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Chapter 327 – Friend, you must be brave

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Feng Yu was satisfied with this j.a.pan trip. Heitaro Nakajima and Kameda Masao were both talented people. They were much better in management than Feng Yu.

They were good at managing the company operations, and the company should be growing better than expected. Feng Yu also look into the j.a.panese companies. He wants to look for those companies that were in trouble now but would perform well in the future. He wants to invest in these companies.

But he was too late. Those companies were already invested by bigger corporations.  There were no companies that were worth Feng Yu to invest in. In the end, Feng Yu could only ask Heitaro Nakajima to poach some engineers from a research facility which was closing down. AIWA must have a constant supply of talents!

This j.a.pan trip lasted less than a week. Feng Yu's visa was also expiring, and he traveled back to Beijing. Of course, there was something important. It was the military training ceremony.

Feng Yu appeared in the military training during the last few days. He joined the practice, but it was all the easy training, like marching. Feng Yu could quickly catch up with the rest of his cla.s.smates.

The military training was over, and it was the holidays. Feng Yu's modified Land Rover was also sent to Beijing. The Beijing dealer helped Feng Yu to get a Beijing's registration plate. It would be winter soon, and Feng Yu does not want to ride a motorcycle during winter.

Feng Yu drove to Beijing Teaching University in his Land Rover.

The past one month, Feng Yu's new apartment was ready. This was a newly renovated apartment, and Feng Yu only need to get some furniture, home appliances, and some simple painting.

That Tian Lei was competent. He had really help Feng Yu found some apartments for sales the very next day. Feng Yu offered a high price for the apartment, and the owner agreed to sell immediately.

It was a two-bedroom apartment, about 200 Sqm. But for Feng Yu, it was sufficient.


The university campus now was not as strict as the future years. Feng Yu could drive straight into the university, and the guard did not even stop him.

In this era, only the rich or the leaders could afford to drive, and the guards dare not to offend these people.

Feng Yu reached Li Na's hostel and saw a guy with spectacles in his school uniform standing there. He was looking at a girl, and he looked like he wanted to approach but was too shy.

That girl was holding a book to cover her face, and she was sneaking peeks at that guy. Both of them were far apart, looking at each other. They did not even dare to sit next to each other.

Tsk, tsk……

In this era, even though there was a trend of being free, most of the people were still conservative when it comes to relationships. If you stopped a girl on the streets and offered to send her home, you will be branded as a hooligan, and the police will arrest you.

It was apparent that both the guy and girl were interested in each other, but they were too shy to approach each other. Anyway, there was still time before Li Na comes down. Let me be a matchmaker today.

Feng Yu parked his car by the side and walk to that guy: “Brother, you like that girl?”

“Ah? No, no. I am just pa.s.sing by.” The bespectacled guy said. His accent sounded like he was from Jiangxi.

Pa.s.sing by? Why are you still standing here for so long if you are pa.s.sing by? Even a tortoise can walk faster than you!

“Sigh…… Friend, as a man, you must be brave. You are looking at that short hair girl? You know which cla.s.s is she from? Do you know where her hometown is? You know what time she normally finishes her cla.s.ses? You don't know? Go and ask! If you like her, how can you be so timid?”

“Ask? I don't think I can. I am scared.” The bespectacled guy said.

d.a.m.n. Look at you. If you carry on this way, you will miss your chance. You can only go for matchmaking in the future! In this era, you can apply for the same job a.s.signment together, and the future unit can do their best to accommodate these requests.

Furthermore, they will all be teachers in the future. It should not be too difficult to get to work in the same school.

“Bro, you are too useless. Is that girl from the south or north?” Feng Yu sighed and asked.

“You… Why are you asking about this?” The guy looked at Feng Yu warily.

What? You think I am interested in that girl? Although that girl was not ugly, she cannot be considered pretty. Li Na was much more beautiful than her.

Feng Yu suddenly remembered a saying from his previous life. What is love? That is two people who looked like monkeys but were still worried that someone would s.n.a.t.c.h the other party away!

“I am also waiting for a girl. I will not vie with you. You just tell me where is she from, and I can teach you some tricks to win her heart.”

Feng Yu knew that this guy does not need to do anything, and he could win that girl's heart. This guy just needs to approach that girl, and she will agree. But this bespectacled guy was too timid. He doesn't even dare to walk over and speak to that girl. In this current era, no girls would take the first step!

“She is the same as me. We are from Hangzhou. We had met during the school's Hangzhou gathering.”

d.a.m.n. Both of you are from the same hometown, and you still dare not to talk to her?

“I tell you, girls like guys to be simple and direct. Now you just walk over, and she will definitely put down her book and look at you. You just tell her straight that you like her and wants to date her. She will not reject you. If you hesitate further, someone will win her heart, and you will be crying in a corner!”

“Really? But…… but I dare not to talk to her.”

Feng Yu was p.i.s.sed off by this timid guy.

“Li Na, let me bring you out for movies. This is a Hong Kong movie, starring Zhou Yu Fatt. I have even bought the tickets.”

Feng Yu turned around. d.a.m.n, here I am teaching this guy how to woo girls, and someone is going after my girlfriend? Who is that sickening guy?

“Sorry, I am not free.” Li Na gave that guy a disgusted look. Since the start of their military training, this guy had been hara.s.sing her. She had rejected him several times, but he still does not give up.

Feng Yu patted that bespectacled guy on his back and said: “Look careful. This is how you woo a girl.”

Feng Yu straightened his shirt and walked over to I Na: “Hey beautiful, are you alone? I know there is a newly open skating ring nearby. Can I bring you there to skate?”

Li Na saw Feng Yu, and she immediately smiled: “Ice skating? That's great!”

“Who are you? Li Na, ice skating is too dangerous. If you want to play, I know there is a billiard saloon. We can play some billiards. Billiard is a high-cla.s.s sport played by the n.o.bles!”

That irritating guy turned to Feng Yu and said softly: “A toad l.u.s.ting after a swan's flesh. My father is a department chief in the city's education department! Li Na and I are both swans. We are meant for each other!”

d.a.m.n! A department chief? In Beijing, if a someone drops a rock from the sky and it hit 7 people, 6 of them will be higher ranked than a department chief!

Feng Yu looked at this sickening guy and said gravely: “If you want to be an animal, don't drag others along with you. Also, did you use perfume? It smells! A department chief is a high-rank official? Girl, shall we go?”

Feng Yu held Li Na's hand and walk off.

That guy was shocked. Li Na like guys to be direct? They are already holding hands! d.a.m.n, I should have held her hands immediately.

That bespectacled guy looked at the back view of Feng Yu and Li Na. He was struggling in his heart. He looked at the girl in the distance, and he mustered up his courage and walk over. He was walking towards the girl of his dreams……

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