The Young Master's Bride Chapter 884 - Chapter 884: Then go sleep on the sofa, don't sleep beside me

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Chapter 884 - Chapter 884: Then go sleep on the sofa, don’t sleep beside me

Chapter 884: Then go sleep on the sofa, don’t sleep beside me

Translator: 549690339

It wasn’t like they had only known each other for a day or two. How could Gu Jue not know what kind of person Chu baiqing was?

Gu Jue grabbed Chu baiqing’s collar and smiled coldly.

“Yup! You’re already so drunk, it’s not convenient to bring you somewhere else!”

He opened the door and threw Chu baiqing into the car, towards the back seat.

Chu Bai Qing usually sat in the pa.s.senger seat.

“You can’t be gentler.”

Chu baiqing wrapped himself in Gu Jue’s clothes. All these years, he didn’t know how he had endured Gu Jue’s temper until today.

I’m already being nice to someone like you, who’s always lying. Chu baiqing, if

I really did something to you, I’d still bring you home and you’d just do something wild. How exciting would zhan be? ”

Gu Jue slammed the car door hard. When he sat in the front pa.s.senger seat, the huge George Barton also trembled.

if you didn’t wait there, it’s hard to say. Aren’t we all drunk idiots? ”

Chu baiqing leaned against the window. He didn’t want to get in the car, but even if he didn’t, Gu Jue would still carry him up.

“You’re not done, are you?”

Gu Jue was just about to start driving when he heard Chu baiqing’s words. He stopped in his tracks, turned around, and growled at Chu baiqing impatiently.

He was filled with anger. Thinking about Chu Bai Qing and that woman hugging, he wanted to beat them up.

Chu baiqing closed his eyes and ignored him. Normally, he would ignore Gu Jue even if he lost his temper.

He would just end it after shouting and scolding, so there was no need to be angry with him. However, today was not a good day for her.

The thought of him having dinner with the woman on the blind date next door made him uncomfortable, extremely uncomfortable. He might as well not let him know.

The two of them didn’t say a word along the way.

Back at home, Chu baiqing took a shower, leaned on the bed, and wrapped himself in a blanket, ready to sleep.

In fact, he knew that he couldn’t sleep. If he was sleepy, he would have fallen asleep in the car just now.

His heart was stifled and uncomfortable. Gu Jue was making a call in the living room. It was his mother.

He asked Gu Jue what his impression of the girl he was looking for was, and Chu baiqing heard him say that she was alright.

If Gu Jue could say that it was alright, then it was quite alright.

The reason why Gu Jue said that it was alright was because during the meal, Gu Jue was absent-minded and only heard the movements next door.

The woman didn’t say anything. She only said that she had something to do and left first. She said that they would have a meal together if there was a chance in the future and even paid the bill before she left.

Gu Jue could not tell what was wrong with a woman like her who knew her limits and did not talk much. At least she was much more pleasing to the eye than the women his mother had found for him in the past.

That was why Gu Jue said that it was alright.

Gu Jue lay on the bed without even taking a shower. This was something Chu baiqing could not tolerate.

“Go take a shower.” Chu baiqing didn’t turn around. He had his back to Gu Jue as he spoke, and his tone wasn’t very pleasant.

“I’m so angry 1 don’t want to move.” However, Gu Jue was angry. It was as if a stone was stuck in his heart. He was so frustrated that he could not go up or down.

“Then you can sleep on the sofa, don’t sleep beside me.”

To a clean freak like Chu baiqing, he couldn’t stand someone who didn’t shower lying beside him.

f * ck, I’m not washing up. I’m sleeping here and I even want to hug you to sleep. How can I sleep? ”

As Gu Jue spoke, he had already turned Chu baiqing’s body around. Half of his body was on top of him, and he was hugging him forcefully.

Chu baiqing struggled a little but to no avail. When Gu Jue used brute force, he was no match for him..

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