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Han Changsheng was astounded. An Yuan's tortoise breath was so good that he didn't even notice when the man was close by. 

Astounded, but angry. 

"What are you doing?" Han Changsheng shouted. If he wasn't fast enough with his dodges, the sword would have hit him! 

Is the Dog Lord crazy, does he want to murder me?! 

An Yuan was shaking. 

Looking down at the exposed coffin and the overturned skeleton in a hideous mess. . . He seemed to understand An Yuan's mood.

Saying nothing, An Yuan drew back his sword, then slashed forward. Again, Han Changsheng dodged and tried to explain, "Good apprentice, listen to me! I really want to find the murderer, so I opened the coffin. . ."

An Yuan didn't listen to him. He moved quickly, his slashes exactly to the point. 

Han Changsheng taught An Yuan how to fight with swords over the past two months. In those months, he had no intention of concealing himself. His ultimate goal was to teach An Yuan martial arts so he could stand out at the Wulin a.s.sembly after he'd accidentally taken the internal power that was supposed to be the Dog Lord's.

He was afraid he wouldn't have enough time to make An Yuan stronger, so he taught him everything he could. It wasn't his intention to slow the process by fighting and arguing with him. An Yuan's original talent wasn't born from Han Changsheng's teachings. It was just that his opportunities so far was inferior to Han Changsheng's, that he was still a nameless n.o.body. After Han Changsheng's help, he had made amazing progress. 

For a long time, Han Changsheng and An Yuan hadn't fought for real. Even if they did, it was merely sparring for the purpose of giving pointers. But, this time, An Yuan was serious. His sword left no trace of affection. Han Changsheng was just dodging at first because he could use An Yuan's current technique, but he couldn't dodge at will. Gradually, he grew more serious.

"Stop it!" He demanded, "I'll get p.i.s.sed off if you keep playing around!"

Han Changsheng tried to calm him down but still had to keep jumping away to avoid An Yuan's blade. 

Why didn't An Yuan listen to him? 

He stabbed forward, aiming for his lower abdomen with the sword. 

Han Changsheng couldn't dodge, and the blade cut through his clothes. Retreating in a panic, he shouted, "Motherf.u.c.ker, you dare to cut Laozi, you are really asking for a beating, disciple!"

Finally, he drew out the Longyin sword. Now, he was fighting seriously.


When the swords met, distinct expressions emerged on their faces at the same time. 

An Yuan didn't know how powerful Han Changsheng was. For such a long time, he hadn't seen him exert all his strength. In the same way, Han Changsheng didn't realize how much progress An Yuan had made. For both of them, this single fight made them realize the other was far more powerful than they thought. 

An Yuan also knew how to unite and fight with his sword as one. His heart followed the blade as he walked, dashed, aimed, then ruthlessly forced Han Changsheng to exert all his strength. Nonetheless, Han Changsheng's full strength was only focused on his swordsmanship because his internal power could easily crush An Yuan, so he dared not use his internal power freely, lest it devolve into Qi deviation. The Dog Lord didn't seem to have the same thoughts as him.

In the blink of an eye, they'd already exchanged more than ten moves, and they were both growing tired. Though the winner had yet to be determined, Han Changsheng bore the brunt of it first. 

If it was only about swordsmanship, An Yuan's skills were still lesser than Han Changsheng's, though not by much. But, An Yuan fought mercilessly, while Han Changsheng didn't dare hurt the Dog Lord. He couldn't hurt him, he had to protect him, no matter the occasion. It was really painful. 

They couldn't fight like that. 

Quickly, Han Changsheng slashed at An Yuan, driving him back. Han Changsheng took advantage of the short moment by not pursuing the attack and instead jumped back to Huangfu Tugen's coffin. Grabbing the skeleton, he held it out in front of him. 

It clinked as he held it, the weak bones unable to hold up against his grasp. Before he knew it, the bones were scattered all over the ground. He held onto only the pair of ribs. 

An Yuan: ". . ."

Han Changsheng: ". . ."

An Yuan was losing it, his crazy close to exploding like a volcano ready to erupt; and Han Changsheng shamelessly used his father's bones as a shield, knowing An Yuan wouldn't touch them. 

Taking advantage of An Yuan's sudden freeze, Han Changsheng hurriedly said, "I only dug up your father's grave, why are you being this angry!"

An Yuan trembled. "You!"

Was that even a human word? I only dug up your father's grave. ONLY?!

"He's been dead for more than ten years," Han Changsheng said. "I only opened it to perform an autopsy. I need to know who killed your father, so he can finally close his eyes and die contentedly after death. You're getting in my way. This is really unfilial!"

An Yuan cracking his knuckles, "Alright, the killer, then where is the killer!"

Han Changsheng curled his lips, "Why do you even think Laozi can figure out who the murderer is just by looking at a pile of bones?  Did you really expect that I have some kind of omniscience?"

An Yuan: ". . ."

Seeing that he was going to lose his mind with rage again, Han Changsheng quickly added, "It's not for nothing! I have a lead. Put away your sword and I'll explain it to you!"

Seeing An Yuan's indifference, Han Changsheng shook the skeleton in his hands and two more bones fell to the ground. An Yuan's murderous spirit made one of his restricted spots shiver. 

"The coffin is already open," Han Changsheng said. "It's no use killing me now. Sit down and speak calmly. I'll tell you what I found."

An Yuan hesitated but slid his sword back into its scabbard. 

Finally, Han Changsheng took a breath of relief and laid the skeleton back on the ground. 

"Look at your father's injury. . ." In the middle of his explanation, the rest of his words jammed in his throat. He looked at the bones broken into pieces on the ground. How on earth could he show the original injury now?

Han Changsheng: ". . ."

An Yuan: "!!!"

With a dry smile, Han Changsheng said, "Don't worry, I'll put your father back in the coffin first."

Han Changsheng bent to reach for a bone.

Immediately, An Yuan kicked him away. He carefully picked up the broken bones and placed them back in the coffin. After a while, he had finally a.s.sembled the scattered bones back into a human frame.

Watching his face, Han Changsheng stepped forward cautiously. Although An Yuan was cold, he started nothing anymore. Instead, An Yuan said, "Flowers are cool and unrestrained (Hua Xiao Sa)."

An Yuan called Han Changsheng's fake name.

Shocked before he remembered he had lied about his name to An Yuan, Han Changsheng realized An Yuan had never called for him by that name before. 

Taking a deep breath to suppress his anger, An Yuan said, "You'd better. . ."

Han Changsheng waved his hand to interrupt him. "Alright, alright, I know. Find the real murderer, right? Don't worry, I want to find them even more than you. Why else do you think I'd open anyone's coffin? Do you think I'm doing this for fun? How unlucky!"

An Yuan stared at him.

Han Changsheng stepped forward and pointed. "Look at the injury here, and then over here. Oh, don't look at that, I broke that earlier, it wasn't your father's injury before his death… What are you glaring at me for? I'm telling you the truth. If it wasn't you. . . Alright, alright, I won't talk about it. Let's see the injury first."

Han Changsheng explained that Huangfu Tugen was cut twice across his ribs because there were scars left on his skeleton.

"So what?" An Yuan asked.

"I couldn't tell what his flesh wounds looked like," Han Changsheng said, "After fifteen years, there's no way to know. But, I don't think he had any serious injuries there. Considering what happened in his room, there was only a small portion of the fighting marks. This indicates the killer he fought before his death was not that powerful, so it's likely these are the only two injuries."

"Your father is the leader of a prefecture, his martial arts wouldn't be weak." Ignoring the piercing glare, An Yuan gave him, he added, "But there were only two cuts that killed your father, and from the back too."

"There are two possibilities for what happened. First, the murderer could have been an expert, and your father had no chance to fight him off. Second, the murderer knew him and sneaked in behind him. He grabbed the secret scripts and killed your father because your father was not guarding against a stranger."

Coldly, An Yuan replied, "I already knew that. I don't see how you can prove this wasn't the demonic cult."

Han Changsheng sneered. "Firstly, the second possibility implied the demonic cult acted openly. . ." After a pause, he decided this wasn't an appropriate phrase, so he quickly said, "Anyway, there was no need for the cult to kill him secretly. So, if they did it, it wouldn't have been necessary to kill him using a sneak attack."

"Besides," He went on, "The first one there killed your father with two hits. The people of the demonic cult have this ability, but if they killed someone, they'd want everyone to know. They'd plan a grand exit. Why would they want to sneak away?"

"Sneak away?" An Yuan interrupted him, "The people of the demonic cult destroyed my villa. . ."

"The Tianning does not teach their people those things," Han Changsheng said. "I heard those who broke in took all the valuable things here, even your mother's antique dresser. Think about this, how would they have done it? The demonic cult lives on the Xiushan mountain from the north. Even if they've got nothing better to do; would they kill the old, the weak, and the children in your villa? Who could be this bored? Then, after robbing so much money and so many large items, it's a very long way back to the mountain to carry all of that stuff. Do they really have so much free time to do all this?"

An Yuan was silent again.

After a long pause, he said, "Who are you? Why are you so familiar with them?"

Stunned, Han Changsheng couldn't answer for a long time. Finally, he shrugged and said, "I happen to know some of the people. Do you think what I said was a lie?"

Before An Yuan could open his mouth, they both glanced in the same direction at the same time. 

Someone was coming. 

A fl.u.s.tered figure finally burst into their sight. "Young villa leader, master Yue Peng, this isn't good! The Evil Wind Gang is coming!"

They looked at each other, then stood up together. 

A mountain thief named w.a.n.g Laoqi ran up to them. Seeing the coffin open and the bones exposed, he was stunned.

"The Evil Wind Gang came to the villa?" Han Changsheng asked. 

w.a.n.g Laoqi nodded. "Yes, they brought a lot of people. They want to take over the villa. Let me lead you away!"

"Let's go," Han Changsheng said. "Let's hurry back!"

An Yuan stood still. "You go first."

Han Changsheng knew he didn't want to leave his father's bones exposed. He would probably bury the coffin again. Han Changsheng said nothing, he only pulled w.a.n.g Laoqi away and ran back to the villa.

Translator(s): Empress
TL Check: Teo
Editor(s): Nadialuxxor
Proofer(s): Dark

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