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Chapter 861 - 861 The Heavenly Court, The Second Connate Divine Weapon (2)

861 The Heavenly Court, The Second Connate Divine Weapon (2)

“Your idea is interesting. I’ll have to think on it later,” Ji Lutian said. “No matter what, we have to think of a way to resist the attacks of the demonic beasts of the Demon Realm.

“And you still have to continue forging divine weapons.”

“Of course.” Zhou Shu nodded. “The separation of the Three Realms isn’t something that can be accomplished in a short time.”

In fact, Zhou Shu had only suddenly thought of this because he had seen Ji Lutian’s incense mystic technique. In fact, how could the three of them do such a thing just by chatting?


To put it bluntly, be it Zhou Shu, Ji Lutian, or Zheng Jingyun, none of them were the top experts in the world. Not to mention others, the three of them joining forces might not even be w.a.n.g Xuanyi’s match.

“If the Heavenly Court is really established one day, I might be able to give you a big gift,” Zhou Shu added.

Ji Lutian smiled. “Thank you for your auspicious words.”

He didn’t take it to heart. What they had was just a casual conversation. He still had to think about the details carefully.

“The second divine weapon is in the Sima Grotto-Heaven,” Ji Lutian continued.

“In the Sima Grotto-Heaven?” Zheng Jingyun said. “Ji Lutian, what did you do in our Sima Grotto-Heaven now?”

“You’ll know when you come along.” Ji Lutian smiled. “Brother Zheng, without your help, I might not be able to get this second divine weapon back.”

Zheng Jingyun’s curiosity was piqued by Ji Lutian’s words. “You talk too much. Let’s go.”

Zhou Shu pursed his lips. Zheng Jingyun’s expert appearance is wasted. He’s so easily controlled by Ji Lutian.

These Grotto-Heavens experts are all like flowers in a greenhouse. Who knows how they cultivated to such a high realm.

The Sima Grotto-Heaven was basically defenseless now. After all, it was located deep in the Endless Sea. It wasn’t easy for demonic beasts to attack this place in a short time. At this moment, the citizens of Great Xia and Great Qin were migrating over one after another.

With Zheng Jingyun, the host, following them, the three of them quietly returned to the Sima Grotto-Heaven. Even Zheng Chengan didn’t notice their presence.

Zheng Jingyun didn’t have the patience to deal with the juniors in the Sima Grotto-Heaven, so he chose to keep a low profile.

The three of them continued forward and arrived at a place in the Sima Grotto-Heaven in less than a day.

When they arrived, Zheng Jingyun looked surprised.

“Surnamed Ji, how did you find this place?” Zheng Jingyun’s tone was shocked and furious.

Zhou Shu was a little confused. He wasn’t familiar with the Sima Grotto-Heaven, so he didn’t know where this place was.

But from Zheng Jingyun’s expression, it should be an important place in the Sima Grotto-Heaven.

“Brother Zheng, this isn’t a place I took the liberty to choose. Brother Yunshan personally agreed to lend me this place,” Ji Lutian said.

“Do you think I’ll believe you?” Zheng Jingyun’s eyes flashed. He stared at Ji Lutian, and the killing intent on his body condensed. “If you don’t give me an explanation, only one of us will survive today!”

Have they already reached the point of fighting to the death? Zhou Shu looked at Zheng Jingyun and then at Ji Lutian. He took a step back.

You guys fight. I’m just a spectator. I owe Ji Lutian a favor to help him forge divine weapons, not to help him fight.

Fighting isn’t impossible. He just has to pay me more!

“Brother Zheng, with your temper…” Ji Lutian shook his head with a bitter smile. “If you are a little more patient, I will give you a satisfactory explanation.”

“I have to be more patient just because you say so?” Zheng Jingyun said coldly. “If you continue to talk nonsense with me, don’t blame me for not remembering old times!”

His body flashed, and the Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod appeared in his hand. The rod, which was as tall as a person, slammed into the ground with a bang, causing the ground to tremble slightly.

“I knew it.” Ji Lutian smiled bitterly. “Look at this. Don’t tell me you can’t remember Brother Yunshan’s personal letter?”

Ji Lutian flipped his wrist, and an envelope appeared in his hand. With a flick of his finger, the envelope flew lightly toward Zheng Jingyun.

Zheng Jingyun reached out and grabbed the envelope. After opening it, he quickly read the letter and looked up at Ji Lutian. The light in his eyes was almost tangible as he stared at Ji Lutian. “How dare you!”

His tone was full of anger.

Zhou Shu was very curious. Ji Lutian is really capable of causing trouble. I wonder what else he has done after living for so many years.

“Everything is for the human race.” Ji Lutian’s expression was solemn.

“Hmph.” Zheng Jingyun snorted and took a step forward with a dark expression. He extended his sword finger and cut his palm, causing blood to spurt out.

The blood didn’t splatter on the ground but formed a profound pattern in the air.

After the pattern flashed and disappeared, a ripple appeared in front of him, and the scenery suddenly changed.

Zhou Shu and Ji Lutian followed side by side and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Ji, what is this place?”

“This is the ancestral grave of the Zheng family,” Ji Lutian said in a low voice. “This is where the Zheng family started their family fortunes. After Zheng Yunshan reached the peak of the Grotto-Heaven realm, he carved out this place and put it in his grotto-heaven. Only the bloodline of the Zheng family can open up this place. Without Zheng Jingyun, we can’t enter.”

“You’re forging a divine weapon in someone else’s ancestral tomb?” Zhou Shu said in surprise. He had thought that this place was very important to the Sima Grotto-Heaven, but he didn’t expect it to be the ancestral tomb of the Sima Grotto-Heaven’s Zheng family!

“By the way, you didn’t do anything outrageous, did you?” He looked at Ji Lutian suspiciously.

It was no wonder Zheng Jingyun looked at him with that expression. Ji Lutian was actually forging a divine weapon in his ancestral tomb.

But it seemed like the master of the Sima Grotto-Heaven, Zheng Yunshan, had agreed…

Zheng Jingyun walked forward with a dark expression. After walking for a few hundred meters, countless graves suddenly appeared among the pine trees and cypresses.

Above the tombs, glowing ghost fires were burning. These ghost fires connected together and gathered in the air into a ball of light with a radius of several meters.

In the ball of light, there seemed to be a black shadow floating up and down.

Zheng Jingyun frowned, and his pupils constricted. He suddenly turned to look at Ji Lutian. “When did you start?”

“Brother Zheng, it seems that you haven’t been here for thousands of years,” Ji Lutian said with a faint smile.

Zheng Jingyun’s expression darkened. Isn’t this pointing at my nose and scolding me for being unfilial?

How does Ji Lutian know that I haven’t been here for thousands of years?

Isn’t that because I was sleeping?

If I hadn’t been asleep, would I have survived until today?

Without waiting for Zheng Jingyun to speak, Ji Lutian turned to Zhou Shu. “Brother Zhou, the rest is up to you. Brother Yunshan and I used the fires of the heroic spirits of the Zheng family to temper a paragon bone from the first ancestor of the Zheng family for thousands of years.

“Come and take a look. What kind of connate divine weapon can you forge with it?”

Ji Lutian looked at Zhou Shu expectantly.

After the forging of the Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod, Ji Lutian had unprecedented confidence in Zhou Shu.

He felt that Zhou Shu’s thoughts were even more ingenious than his own. It was more suitable for Zhou Shu to carry out the last step of the forging than for him to do it.

Even he might not be able to forge a divine weapon like the Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod with the otherworldly divine iron from before.

“The paragon bone of the Zheng family’s first ancestor?” Zhou Shu frowned.

“The first ancestor of the Zheng family was also a peerless expert. His body was unparalleled, and the bones of his body were not inferior to ordinary connate divine weapons. This bone was the most important spinal bone in his body and also the great dragon in his body. It could be said to be unparalleled in the world. Its nature is definitely not inferior to the otherworldly divine iron,” Ji Lutian explained patiently.

Zhou Shu nodded. To think that Ji Lutian and the others could think of this. Using human bones as materials and the nether fires of the Zheng family’s ancestors as the flame, a material smelted in this way was really unique in the world!

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