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Chapter 846 - 846 I Want You to Be the Emperor of Great Qin (1)

846 I Want You to Be the Emperor of Great Qin (1)

Although Zhou Shu promised to help Ji Lutian once in the future, he didn’t think that Ji Lutian would succeed.

As long as the Martial Dao was still around, it was impossible for there not to be Grotto-Heaven realm experts in the world.

Moreover, what about the existing Grotto-Heaven realm experts?

It was impossible to kill them all.


But he would think about this later. The most important thing for him now was how to save Emperor Yuan Feng.

It seemed that it was time to use the favor w.a.n.g Xuanyi owed him.

“I’ll do my best to keep Emperor Yuan Feng alive, but I can’t guarantee how long he’ll last, so you must do it as soon as possible,” Ji Lutian added.

“Don’t worry. Whether it works or not, I’ll be back as soon as possible.” Zhou Shu said this to Yin Wuyou in his arms too.

“Wuyou, now is not the time to be sad. Father-in-Law has fallen, but Great Xia is still around. You have to hold on for him. Otherwise, he will be disappointed when he wakes up.”

He patted her back.

“Yes.” Yin Wuyou nodded.

“You have to cooperate with Great General Meng and the others to migrate all the citizens of Great Xia into the Sima Grotto-Heaven. Zheng Chengan has agreed for the Sima Grotto-Heaven to allocate a place for Great Xia. You’ll have to arrange the details.

“In addition, there’s also the Huaxia Pavilion. You have to help me build the Huaxia Pavilion. Forging is our foundation, and we can’t give up at any time. I’ve already instructed Shi Songtao…”

Zhou Shu explained everything in detail.

The migration of the entire country was not a small matter. There were countless things going on. If Emperor Yuan Feng was awake, it would be better. At least someone would be able to take care of the overall situation.

But Emperor Yuan Feng was unconscious, and he didn’t have a crown prince under him. Now that Great Xia was leaderless and Zhou Shu couldn’t appear openly, Yin Wuyou was the most suitable person to take care of everything.

In addition to Meng Bai and the others, there shouldn’t be any big trouble.

After handing over the tasks, Zhou Shu stood up and left the Two Region Mountain.

As for Yao Buqi returning to the Demon Realm, there was no hurry. This matter could wait for him to return. At that time, Yao Buqi should have thought it through.

Just as Zhou Shu left Two Region Mountain and was about to use his movement technique, a voice suddenly came from afar. “Please wait, Your Excellency.”

He stopped and looked over.

In the distance, a figure was standing there. The man was wrapped in bandages, and the bandages were stained red with blood, but he was straight-backed and determined.

The Qin emperor? Zhou Shu’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at the Qin emperor. “Did you call me? Who are you? Why are you looking for me?”

The Qin emperor looked straight at Zhou Shu without blinking. “I know I’ve let you down…”

Zhou Shu’s face darkened. What does that mean?

The Qin emperor has also seen through my disguise?

He wanted to find a mirror to look at himself. Did my Myriad Transformations fail?! My disguise is clearly flawless. Why do they recognize me so easily?

Zhou Shu really didn’t know what to say. It was fine if Yao Buqi and Zheng Chengan recognized him. After all, Yao Buqi had interacted more with him, and Zheng Chengan’s cultivation was high.

But the Qin emperor… Speaking of which, although he had known the Qin emperor for a long time, they had only met a few times.

It was really beyond his expectations that the Qin emperor could recognize him.

Zhou Shu extended his hand. “Stop, Qin Emperor. Are you here to threaten me?”

“Threaten you? Of course not.” The Qin emperor shook his head repeatedly. “I’m here to beg you.”

“Tell me how you recognized me first,” Zhou Shu said.

He didn’t care why the Qin emperor was here, but he was very curious why the Qin emperor could recognize him.

If his divine ability Myriad Transformations really had some flaws, wouldn’t it be dangerous if he didn’t know?

“Great Qin’s imperial cauldron is with you,” the Qin emperor said.

“Great Qin’s imperial cauldron?” Zhou Shu came to a realization. “Even if I have Great Qin’s imperial cauldron, it doesn’t mean that it’s me. It might have fallen into the hands of others.”

“That’s indeed possible.” The Qin emperor nodded. “That’s why I was trying my luck. I didn’t think you would die so easily, so I’ve been waiting here. As expected, you came.”

The Qin emperor’s expression was extremely serious.

He had already waited at the foot of the Two Region Mountain for many days. In order to wait for Zhou Shu, he didn’t even care about his injuries.

“Alright.” Zhou Shu felt a little helpless. Although the Qin emperor could sense the existence of Great Qin’s imperial cauldron, he wasn’t sure of his true ident.i.ty. He was just trying his luck.

He hated that he had been playing with others all his life, but in the end, he was played.

“Qin Emperor, tell me what you want.” Zhou Shu looked at the Qin emperor and couldn’t help asking, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll silence you if you come to see me?”

Although the Qin emperor’s cultivation had already broken through to the Earth Immortal realm, Zhou Shu could kill him with a flip of his hand without any commotion.

“If you want to kill me, you can take my life at any time,” the Qin emperor said with an indifferent expression. “But before you kill me, I hope you can let me finish.”

Zhou Shu could tell that the Qin emperor had come with the intention of dying. Since he wasn’t afraid of death, Zhou Shu naturally couldn’t threaten him with death.

“What do you have to say?” Zhou Shu said noncommittally. “After the last time, we don’t have much of a relationship.”

He originally had a good impression of the Qin emperor. But last time, not only did the Qin emperor not stand with them, but he even believed the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven and refused to let w.a.n.g Mu and the others return to Great Qin.


At the time, Zhou Shu had been extremely disappointed in the Qin emperor.

But everyone was free to have their own thoughts, so Zhou Shu wouldn’t vent his anger on the Qin emperor. At most, they would walk their own paths in the future.

He couldn’t understand why the Qin emperor was looking for him at this time.

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