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Chapter 330 – The next stage of the relationship

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Li Na watched the husband took off his wife’s clothes in the movie, and she screamed. She hurriedly closes her eyes.

“Feng Yu, why are you watching this type of movies?”

“What do you mean? This is an artistic film. This type of movie is best watched by couples. Many people can’t even get to watch it.” Feng Yu’s hands start to roam about like that husband in the movie.

“What are you doing? Mmmmmm……”

Li Na raised her head and wanted to scold Feng Yu, but Feng Yu used his lips to cover her mouth.

Li Na was almost breathless from the kiss. She was feeling dizzy and had a weird sensation.

Feng Yu slowly kissed downwards to Li Na’s neck. Li Na was blushing. Her face and neck had all turned red.

She was breathing heavily.

“Feng Yu, no. We are not married yet. We can only do this after we get married.:

“You don’t trust me? I will sure marry you.”

“I believe but……”

“Then everything’s good. Be a good girl.” Once again, Feng Yu stop Li Na from talking with his lips.

Feng Yu hand was holding on to Li Na’s waist, and the other was searching for her bathrobe’s belt.

The moaning from the TV was loud, and Li Na’s body temperature rises.

Feng Yu’s head was buried in Li Na’s chest and was sucking on one of her flower buds. Li Na’s back was in an arc. She had never experienced this type of feeling before. She had even forgotten to stop Feng Yu.

Feng Yu had already pulled down her bathrobe without her knowing. Li Na’s chest was exposed and Feng Yu’s towel around his waist on the floor. Feng Yu’s lips slowly move south.

“No…. don’t touch there…”

“Stop moving.”

At this moment, how could Feng Yu listen to her? He forcefully spread Li Na’s legs and looked at that small piece of cloth covering her most private part.

“Stop looking.” Li Na covered her bottom with one hand, and the other was covering her blushing face.

“You are so beautiful!” Feng Yu mumbled.

“Feng Yu, not here.” Li Na said in a soft voice. She could no longer resist Feng Yu at this moment.

Feng Yu carried Li Na to the bed in the bedroom and continued to shower her with kisses.

Feng Yu’s hands slowly caress Li Na’s body, feeling her smooth skin. Li Na tried to stop Feng Yu from touching her by using her thighs to clamp his hand. But that does not stop Feng Yu’s fingers from moving.

Li Na could felt something pressing against her waist. She tried to move away but she can’t.

Feng Yu pressed down onto Li Na and slowly spread her legs.

“Nana, I love you……”


Why is this girl biting me?!

Feng Yu stopped moving and waited for Li Na to release her bite. He kissed Li Na again and slowly starts to move. Li Na does not know what to do. She just hugged Feng Yu tightly. 

“It’s painful. Don’t be so rough.”


Sunlight entered the room, and a half-naked couple was lying on the bed. The guy slowly opened his eyes and had a smile on his face.

Last night, Feng Yu’s plan was a success. It was Li Na’s first time, and they only did it once. But Feng Yu was satisfied.

He had waited for so many years for this, and he finally succeeded!

Feng Yu looked at the sleeping Li Na. After last night, Li Na looked like a beautiful flower in full bloom. She looks even more beautiful than before.

Li Na’s head was lying against Feng Yu’s chest. Her long hair was tickling Feng Yu, and he was getting aroused.

Feng Yu removed the blanket. Last night, Li Na had wanted Feng Yu to switched off the lights. He did not even have the chance to have a good look at Li Na.

A flat stomach and a pair of long legs. One of her legs was still wrapped around Feng Yu. Feng Yu could not stop his hands moving along her smooth complexion.

Feng Yu grabbed her breast and slowly ma.s.sage it. It was smooth and firm. Feng Yu was enjoying the sensation. Li Na felt someone was touching her and she turned her body. Feng Yu’s hand moved downwards and starts to explore.

Last night, Feng Yu had prepared concentrative, but he did not use it. It was their first time, and he wanted Li Na to feel natural.

The condoms in that era were still very thick. Also, many people were easily allergic to the material used in the condoms. Another reason was Feng Yu knew that it was Li Na’s safe period.

Li Na still had some of Feng Yu’s residue there, and it acts as a lubricant for Feng Yu’s fingers.

Li Na suddenly felt something weird and woke up. She thought about the dream she had and blushed. Why did she dream of doing naughty things with Feng Yu again?

She opened her eyes and saw the curtains look a bit different. Where is this place?

This is Feng Yu’s apartment! Li Na suddenly remembered that she had stayed overnight at Feng Yu’s place!

She had s.e.x with Feng Yu! How can Feng Yu do such a thing to her? They were not even married yet! Li Na was in a state of confusion and wanted to cry.

Feng Yu noticed that Li Na had woke up and he carried on caressing her body and kissed her.

Li Na felt her anger was rising and raises her hand to give Feng Yu a slap. But Feng Yu caught her hand, and his right hand moved deeper.

Li Na looked at Feng Yu, and her anger slowly subsided. Her body slowly stopped struggling and let Feng Yu touched her all over.

Feng Yu turned over onto Li Na and raise his hips. He was about to enter her again.

Li Na starts to blush again. She did not expect Feng Yu to do this again after they woke up.

“You…… Did you plan everything last night?” Li Na meekly asked.

Feng Yu playfully looked at Li Na: “It does not matter if it is planned or not. Things have already happened, and I will be responsible.”

After saying that, Feng Yu slowly moved backward. Li Na thought that Feng Yu was stopping, but Feng Yu suddenly thrust his hips hard into her.


“Nana, we did not enjoy ourselves last night. Let’s do it again.” Feng Yu jokingly said.

“Who…… Who did not enjoy…… Oh…….” Li Na instinctively grabbed Feng Yu again, and her toes curl up. She started to move along to Feng Yu’s rhythm.


Translator notes: I don’t know what to say about this chapter……

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