!” Mo Xiangyan yelled excitedly when he saw Gu Yan coming in. Gu Yan didn’t know whether this gluttonous kid was happy about her or the food she carried.

Gu Yan put lunch boxes on the table and opened them. After so many days, the family eventually had a square meal.

After eating, Gu Yan persuaded Mo Yichen to go home to take a bath and sleep. Looking at his red eyes, Gu Yan was really distressed. Seeing Gu Yan’s eye sockets turn red involuntarily, he didn’t dare to insist. Anyway, Mo Xiangyan was now in stable condition, and the doctor also said that he could be discharged at any time.

Hence, Mo Yichen left the ward. He really needed to take a bath. He could smell the stench on his body. How could Mo Yichen, who had always been clean, stand it?

This day pa.s.sed quickly. In the evening, Mo Yichen returned to the hospital to replace Gu Yan. After sleeping all day, he now looked refreshed. Gu Yan told him that she wanted to stay in the hospital with Mo Xiangyan, but he did not allow Gu Yan to stay at night anyway, and pushed Gu Yan out of the ward.

“Dad, why don’t you let Aunt Yan accompany us?” How could Mo Yichen tell Mo Xiangyan that he was afraid that she was too tired? He had no choice but to talk nonsense and found an excuse that Mo Xiangyan would believe.

“Do you want Aunt Yan to accompany you or want to eat delicious food?” Mo Xiangyan still immersed himself in Gu Yan’s meals. It was much better than his father’s. Then he didn’t talk anymore. He just nodded in agreement, with various foods floating in his mind.

Just thinking about it, Mo Xiangyan felt that he was about to drool. Of course, he didn’t mention that he wished Gu Yan to stay with him in the hospital anymore.

“Dad, what if grandma knows that I have fallen?” He didn’t want to ask the question in Gu Yan’ presence. Now that Gu Yan was leaving, he could think about countermeasures with his father.

When he talked about this, Mo Yichen was worried, because Mo Xiangyan suffered a fracture after all. This matter could not be concealed anyway. If Li Yunhong knew it, that was another big trouble. Because of Li Yunhong’s temperament, she would definitely not forgive them and would blame Gu Yan. Mo Yichen pinched his eyebrows. What could he do about this…

Mo Xiangyan saw his father like this, and thought about the hysterical grandma when she mentioned Gu Yan. He also shuddered, and he didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

How did Gu Yan know that Mo Yichen and their son were worried about this matter? She got off the car at the vegetable market near home and bought a bunch of ingredients. She hardly couldn’t carry them, so she stopped and walked all the way. It took a long time to get home. When she got home, her clothes got wet from the sweat, but she didn’t mind at all. She first went to the kitchen and put the newly bought vegetables in the refrigerator.

Then she poured a large cup of cold boiled water for herself, and drank half of it in one breath. After drinking the water, she felt that she recovered and took off her thick coat.

Seeing that the suitcase she brought back was still standing in the living room, Gu Yan simply opened it and began to put things away. In any case, it was an unpleasant trip.

Gu Yan packed things one by one unhurriedly. After she scrubbed the suitcase and put it back in the room, it was eight o’clock now. Gu Yan wiped the sweat on her forehead and decided to cook soup for Mo Xiangyan to drink tomorrow first. The longer it was cooked, the tastier it was.

The father and son in the hospital talked and laughed. Mo Yichen bought a sumptuous dinner for Mo Xiangyan, but Mo Xiangyan only swallowed a few bites and said that he had no appet.i.te. It was the same for Mo Yichen. After eating the dishes cooked by Gu Yan, all the other dishes weren’t delicious enough. But both of them tacitly didn’t expose the fact. They were silently looking forward to tomorrow in their hearts.

After eating, Mo Yichen took Mo Xiangyan to walk outdoors. On the whole, Mo Xiangyan’s condition was still very good, but because of the plaster cast on his arm, it still looked a little c.u.mbersome. Mo Yichen also knew this truth, so after they walked for a while freely, they were ready to go upstairs.

The two figures, one large and one small, were stretched long under the illumination of the street lamp, which was a special kind of warmth.

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