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Chapter 1401 – Intel lost

Bang… bang… bang….

“Eh, what’s going on? Isn’t this district all offices? Are there restaurants here?” A man in a white shirt asked his friend.

“No. The nearest restaurant is one street away.”

“Then why are there sounds of confetti cannons?”

“Why can’t it be for a new company’s opening?”

“I saw a new company giving door gifts during their opening. Let’s go and take a look. Maybe we can get gifts.”

When both men rushed to the building, they saw a large crowd, and Policemen are there to maintain order.

“d.a.m.n! What company is this? Why are the Policemen here to control the crowd? It’s just an opening.” The guy in a white shirt stretched his neck to see what was happening.

“It’s not a company’s opening. Did you just come? This is a compet.i.tion!” Someone among the crowd replied.

“Huh? Compet.i.tion? Why would someone hold a compet.i.tion in an office building? Where’s the ring?” The white shirt guy retorted.

“This is a technology compet.i.tion. IT technologies! Do you know what that is? The World’s top two CPU companies are competing. Do you even know what CPU is?”

The white shirt guy only knows CPU is a PC component but doesn’t know what it is for. He is just an insurance salesman. Why would he know about technology? However, he pretended to know as he doesn’t want to admit he is ignorant.

“Why would I not know what that is? It’s just a component in the PC. Do you know what that is since you are boasting?”

“I am boasting?! I am selling a PC for a living, and you are saying I don’t know what a CPU is?”

“Then what has these two World’s Biggest CPU companies got to do with us? Why are they holding a compet.i.tion here?”

“I can tell you don’t know anything. That company is called AMD Semiconductor, and Feng Yu is a shareholder. Do you know who Feng Yu is? The World’s Richest Man!”

“Huh? Semiconductor? Isn’t that useful for radios?” The white shirt guy asked.

That PC seller gave him a stare and ignored him. Who says semiconductors are only used for radios?! It is a material that conducts electricity between conductors at room temperature!


“Ladies and gentlemen, reporters, and friends from the same industry. This is a compet.i.tion between AMD and Intel. Both companies are the top producers of CPUs in the World. Rather than calling this a compet.i.tion, it is more like an exchange and discussion on the future development of processors….”

Liu Chuanzhi stood on the stage, and he is the host for this event. The compet.i.tion is located on the third floor’s ballroom of the Wind and Rain Building.

“The first event is the server-oriented 64-bit dual-core processor compet.i.tion….”

Intel’s representative walks up the stage with his head held high. He looks very confident as he introduces his company’s dual-core processor specs. After that, he connects the processor to the machine for the test.”

The result is as good as what that representative claims. The audiences cheered, and some were discussing among themselves. They are impressed with Intel’s technology.

Some smaller semiconductor companies’ representatives look despaired. The gap is too big, and it’s almost impossible for them to catch up.

It’s AMD’s turn, and their representative walks up the stage. Intel’s representative sneered. You all want to move up using us?!

Dream on!

The whole world will know how powerful we, Intel, are!

We have more partners compared to AMD!

But the representative was shocked when he heard AMD’s representative announcing their processor’s specs. Why are their product’s specs the same as theirs?

AMD’s processor for servers had reached this level?!

Impossible! This is not true! They are lying!

Very soon, the test results are out. AMD’s server’s processor is as good as Intel’s.

Intel’s representative is dumbfounded. How is this possible?

The whispering among the audiences got louder. AMD’s technology is not inferior to Intel! No wonder they dare to issue a challenge to Intel!

The following workstation dual-core processor compet.i.tion confirmed this. Both products’ specs are about the same.

Liu Chuanzhi shook his head when he saw the shocked expression on Intel’s representative. They had a misconception.

AMD had purposely misled them.

AMD had poured more resources to develop its dual-core processors. Their single-core processors are slightly inferior to Intel.

Intel’s single-core processors are better, and single-cores are the mainstream CPU now.

But this is a compet.i.tion for dual-core processors, and Intel cannot showcase its strengths.

AMD won the 32 bits and 64 bits dual-core processors for PCs and laptops compet.i.tions.

All the companies’ representatives are shocked.

They know AMD dares to challenge Intel because they have some technology breakthroughs. But they did not expect it was a significant breakthrough.

They were already shocked when their processors are on par with Intel’s at the start. After all, Intel’s market value and market share are several times more than AMD.

From today onwards, all these will change. AMD’s dual-core processors had exceeded Intel!

Intel, the world’s no. 1 hardware and CPU manufacturer, is beaten by AMD!

Intel’s representative had gone up the stage with his head held high but left the stage as if his soul had left him. He even missed a step and tripped. Luckily, AMD’s representative was beside him and caught him.

A reporter captured this.

The reporter had thought of the headlines for his story when he took that photograph. “Intel’s representative had bow down to AMD’s technologies.”

With the picture the reporter took, it will attract the readers’ attention.

Yes. The article will be talking about AMD’s triumph against Intel because Feng Yu had invested in them.

The companies Feng Yu invested in will have significant improvements. AMD’s board of directors had made the right decision to let him invest.

Sina and other China’s top news websites published an article that day. “Intel had lost to

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