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Chapter 361 – Gathering

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“Wake up, wake up. It is almost 7!” Tian Lei shouted in the middle of the dormitory.

Today was an important day for them. They were not going to celebrate New Year. Feng Yu had helped them organized a gathering with a group of female students from Beijing Teaching University!

Other than Feng Yu, the rest of his roommates were all singles. Even this Tian Lei does not have a girlfriend.

“Hurry, wash up and have breakfast. We cannot be late today! We must all learn from Lao Si (number 4 in their room, referring to Feng Yu. They had ranked themselves according to their age.). We must get a girlfriend early. We must not be single when we graduate!” Tian Lei shouted and clapped like those coaches cheering their athletics on.

Surprisingly, Tian Lei’s method was very useful. All of them hurriedly got up and rushed to the bathroom.

Because there were a lot of people, Feng Yu did not drive. He took the public bus with the rest to the zoo. They waited for about 10 minutes at the entrance and saw 8 beautiful ladies walking towards them. Not only Feng Yu and his roommates, but many pa.s.sers-by were also captivated by these lovely ladies.

“Let me introduce. This is our dorm’s eldest brother. He is also our cla.s.s monitor. He is Tian Lei from Beijing. This is……”

Feng Yu was speechless when he looked at his roommates, especially Tian Lei. He was overly excited before they came here, but now, he does not even dare to shake hands with the girls! Coward!

“I had bought the tickets. Let’s go in and enjoy ourselves.” Feng Yu waved the bunch of tickets in his hands. There had been standing at the entrance for quite some time.

Feng Yu and Li Na walked together, hand in hand. Both of them were secretly looking at the rest. They wanted to know if any of their friends could hit it off with the opposite s.e.x.

Feng Yu shook his head. Why were they all so reserved? This was a gathering and a chance for you to know more friends. All of his roommates should grasp this opportunity. Although there were lots of female university students in Beijing, how can they be compared to the quality of the girls in Beijing Teaching university? Even the prettiest girl in their cla.s.s cannot be compared to the ugliest girl from Li Na’s dormitory!

“Oh look, it’s a swan! This is the first time I had seen a swan so close!” One of the girls shouted excitedly.

Tian Lei walked over and said loudly: “Swan is a species of bird. One of the few swimming bird species. They live in groups near lakes and swamps. Their main diet is the water plants. Swans have only one partner in their lives. I heard that if their mate pa.s.sed away, the other swan would also die!”

“Really? You are so knowledgeable. No wonder you are in Beijing University!” The girl’s eyes sparkles.

Feng Yu was also shocked. d.a.m.n, this Tian Lei was terrific. He knows about swans? He must have memorized it before coming here. This was showing off his knowledge.

Tian Lei secretly waved his fist. Success! He knew that the zoology module he had taken would be useful one day. Watching

Tian Lei moved closer to that girl. He had found his target. The only thing left was to see if both of them had the chemistry.

The rest of the guys looked at each other. This can be considered knowledgeable? They were also from Beijing University, and if you want to talk about grades, Tian Lei had the lowest grades among them!

The rest of them start to demonstrate all of their knowledge. Astronomy, history, etc. They started blabbering everything they know to the girls, hoping to attract their attention.

Feng Yu nodded. That’s right. How can you be shy if you want to know girls? Scholars also need to show off their talents.

Li Na covered her mouth and giggle: “Your roommates are so interesting. They even use cla.s.sic quotes when they are talking. But all of them are very knowledgeable.”

Feng Yu pointed to a peac.o.c.k not far from them: “You know? They are just like those peac.o.c.ks. They are desperate to show off their talents to attract the attention of the opposite s.e.x. Actually, I am the one who was the most talented, but I prefer to be low-profile.”

“Ya, ya, ya. You are the most talented. Tell me the scientific name of the swans we saw earlier.”

Feng Yu: “Oh look, today’s weather is so good. Let’s hurry and catch up with the others.”

Li Na looked at the overcast sky. This was considered good weather? If it wasn’t she had promised to attend this gathering, they would be not be stepping out of their dormitory!

All of them enjoyed themselves after 2 hours. Other than Tian Lei, there were 3 other couples. They were progressing faster than Feng Yu expected.

The group left the zoo at about noon for lunch.

At the restaurant, Feng Yu saw that all of them wanted to sit apart from each other and he shook his head. He immediately suggests having a boy girl boy girl seating arrangement. They occupied two tables, and one table could seat 8 people. Those 4 couples who hit it off were sitting at a table and the rest at another table. Feng Yu and Li Na were sitting together with the other 6 people. They tried to bring them closer to each other.

Li Na’s roommates were willing to come to this gathering was also because of some motives. In this era, Huaqing University and Beijing University graduates were sought after by the government. The worst job posting for these graduates were at one of the cities in the outskirts of Beijing. But Beijing Teaching University’s graduates were mainly posted back to their provinces. Beijing had sufficient teachers.

Although the graduates were posted to the provinces’ cities, it still cannot be compared to Beijing. If the graduates from Beijing University was dating, their partners could be posted in the same region.

Furthermore, these boys were all from Beijing University. They would have a bright future, and they will be a.s.signed houses by the government. Their promotions were also faster than their peers. These boys were also considered a good catch.

However, the couple must stay together until they graduate!


Feng Yu had told them that he would only introduce them to know each other. The rest, it was up to them. Feng Yu and Li Na do not want to interfere.

Other than the initial introduction, Feng Yu and Li Na did not speak much. During lunch, Feng Yu only started a conversation on a topic which his roommates were familiar and let them carry on showing off their knowledge.

After lunch, they walked around for a while before Li Na, and her roommates wanted to go back. Their exams were around the corner, and they need to start their revisions. Li Na also wanted to go back to her dorm. Feng Yu was disappointed. He could always send her back to her dorm tomorrow morning.

Before they parted, Feng Yu reminded the girls to watch the New Year’s Day Gala Dinner special program on CCTV that evening.

On their way back to their dormitory, Feng Yu’s roommates were chatting and comparing their achievements. One of them said that he had already confirmed a date with a girl after their exams. Another said that he and the girl he was chatting with were from the same province, and they had made arrangements to ride the train together back to their hometown after their exams.

Those that did not hit it off with any girls were pulling a long face. Why those girls were not interested in them?

From their performances earlier, Feng Yu knew that no amount of gatherings could help these guys. They were too shy to even talk to the girls. Were they waiting for those girls to make the first move?

Just wait for your family to arrange for matchmaking. Matchmaking suits you guys more!

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