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Chapter 467 – The never-ending product placement (Part 1 of 2)

After the opening dancing, Zhao Zhongxiang, Yang Lan, Ni Ping, Liang Yanlling, Li Qingan, and Zhang Yongquan walked to the center of the stage.

This year's Gala night was different from the previous years. This year was the first time China's Gala night had collaborated with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other places. Some of the performances were telecast live in different areas.

Also, there were two levels of audience stand at the venue of the Gala night. The higher level was the VIP rooms. Feng Yu and his family were seated in the best room upstairs.

During the opening dance, the camera had panned over to Feng Yu's VIP room. Feng Xingtai and the rest were standing by the railings, and they were waving to the camera excitedly. This was CCTV's Gala Night. The whole nation was watching this program! Feng Yu sat at the back munching on sunflower seeds.

Feng Yu was not sure if the rest of the people in the VIP rooms were eating snacks. He had brought lots of snacks and fruits with him to the VIP room. CCTV's staffs saw it was Feng Yu and did not stop him. Maybe they also did not expect someone to treat CCTV like his home.

“It is New Year again. I wish everyone a prosperous new year……” Zhao Zhongxiang said. His voice was still so attractive.

Feng Xingtai and the rest had just sat down, but quickly stand up again to cheer and clap. They were acting like they were watching opera at their district and forgotten that this was CCTV.

“Eh, eh, eh, is that the singer for ?” Feng Xingtai patted Feng Yu on his head.

“Dad, I think so. Why are you so excited?” Feng Yu looked at his father. Later, his father's favorite singers will perform. Feng Yu can't imagine how excited his father will be.


Qin Mingxiao and Yao Jinfen went onto the stage. They were the most famous magicians in China at that time. Everyone in China knew who they were.

The both of them invited an audience from the stands to partic.i.p.ate in their performance. They dressed the audience like Granny Liu, and he had an ap.r.o.n on. Many things appeared from that ap.r.o.n.

Oranges, apples, etc. were thrown to the audiences, and the audiences were all fighting over them.

Feng Xingtai said scornfully: “It's just an apple. Why are they fighting over it?” He picked up an apple from the table and bite into it.

Although the second floor was considered VIP rooms, it was not really rooms. The area was not enclosed, and many of the workers and their families were standing there watching the performances.

They saw Feng Yu and his family at one of the booths. Why was there a table in this booth and the rest of the booth does not have?

On this table, there were many snacks. Peanuts, seeds, peaches, oranges, apples…… etc.

All the onlookers were wondering who this family was. If they were top officials, they should be sitting at the VIP tables in front of the stage. But if they were not officials, how could they bring so many snacks in and arranged for a table to be placed in their booth?

“Dad, look. This is the best part.”

Yao Jinfen took out a handkerchief and covered her hand. Qin Mingxiao took out a wand, tapped on it and remove the scarf. On her hand, there was a Walkman.

The camera zoomed in on the logo, and it was Aiwa's latest model of Walkman. All the TV audiences could see it clearly.

This product placement was too obvious!

“Who wants this Aiwa Walkman?” Qin Mingxiao asked.


All the audience stands raised their hands and shouted in unison.

“If you want, buy it yourself! This is for this lucky audience who performed with us!” Qin Mingxiao laughed.

The audience on the stage had thought that he was being made to look embarra.s.sed when he was called up to the stage. But now, he felt really lucky. This Walkman was worth a few hundred RMB!

Feng Xingtai's mouth twitched and threw the apple's core into the trash bin beside him: “So what? They had only made a Walkman appear. If they are outstanding, they should make a big radio appear!”

Feng Yu shook his head: “Dad, the magicians, can't hide such a big item.”

The performances continued, and Feng Yu soon discovered that his father will be one of the keyboard warriors who will criticize the program in 10 years!

His father was nit-picking on all the performances. Feng Yu was the one who had planned all the performances, including the Walkman magic.


 Yan Shunkai was holding an egg and explaining to someone: “I bought this egg. I did not steal your egg.”

“Huh? It's just an egg. You can have it.”

“No, this is my egg. I really did not take your egg. If you don't believe me, you can count all your eggs.”

This performance was a cla.s.sic. No matter how many time Feng Yu watched it, he would laugh. Yan Shunkai was too funny. His facial expressions and eyebrows made him comical.

Feng Yu did not make any changes to this performance. But he had placed a Superfan on the table used in the performance. This performance was set in Summer, and there should be a fan around.

Huh? Director said that this Superfan was too expensive and does not fit the character? Who cares? No one will bother to notice this minor detail. Later I will give CCTV 10 Superfans!

Feng Yu thought that no one would be bothered about this detail, but his father who was beside him tapped on his shoulder: “Isn't that Zhang San, a security guard? How can he afford to own a bladeless fan? Also, the performance before this, there is also a bladeless fan. What is the director thinking? Does he even know how much the commoners are earning?”

Feng Yu wanted to cry. Dad, why do you have so many questions?

Feng Yu whispered to his father: “Dad that Superfan is our company's product. I had spent money for them to place it there. This is advertising.”

Feng Xingtai's eyes opened wide and asked Feng Yu softly: “Gala night can also advertise?”

“Shhhh…… they do not allow. But I had my ways. Let's just enjoy the performances and not talk about this.” Feng Yu hinted that there were many people around them.

Actually, Feng Yu had invested a lot of money to place his products in the performances. The amount he spent was almost the same as a primetime advertising slot.

But Feng Yu does not mind. He could foster a good relationship with CCTV leaders and still advertise his products to the whole nation. He remembered in his previous life, a Baijiu company's sales increased exponentially after they had showcased their products on the Gala night!

Feng Xingtai heard what Feng Yu said, and he stops his criticism of the performances.

“This song is so nice. Who is that singer?” Zhang Muhua pointed to the singer and asked.

Feng Yu was sweating. You should be glad that you are able to listen to this singer live. In a few more years, this singer will no longer perform. She will be the first lady, and her nickname was “Peng Mama.”

Feng Yu also felt that this song, was perfect and he felt proud that he was able to listen to the future first lady's singing in person.

Translator's notes: Below are the information of some of the performers mentioned in the chapter. There are a few names which I could not find on google.

Zhao Zhongxiang: China's news anchor and host.


Yang Lan: A Chinese media proprietor, journalist, and talk show hostess. She is also the co-founder and chairperson of Sun Media Group and the Sun Culture Foundation. In 2013, she was ranked 100 on Forbes magazine's 100 World's Most Powerful Women.


Ni Ping: China's actress and TV host.


1993 CCTV Gala Night Magic performance.


Granny Liu


Yan Shunkai was a Chinese comedian, actor, and director.


Peng Liyuan aka “Peng Mama or Mother Peng” was the wife of Xi Jinping.



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