The Young Master's Bride Chapter 883 - Chapter 883: Gu Qingxin-where do you plan to go with that woman?

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Chapter 883 - Chapter 883: Gu Qingxin-where do you plan to go with that woman?

Chapter 883: Gu Qingxin-where do you plan to go with that woman?

Translator: 549690339

As Chu Bai Qing spoke, the wind from the river blew and he shivered.

Gu Jue looked at him, his eyes full of heartache.

However, when he thought about how he had learned to lie now, he was so angry that he wanted to step on the accelerator and drive the car away. Why were they still wasting time here? he might as well freeze to death.

Feng Xi called him to tell him that Chu baiqing had gone home by himself and he didn’t need to answer the call.

However, it was a coincidence that a group of people came to the private room where he and the blind date were having dinner. They were noisy and he was annoyed. He did not expect to hear Dean Chu …

He thought it was a coincidence, but who knew that the person who spoke was really Chu Bai Qing.

A person who said that he was going home was drinking with other people here. Not to mention that there were men and women, he was even playing with the little girl…

He didn’t even look at how old he was, yet he was still playing this trick with a little girl.

Chu baiqing sneezed twice in a row, but he still looked at Gu Jue, waiting for his answer.

“Get in the car.” Gu Jue stopped the car and growled at Chu baiqing.

A person who didn’t know how to take care of herself dared to come out at night.

“I’m asking you, are you following me or monitoring me?” Chu Bai Qing asked again, his voice slightly nasal.

Everyone knew that Gu Jue was possessive of him.

Gu Jue had been like this since he was young, and Chu baiqing was used to it.

If he wanted to stay in his house, he could stay. If he wanted to hug him to sleep, he could hug him …

Since Gu Jue did not like him going out to socialize, he would stay at home. He could do whatever he wanted. It was not a matter of principle.

However, he could not accept the fact that Gu Jue was following him.

Gu Jue opened the door and got out of the car. He took off his coat and put it on Chu baiqing.

When she touched his neck, it was cold. She was so angry that she wanted to kick him.

“Why would I follow you? I’m just sitting next to you with that woman. You’re a bunch of drunk idiots. Chu baiqing, I’m already giving you face by not going in to drag you out. You even f * eking played with us. Dean Chu?”

The woman on the blind date was just as his mother had said. She didn’t talk much, knew her limits, and was especially gentle.

Especially when she smiled, it was similar to Chu Bai Qing’s smile, both faint.

She didn’t know if gentle people all smiled like this.

He couldn’t find anything wrong with her, and he didn’t hate her, so he just sat down and had a meal with her. The point was that he wanted to treat her illness.

Halfway through, he couldn’t eat anymore. He heard Chu Bai Qing and the others getting more and more excited.

He really wanted to go in and drag Chu baiqing out when they were so close.

However, he held back in the end. After all, he was the headmaster of a hospital. He would lose face if he was called out like this.

He had been holding it in, but what was the result of giving him face? he actually saw him come out with a woman in his arms.

That woman’s entire body was hanging on him. If he didn’t wait for him outside, he might have gone to a hotel with that woman.

As he thought of this, Gu Jue pulled Chu baiqing’s arm with more force.

Chu baiqing didn’t expect Gu Jue and that woman to be eating here. This restaurant was a little too popular.

“I’m bringing it home! It’s not convenient for you to go anywhere else when you’re so drunk!”

Chu baiqing’s heart felt suffocated when he heard Gu Jue’s words.. Was he such a messy person in his heart?

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