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Chapter 1321 - 1321: Relay, We Must Stop Them (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“General Mi, there’s no need to talk nonsense. Just tell me what you want to do.” Xiao Jianghe interrupted Mi Ziwen. “Time is tight. The longer we delay, the higher the possibility of the enemy descending.”

“That’s right. Isn’t it just fighting to the death? It’s not like we haven’t done such things before!” w.a.n.g Xin said.

Mi Ziwen gripped the hilt of his sword and cursed, “d.a.m.n it. Alright, let’s fight to the death!”

Yang Hong also stood up, and the Crimson Firmament Sword began to emit a fiery red light. “We’ve created so many miracles. We’ll definitely succeed this time!”


The ma.s.sive ship floating in the air emitted incomparably sharp white light and slashed down.

A figure holding a spear and shining with light roared against the current.

He kept swinging the spear in his hand, blocking or sending white lights flying.

His rising momentum gradually changed, and he finally exhausted his strength.

“Switch!” a loud shout sounded.

w.a.n.g Xin’s figure fell, and a figure brushed past him. A saber beam spread out.


Xiao Jianghe’s movements were so fast that only a shadow could be seen. The saber beam enveloped a radius of tens of feet in front of him.

He replaced w.a.n.g Xin and became the new front line.

One person stood in front to stop the attack of the flying ship while the rest followed Xiao Jianghe in a line and flew into the air.

w.a.n.g Xuanyi didn’t take action. He was in the middle of the team, constantly adjusting his breathing and preparing for the final attack.

Facing the fortress ship, Mi Ziwen didn’t let the Ten Nations Alliance Army swarm forward.

Numbers were useless at this time.

All the human and demonic beast experts partic.i.p.ated in this operation. Their goal was to send w.a.n.g Xuanyi onto the ship.

Unless the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom army made a move, the Ten Nations Alliance Army would choose to wait and see.


Blood splattered from Xiao Jianghe’s body as his body was sent flying by a tremendous force.

“Follow me!” Yang Hong roared, and the Crimson Firmament instantly rushed forward hundreds of feet like a dragon.

At this moment, he didn’t have time to care about Xiao Jianghe’s life.

With their cultivation, they could only last for a breath or two against the attack of the fortress ship. They needed to consider how to use this time to get as close to the ship as possible.

One breath, two…

Yang Hong used all his strength to charge forward.

Then a beam of white light pierced his chest and brought him down to the ground.

“Let’s go!” Meng Bai’s face was full of grief, but he didn’t hesitate.

The Mountain Suppressing Sword formed a great wall. He stared at the beams of white light shooting from the ship and continued to rush up.

Swish swish!

Blood kept splattering from Meng Bai’s body. He gritted his teeth and forcefully advanced thousands of feet under the attacks of the white light. “Teacher, switch!” Tears welled up in Mi Ziwen’s eyes. He could clearly see the white bones on Meng Bai’s body. If this continued, the white light would kill him!

“I, Meng Bai, will borrow another five thousand feet from the heavens!” Meng Bai roared and poured his spiritual essence into the Mountain Suppressing Sword without holding back.

The Mountain Suppressing Sword shone brightly, turning into a shocking sword beam that pushed away the white beams. A 5,000-foot-long void appeared in front of the team.


A smile appeared on Meng Bail s face. He had exhausted his strength and could no longer stay in the air. He fell from the sky.

Several white beams landed on his body, causing blood to splatter.

“Kill!” Yao Qing roared and instantly took over.

At this moment, the difference in strength could already be seen.

Ever since Yao Qing awakened the memories of his previous life, his strength had risen to the Grotto-Heaven Master realm.

Apart from w.a.n.g Xuanyi and Ji Lutian, Yao Qing should be the strongest among the humans and demonic beasts.

As soon as he attacked, he instantly cleared thousands of feet in front of him.

With a step forward, Yao Qing charged forward.

Everyone behind hurriedly followed.


At this moment, he didn’t consider holding back at all. He only wanted to advance as far as possible before exhausting his strength.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat when they saw this scene in the air.

“Catch the King of Men!” someone roared. Martial artists flew up and caught the unconscious Yang Hong.

Yang Hong’s chest had been pierced by a white beam, and he was already unconscious.

If not for the people below catching him, he would probably have fallen to his death.

He wasn’t the only one. Meng Bai was in the same situation.

Fortunately, there was still the human alliance army below.

Although the morale of the human alliance army had fallen, there were still some experts.

They joined forces to catch Meng Bai and the others and settled them below.

But this was all they could do.

They couldn’t interfere in the battle in the air for the time being.


Yao Qing rushed out more than ten thousand feet in one breath. But he had already used up all his strength. He retreated helplessly, and Hu Li stepped out!

The fortress ship blotting out the sky was too powerful.

Every beam of white light it released was equivalent to an attack from a Grotto-Heaven realm expert.

The key was that the attacks it released were extremely dense, as if hundreds of Grotto-Heaven realm experts were attacking together.

This was definitely not something the humans could block.

Facing such dense attacks, even Grotto-Heaven Masters couldn’t last long..

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