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Chapter 1319 - 1319: Victory in the First Stage, Invincible (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“How is it? Can you still hold on?”

Yao Qing didn’t forge divine weapons with Zhou Shu. He went to the military camp and stopped in front of Zhang Yukun.

Zhang Yukun’s right arm was covered in bandages, and there was a shocking wound on his chest.

His face was a little pale, but his eyes were very bright.

Yao Qing had always paid attention to the son of his master’s old friend.

Although the apt.i.tude of this young man who might become his junior brother was a little ordinary, he had an honest personality. Yao Qing liked him very much.

Who wouldn’t like an honest man?

Therefore, although Zhang Yukun had yet to truly obtain Zhou Shu’s approval, Yao Qing had already treated him as his junior brother.

“I can!” Zhang Yukun said. “The other soldiers are much more severely injured than me.

He said with a fighting spirit, “My injuries are not a problem. If there are more enemies, I can continue to fight.”

He said excitedly, “Lord, I killed three more enemies from the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom this time. It won’t be long before I can acc.u.mulate enough military merits.”

This connate divine weapon was extraordinary. It increased his strength by at least 30%.

But now, this connate divine weapon didn’t belong to him yet. As long as he acc.u.mulated enough military merits, this saber would truly belong to him, Zhang Yukun.

“Don’t pay too much attention to military merits. You have to increase your cultivation, ” Yao Qing said. “Do you know that when you fought with the people from the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom, you made at least seven fatal mistakes?”

Zhang Yukun’s expression changed. He knew that Yao Qing was giving him pointers. He hurriedly said seriously, “Lord, please enlighten me.”

Yao Qing slowly explained to Zhang Yukun.

“Why does Yao Qing treat that young man differently? Could he be Zhou Shu’s illegitimate son?” Bai Qianqian crossed her arms and nudged Yin Wuyou with her shoulder.

Lu Wenshuang rolled his eyes. How can he be Zhou Shu’s illegitimate son?

“Of course not,” Yin Wuyou said. “Zhang Yukun is Zhang Yibei’s grandson.

Zhang Yibei was a superintendent of Great Xia’s Forging Division back then. When Zhou Shu was still a Forging Apprentice, he worked with him. “It’s only right for Zhou Shu to take care of the descendent of an old friend.” “Is that so?” Bai Qianqian rubbed her chin. “Zhang Yukun looks too ordinary. “Why do you think there’s nothing going on in our stomachs?”

“Huh?!” Yin Wuyou exclaimed, and her pretty face instantly turned red.

Even Lu Wenshuang flew away in embarra.s.sment.

Yin Wuyou blushed and didn’t want to talk with Bai Qianqian anymore.

After a series of battles, the ancestral land welcomed a short period of peace.

Everyone’s mood temporarily relaxed. At first glance, the world was even more harmonious than before.

But this harmony didn’t last long.

Only a day later, another rumbling sound came from the sky.

This time, there was no need for Mi Ziwen’s commands. The Ten Nations Alliance Army quickly gathered and flew into the air in formation.

At this moment, an incomparably huge ship gradually appeared from the crack in the air.

Everyone in the Ten Nations Alliance Army was stunned, including Mi Ziwen and the others.

It’s different this time?

Why isn’t it an army?

What does this ship mean?

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, a white light suddenly flew out from the ship.

The white light was like a sword beam or a saber beam.

In an instant, it crossed hundreds of kilometers and landed in the crowd of the Ten Nations Alliance Army.

“Be careful!” w.a.n.g Xuanyi stepped out of the crowd, and the Zhanlu Sword transformed into thousands of sword beams that shot down the white lights.

But more white light had already landed in the crowd.


With soft sounds, large groups of human martial artists fell.

“d.a.m.n it!” Hu Li roared. He spread his Wind and Thunder Wings and transformed into a small wall, protecting the demonic beasts behind him.

But it only lasted for a few breaths.

The white lights were abnormally sharp.

Clink Clink Clang Clang!

Hu Li was forced back by the huge force.

Hu Li was already a Demon Emperor, and his strength was comparable to that of a Grotto-Heaven Master. Even he couldn’t block the attacks of these white lights, let alone the others.

In an instant, the Ten Nations Alliance Army suffered heavy casualties.

“Retreat, retreat!” w.a.n.g Xuanyi and Ji Lutian roared.

The two of them stepped out of the crowd, their bodies shining brightly as they desperately blocked the white lights.

Shi Changsheng, Diao Moye, and the Qingqiu King also moved forward.

The group of people with the highest cultivation of the human race forged a wall of flesh and blood, giving the Ten Nations Alliance Army a chance to retreat.


The scene in the air was extremely tragic. Countless pieces of flesh and blood fell from the sky.

“Retreat, quickly retreat!” Yang Hong roared. He activated the King of Men Seal and turned into a ball of light that enveloped a radius of thousands of feet.

“Break!” Sun Gongping transformed into a heavenly saber that cut through countless white lights and slashed at the ship.


Another ball of white light emitted from the ship.

The heavenly saber shattered, and Sun Gongping’s figure was sent flying, blood splattering all the way. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

Yang Hong was shocked. His eyes were red as he roared, “Old Sun!”

“Die!” Xiao Jianghe and w.a.n.g Xin rushed out from left and right. Then when Yang Hong attracted the attention of the flying ship, the two of them finally rushed close to it.

Two attacks landed on the ship.

But the ship was incomparably hard. Their attacks didn’t cause any damage to it. Instead, the two of them were sent flying by the rebound.


One of the white lights shot out by the flying ship formed a white barrier in front of the crack in the air.

With the white barrier, it seemed impossible for humans to approach the crack.

“We can’t defeat them. Retreat first!” w.a.n.g Xuanyi roared when he saw white lights condensing on the ship..

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