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Chapter 308 – All of you are not interested?

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Although Feng Yu had explained to Fu Guangzheng, Fu Guangzheng felt it was not really possible. He thought that it was still possible for them to reach Sony's sales in one year, but to exceed Sony for 6 months was too difficult!

What company was Sony? It was an MNC, the market leader in electronics products! AIWA was still owned by Sony last year. If AIWA was able to exceed Sony, why would Sony sell their AIWA shares to Feng Yu?

Fu Guagzheng felt that Feng Yu was too optimistic. Even if Sony did not focus on the Chinese market, but from their performance in the Western countries, Sony will be the market leader in China, sooner or later.

Feng Yu only told Fu Guangzheng to go and tell the dealers what he said. If those dealers accept it, then it's okay. If not, Fu Guangzheng can use his own ways.

Fu Guangzheng thought for a while. He did not return back to Hong Kong, but instead, he asked all the dealers to Bing City for negotiations. This way, he can discuss with Feng Yu.

Those dealers heard that there was a new Walkman brand looking for dealers and they were interested. However, they decided to work together and try to get the most benefits out of this deal.

After all, they were the ones who had the sales distribution channels. If they work together, they would be able to increase their profits.

When the dealers were notified that this meeting would be at Bing City, one person came to their minds. This person had a bad temper and will chase people out of the room if he was not happy. But his products were selling very well, and the dealers had all made a lot of money from working with this person. Their success now can be said to be due to this person.

There were at least 800 to 1000 dealers in China when they started. But the few of them overtook the rest of the dealers. It was all because of this company's products. These dealers were all famous people in their provinces.

When the names of these dealers were mentioned, the first thought that comes to people's mind was this dealer was a successful businessman, and he was wealthy!


“Mr. Huang, do you know about this Hong Kong's Aiwa company?”

“Although I am based in Guangdong, I had never heard of this company. What AIWA brand? I have not heard of it before. It should be a new electronics company.”

“But this company is named as Hong Kong Aiwa Company. It should be registered in Hong Kong. Why did they host the meeting in the north? Do you think……”

“Are you trying to say that this company had something to do with Tai Hua Trading?”

“It might be possible. Both companies had one character that's the same.”

“But the one who contacted us is not from Tai Hua Trading.”

“Then how did this company get our contacts?”

These dealers were familiar with each other, and they were trying to find out who was the boss of this Hong Kong Aiwa Company. All of them had never heard of this company before.


“Hi everybody, I am the General Manager of Hong Kong Aiwa company, Fu Guangzheng. I had invited all of you to be here is to talk about AIWA brand Walkman and the sales distribution. All of you are the most successful dealers in your provinces, and I believe that our cooperation will be a win-win situation for us……”

Fu Guangzheng had rented a conference room for this meeting. He did not use Tai Hua Trading's meeting room. He used his usual tactics where he would praise the dealers first and then start to introduce his products. He hoped to attract the attention of these dealers, and they would work with him.

But after speaking for a while, there was a lack of interest from these dealers. Some were even yawning.

Fu Guangzheng was getting nervous. What was happening? Could it be the features of this Walkman were not appealing to them? If these dealers were not interested, how would he negotiate with the profits later?

“Manager Fu, just tell us how much the wholesale price is, and see if we can accept it.” Someone lazily said.

“The wholesale price is 150 RMB per unit.”

“What does this 150 RMB include? Just a Walkman?”

“There will still be headphones and a sample ca.s.sette tape.” Fu Guangzheng explained.

“Those are all standard accessories. That means the wholesale price is only 100 RMB. Then who is responsible for the transportation charges?” Someone else asked.

“All of you will be responsible for the transportation charges. I will only send the Walkman to the port in Shenzhen. These Walkman are all imported, so it is slightly expensive.”

“A Walkman in the market is only selling at 150 to 230 RMB. You had set the wholesale price so high and factoring in the transportation, storage, advertising, etc., our cost will be more than 170 RMB. Then how much should we sell to retailers in our downline? How much is the retail price? Yours is a new brand, and you want to set the retail price higher than Sony's newest model of Walkman? You think people will buy?” Someone shouted.

“Also, I think you should be paying for the marketing and promotion fees. The wholesale price should be lowered to 120 RMB. I believe that you will still have high profits. Walkman is just some electronic board with some magnetic components. How high can your cost be?”

“That's right. Your company should also be paying for the transportation charges, or you can ship the Walkman to the places we want. We will not pay for this transportation.”


This group of dealers was all shouting out their conditions. They were all China's top dealers for home appliances. Even the products from the state-owned enterprises were sold by them. When all of them work together, all the factories got to bow down to them and accept their conditions.

Fu Guangzheng was breaking out in cold sweat. He was not regretting listening to Feng Yu and meeting all the dealers together. He should meet them one by one. It was evident that they were in cahoots.

Seems like he needs to reveal his last trick up his sleeves!

“Everybody, please be quiet. Aren't all of you curious how did I get your contacts and why was this meeting held in Bing City? It is because of Tai Hua Trading!”

Those dealers looked at each other. Tai Hua Trading? This was indeed the case. s.h.i.t.

Suddenly one of the dealers shouted: “You are also not from Tai Hua Trading. Don't think by saying this, we will lower down our requirements.”

“Right. These are all our conditions. If you do not accept it, look for someone else.”

“That's right. Other than us, I want to see who else can you sell your products to!”

“Humph! At most, we won't do your business.”

“That's right. If you do not accept our conditions, we will not sell your products!”

The door suddenly opened, and a young man walked in smiling: “What? All of you are not interested? Fine. I will look for someone else.”

The conference room became quiet suddenly. One could even hear a pin drop. All the dealers who were shouting just now had a weird expression on their face.

Why was he here?

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